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TOTO's movable flush toilet

TOTO unveils a movable flush toilet for helping elderly people

TOTO's movable flush toilet

The Japanese have been long known for their association with high-tech toilet mechanisms. And, now exalted toilet manufacturer TOTO has put a conscientious twist to this advanced scope by unveiling their movable flush toilet. Claimed as a crucial part of ‘robotic care’ (by Japan’s Ministry of Health) for the country’s rapidly growing elderly population, the main advantage of the toilet is obviously its portable nature. In other words, the mechanism can be retrofitted in private rooms or family houses, thus flexibly catering to the needs of elderly people who might have difficulty in accessing conventional bathrooms.

Coming to its working scope, the movable flush toilet is equipped with a box-shaped unit on the rear-end of the toilet bowl. This unit houses a grinding pump for crushing the human waste, and then pumping it into the outdoor drainage tube (through the house’s indoor drainage system). According to the designers, this flexible pump device is more powerful than comparable contraptions, thus requiring lesser space to be installed. Moreover, the overall weight of the movable toilet only stands at 50 kgs, which makes it much easier to carry around and install.

Now as we mentioned before, beyond the application of technology, it is the conscientious effort put into the project that really impresses us. In this regard, the development of products and utilities that initiate the ambit of ‘self-support’ (especially for elderly people) has been the focus of many recent Japanese designs. There is also an economic and practical side to this scope, with an aim to reduce the burden on professional heath care workers.


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