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Amazing Felt Rugs that look like river cobbles

Are you bored of your old rugs and have used almost every other option available on the market?  Just give these rugs— a look.

Martina Schuhmann is the owner of fluss design and  innovator of Felt stone rugs. She makes rugs with wools of llamas, goats, sheep, rabbits, and alpacas. They are soft, cushy and comfortable but look like hard river stones. Every single piece of her stone rug is a master piece.

Schuhmann loves travelling and has a hobby of collecting stones as memory of every place, she visits. Now, she has numerous collections of different stones of many regions, mountains and seashores. The idea of a stone rug was born years ago. Schuhmann wanted to create a carpet that offers her both, incentives and a feel good factor.

Every single Felt Stone Rug is designed beautifully and entirely looks like water- smoothed stones. She has made all these beautiful rugs out of wool stones, and also created other lovely things like pillow covers and decorative pebbles. Each stone is made of foam that’s wraps in a wool and is resistant, easy to clean, breathable and washable.

They are dissimilar from one another and that’s the specialty of Emma’s rugs, because even nature does not make similar things again.

You can check them out on this site Etsy for its price.

Beautiful river stones  like woolen rug for your bedroom

Round water-smoothed stone rug

Stones made from soft wool


Small foot mat

Custom designed rug

Enhancing the beauty of living area

River stones like rug

Different shapes of pebbles

 Green colored rug

Innovative rug made from different cobbles

Long rug for the entrance door

Pillow cover and stones

Big rocks and beautiful white colored  long mat

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