Growsun 10 Gallon Fabric Potato Bag - Gifts for girlfriend

Growsun 10 Gallon Fabric Potato Bag

Growsun delivers a fabric potato bag that is designed to grow onions, carrots, tomatoes, flower etc. in addition to potatoes. Weighing only 300g, the bag is made from 100 percent non-woven, BPA-free felt. Measuring 18-inch high and 14-inch wide, the planter allows roots to breathe and grow healthier. The fabric potato bag boasts of healthy plant growth and it efficiently accommodates 5-7 potato seeds.

The Growsun potato bag should be filled with soil and potato seeds, and a sunny side should be selected to keep it. Good 6 to 8 hours of sunshine daily can help the bag yield better. You must keep in mind that you’ll need to water the bag regularly. The bag’s eight ventilated mesh holes (made from copper) help the roots breathe better and provide a great drainage system.

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The bag has a small 10-inch x 7-inch window in the bottom, which allows easy access to the homegrown produce and makes planting and harvesting your vegetables easier. It features double handles for carrying around easily and can be used repeatedly. 

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