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Halo Lamp by Kjartan Oskarsson

Adjust brightness of ‘Halo Lamp’ by pulling its leather strap

Looking for aesthetic as well as functional decor object for your home? The eye-catching ‘Halo Lamp’ by Reykjavik-based designer Kjartan Oskarsson is simply a perfect lighting fixture to spruce up your interior. It’s minimally attractive halo-like layout is not only pleasing to the viewer’s eyes, but also creates playful environment for the user to adjust its brightness. The lamp is made out of ring-shaped white oak, built-in LED strip and unique leather strap for suspending the ...

V-shaped Gel Bed

V-shaped gel bed replicates human thighs to give extra comfort to your dog

Unihabitat, a Japanese pet interior brand, has brought an extraordinary V-shaped gel bed for pooches that replicates human thighs, which every dog love to sit on. Whether your dog is pampered or not, sitting on owner’s thighs is a favorite destination for them and we all know how much they relish it. Keeping dog requirements in mind, the V-shaped gel bed is designed to provide the utmost comfort to your dog at home, even when you’re not at home. This dog bed is made from layers of ...

Kid Car Wash

Kid Car Wash will make your kid the star of all parties

Long summers vacations can become tiresome and boring for kids, if they do not have anything to do. Every mother has to search something to keep her kids busy, active and charged all the time, during vacations. According to Leon Valley Celetsa Braxton having three energetic kids and long summer vacations is a deadly combination, so she wanted something creative and fun for her kids to enjoy all day long. Celesta ended up her quest of finding something interesting for kids, when she got an ...

Philips GrowWise City

Philips GrowWise City produces fresh and healthy food indoors using LEDs

With increasing environmental issues, architects and scientists are collaborating to steadily move outdoor gardens into interior of building designs. Even many consumers are opting urban farming techniques to grow fresh food indoors. Recently, Phillips has also embraced the indoor farming concept and developed world’s largest GrowWise City indoor farm in the Netherlands to combat the problem of hunger crisis in the world. It is 2,500-square-feet LED-powered farm that optimizes growth of ...

SALt Lamp by Aisa Mijeno

Sprinkle your indoor and outdoor spaces with SALt Lamp by Aisa Mijeno

Most of us still misuse basic facilities like food, water and electricity, but there are many countries around the world that crave even for such simple privileges. If we go by Philippine Institute for Development Studies, there are million families across the globe that are living without electricity. In 2014, Aisa Mijeno, an engineer and social worker, has invented the SALt lamp to combat the problem of lacking power grids in Philippines. It is a compact, portable lamp that doesn’t require ...

Attract by Moen

Moen brings radical and ingenious showerhead Attract with Magnetix

The North America’s famous and renowned faucet brand, Moen brings a revolutionary, practical magnetic showerhead, Attract. As the name suggests, the innovative showerhead is designed to attract many because of its special features like Magnetix- a special magnetic docking system to give you an enjoyable showering experience. The Attract series is available in two finishes: chrome and nickel. The handheld showerhead with chrome finish is corrosion-resistance and also increases aesthetics of ...


Cat-a-comb hanging house for your cute grimalkin

Searching for pet house can be annoying and maddening, especially if you are a proud cat owner. One can easily find many designer  and contemporary doghouses, but there are very few designers, who come up with cathouses. The Cat-a-comb by Atelier Suburban is a hanging cathouse or cat bed designed for your beloved grimalkin at home. The cathouse is made from cedar plywood, supporting a unique design that looks like a modern sculpture. This hanging hammock for the cat boasts a very interesting ...


Baselamp by Luke Lamp Co. turns any object into a light fixture

The Baselamp by Luke Lamp Co. is a sleek LED light that has capacity to turn any object into a lighting fixture. The cleverly assembled lamp not only provides versatility and practicability, but also gives wings to your imagination. The lamp is designed in a way that it can turn anything into your personal lightning fixture, whether it’s a glass, fish bowl, whiskey bottle, or any other glass object; just place it on the lamp and watch it glow. The lamp comes with a chip-on-board LED ...

Le Chabanais

Le Chabanais is an all-brass restaurant designed by Clement Blanchet

Have you ever thought what makes a restaurant crowd-puller? Obviously, the answer would be: tasty dishes it serves and the location. But, again, it’s true that many restaurants lack that perfect location and if they are fortunate enough to have one, then poor services or food play spoilsport for guests. However, if you are looking for a place that offers you both, then Le Chabanais, the sister restaurant of Le Chateaubriand, might be one stop for you, located in the Mayfair district. ...


Albert Clock: Solve math equations to figure out what time it is

In this digital era, people are slowly depending on smartphones and other smart gadgets to do all the tasks, from household chores to even solve a simple mathematical problem. Although technology is to make our lives easier and more convenient, but totally relying on digital objects is not good for us. This is because such dependency may eventually decline our brain power. Nevertheless, Paris-based company MNTNT wants to sharpen up your brain, so the firm has come up with a fun solution in form ...

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