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TWIK triangular wall lamp by Moeko

TWIK triangular wall lamp is suitable for any modern interior

Designed by French design studio Moeko, the minimalist TWIK is triangular wall lamp that adds exquisite touch into any home or office interior. This minimalist lamp is stylish in its own way, as it features a set of overlay wooden strips that create illusion of movement by central light source. It is made from reclaimed wooden pieces, probably post-industrial chips collected either from sawmills or pallets. The wooden pieces are assembled beautifully to form a curvaceous lighting fixture, ...

Flare Home Security System by BuddyGuard

Flare smart home security system cleverly tricks any intruder

Despite numerous smart home automation devices, the market is still scarce of an intelligent system that can manage all security tasks on its own. But with the launch of latest Flare smart home security system, Berlin-based BuddyGuard is aiming to solve the problem as it can easily self-manage all home safety-related tasks. It appears like a tiny smoke-detector, but its features and functions that are more than expected. The device boasts 1080p camera, microphone, speaker and siren. Flare ...

Asda World's First Striped Pepper

Asda brings colors into your plate with world’s first stripped pepper

When it comes to picky eating, children certainly take the cake and many parents keep asking experts some tips to get their kids eating healthy vegetables especially peppers. But Asda, online grocery store, is aiming to change that forever by launching the world’s first stripped pepper that company claims to be healthier and sweeter than conventional bell peppers. These eye-catching red and yellow stripped peppers are grown as natural mutation by Dutch firm 4Evergreen to encourage choosy ...

Technopicnic Backpack by AtelierTERATOMA

Technopicnic backpack adds modernistic touch to urban picnics

In digital era, technological advancements are taking over your lifestyle with high-tech devices that help you anywhere you go. So, why are you still stuck up in traditional-style Sunday picnics? Madrid-based architecture and design studio AtelierTERATOMA wants to completely change your idea of picnic with its latest Technopicnic backpack. It is indeed a futuristic backpack that brilliantly combines together two different worlds i.e. astronaut and picnic. This unique back-mounted picnic basket ...


LoveLinkU voice-controlled robot is designed to link with you

Designed by Tina Tian, LoveLinkU is a revolutionary voice-controlled robot to change the way you have been living and interacting with your home. This adorable tiny robot is deliberated to connect people with love, offering a healthier and emotional interaction. The pod-shaped robot can recognize your voice pattern and works efficiently on your commands. LoveLinkU can perform all the tasks assigned by you such as preheating the oven, changing the thermostat, recording your health details or ...

Dragonfly Desert Retreat

Dragonfly Desert Retreat offers complete off-grid living

Located near Joshua Tree in California, the Dragonfly Desert Retreat includes two dome houses and an outdoor swimming pool. Both dome-shaped living spaces resting in middle of desert landscape are completely off-grid. These separate abodes are installed with solar panels to convert sunlight into energy for powering the shelters. The tiny cabins are made from reclaimed wood and other materials to minimize impact on environment. The first dome house is 20-feet in diameter and boasts bright ...

Ecodecks by Jason

Ecodecks is a trendy way of converting old pallets into elegant garden furniture

Jason Birkenshaw is creating the most environmentally-friendly and elegant garden furniture using old and discarded pallets. Jason got the inspiration to build recycled garden furniture from an American upcycling website and founded Ecodecks to promote the use of sustainable and recycled products for outdoors. The first project that Jason completed was his own courtyard, which supports two seating loungers, table with wheels and plant hangers. All this was made from old and withered pallets ...

Tiny House

Ethan Waldman’s tiny house on wheel permits him to pursue his dream of travelling

Ethan Waldman is a 30-year-old Vermont resident who quit his job to take control of his future in his own hands, and built himself a tiny house on wheels to pursue his passion for travelling. Waldman got the idea of having his own  tiny house when he took a sabbatical from work and went on a bicycle tour across the country with his cousin. He got the inspiration of transforming the plan into realism by following Tammy Strobel’s tiny house on Google. Waldman’s tiny house on wheel ...

Ayers Cork

Ayers Cork is an ultra-modern dining set and luminaire all in one

Ayers Cork by Portuguese designer Albertina Oliveira is a collection of all-natural furniture set made from cork. The  Bronze medal winner at the A’ Design Award and Competition 2015, the Ayers Cork dining set includes an ultra-modern luminaire, a table and six chairs. Ayers Cork is a minimalist dining collection, with cupola-shaped lightning hovering over the table with the help of two thin wires. The round table is designed to encircle the chairs inside, giving the whole composition a ...

Stacked Lamp

DIY Stacked Lamp playfully shuffles the way you want

If you’ve already seen Babele lamp by Manifattura Italian Design, then this DIY lamp may seem familiar to you. This is because it is inspired by the expensive wooden lamp that comes with hefty price tag, €660 (approx. US $737). Dissatisfied by unnecessarily high price of the lighting fixture, craftsman Mike Warren decided to created his own Stacked Lamp, which is undoubtedly replica of the pricey lamp. It is made from wood and few other parts collected from a hardware store. Small wooden ...

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