Accessories, Kitchen
Switch by Bongio

Turn on Switch by Bongio for refreshing water stream

Don’t be deceived by the looks of the Switch by Bongio. It may appear like a regular table tamp, but it is actually a clever sink mixer for your kitchen. In its artistic deception, the lamp-shaped tap is going to ...
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Curvilux smart nightstand

Curvilux smart nightstand is a speaker, lamp, phone charger, all in one

The internet is gradually spreading its tentacles everywhere. From appliances to furniture, our dependency on smart devices to to achieve daily chores is increasing day by day. Use of smart devices is simplifying the way we live. To revolutionize home furniture, a group of Latin ...
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Vividus by Hastens

Vividus by Hästens is an insanely expensive bed at $145,000

Swedish bed manufacturer Hästens has created an insanely luxury and exclusive bed that aims to change the way we sleep. First showcased at Salone del Mobile 2016, the queen-sized bed Vividus is priced at £100,000 (approx. $145,000). The long-standing Swedish brand ...
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Accessories, Lighting

YOY ‘Depth’: A piece of wall artwork or a light-emitting lantern?

This latest art-piece from the creative design duo YOY will leave you wondering – is it a wall artwork, a portrait of a lantern, or a lantern itself? Well, you’ll be surprised to know that its all of the above. ...
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garden landscaping ideas

10 ways to make the most out of your front yard

Garden design can be fun but with so many possibilities and opportunities out there, it can be tough to commit to one particular design. This is especially true of front yards, which act as your impression to the outside world. ...
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dog-bed by Mnomo

Mnomo’s Dog Den could be mistaken for a conventional ottoman

If you consider your pet to be as important as any of your family member, then why to make them sit on uncomfortable pet furniture. Just make them the part of your realistic world with the human-like furniture, Dog Den ...
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Featured, Furniture

El Purista smoker’s armchair holds cigar and whiskey glasses

Well, you can enjoy a fat cigar anywhere you like, but there’s nothing wrong if you could take every puff while sitting on a luxurious chair. In collaboration with German lawyer Alexander Sauer, Chilen architect Rodrigo Gonzalez has created the ...
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soccer mug with a goal

Soccer-themed mug lets you score snacks into soups/beverages

For those who simply can’t get enough of soccer, child entrepreneur Max J. Ash of MAX’IS Creations has created the coolest ‘Soccer Mug with a Goal.’ The handcrafted ceramic mug features a small kicking ledge on one side and a ...
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Antique furniture

How to give new life to antique furniture

Antique furniture can be a great way to bring a touch of refinement or uniqueness to a room. But sometimes when you get hold of an antique piece, you might notice that it is a little worse for wear. The ...
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Spyce Kitchen Fully Automated Restaurant_1

Spyce Kitchen by MIT students is a fully automated mini restaurant

Spyce Kitchen by MIT engineering students Kale Rogers, Michael Farid, Braden Knight, and Luke Schlueter is a fully automated restaurant. Visioned to serve fresh and delicious food without any human intervention, the 20-square-foot mini restaurant is a way to get fast ...
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