D&D gaming table

Super Fan Builds creates gaming table with sculptural legs for D&D enthusiast Robert

The highly-viewed YouTube channel ‘Awe Me’ shares mind-blowing DIY videos of whacky items for super-fans of comic books, movies, video games and pop culture on its Playlist named Super Fan Builds. Recently, SFB built a one-of-a-kind gaming table for Robert, ...
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Accessories, Featured

BenjiLock is traditional padlock having fingerprint technology

The traditional padlocks have become a thing of past, but not yet! They are again getting into the trend as various high-tech smart padlocks are being unrolled to the market. There are many Bluetooth-enabled smart padlocks available in the market, ...
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Car crash coffee table by Studio Job

Collision car crash table reminds you to drive safe

Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel, two leading designers of Studio Job are well renowned for their fantastical and often autobiographical pieces. Their former Train Crash table that signified their romantic break-up as a head-on collision of two trains running on ...
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Natufia’s Kitchen Garden by Natufia Labs

Natufia’s Kitchen Garden: Fully-automated indoor planter for growing organic food

As everybody is gearing to unveil their automated gadgets at the CES floor in Las Vegas, a small company named Natufia Labs from Tallinn, Estonia hopes revolutionize home décor industry’s to new horizons with their automated indoor gardens. Known as ...
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Featured, Food

Quince Restaurant in San Francisco is serving food items on iPads

There are so many great uses of iPad, but you will be wondering after knowing that the high-priced Michelin-starred Quince Restaurant in San Francisco is serving a special course named “A Dog in Search of Gold” on iPads, literally. Many ...
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Human-shaped pillows by Bibi Lab are perfect cuddle buddies for loners

Japanese manufacturer of unique and unusual products Bibi Lab has introduced cotton husband and wife series of human-shaped pillows for 2016. The Humanoid holding pillows are designed to kill loneliness of alone buddies by providing them with an artificial companion ...
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CES 2017: Samsung Powerbot VR7000 with Amazon Echo support

At CES 2017, Samsung is coming up with a wide range of electronic products and smart vacuum cleaners are also in the lineup. Although there are various smart cleaning robots on the market, but probably none of them can take ...
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Featured, Furniture

This beautiful Teepee Bed will make you wish you were a kid again

Kids often enjoy building sand forts or plastic buildings using Lego pieces. But if you want to boost your child’s adventurous spirit, then this Teepee Bed is simply a perfect addition to their bedroom. Inspired by a free-spirited woman, named ...
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Japanese DNA glass

DNA Beer Glass is 3D printed based on your genetic code

If you’re looking for the best drinking experience, then raise a glass to the complexity of your DNA. Hailing from Japan, DNA Glass is a project that creates the perfect drinking experience based on key factors found in human DNA. ...
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Apple Homekit-enabled smart light bulb

Sylvania’s A19 smart light bulb is compatible with Apple Homekit

Massachusetts-based lighting manufacturer Sylvania has unveiled Apple HomeKit compatible A19 smart light bulb under its Ledvance lineup. This Bluetooth-enabled multi-color smart lighting can be easily controlled either through voice commands to Siri or Apple’s Home app without using a separate ...
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