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Salacious Crumb Cakes

Star Wars-themed Salacious Crumb cakes for Halloween

What if you could trick or treat kids with Salacious Crumb cake instead of candies this Halloween? We always give candies to kids , let’s try something new this year and what better than Salacious Crumb, the sidekick of galaxy’s most notorious criminal empire, Jabba the Hutt. The cupcakes will not only make Halloween interesting but might also label you as the most creative lady in the block. If you are convinced, read on for the process of creating Salacious Crumb Cake. Crumb Cake ...

Smartphone controlled highchair for kids

Smart Froc is world’s first smartphone-controlled highchair

As parent’s we all cherish our child’s growing years. From day one onward, we try our best to nurture them in the best manner possible, and try not to compromise when it comes to their safety. While we take care of all the other possible things, buying toddlers furniture is something we don’t pay much heed to – however, it is equally important. Smart Froc, world’s first smartphone-controlled highchair that monitors your baby’s weight and growth while sitting, is ...

Chocolate Moon Cake

Chocolate moon cake is a great way to kill astronomical hunger pangs

If your loved ones are fascinated about the infinitely big solar system and interstellar mysteries, then you have got the best chance to surprise them with baking this delicious space-themed cake. However, the chocolate moon cake doesn’t seem to be very tasty, but the craters and the American flag (not sure if it’s edible) pinned atop a toothpick signifying a historical date are more than enough to satiate your quest for the great extraterrestrial phenomenon. Simple to cook, the ...

Betsy Blue Bus

Betsy Blue holiday home was once an abandoned double-decker bus

Travel enthusiasts Andrew and Lisa-Jayne Powis always wanted to travel countryside in a luxury holiday home like renowned British pop singer Cliff Richard. So, they turned an old Leyland Atlantean double-decker bus into a luxurious country retreat. The unique camper van with a kitchen, wood burner stove and three beds was bought on eBay for £2,500 (approx. $3800) to ideally use it as a private holiday home. Inspired by Cliff Richard’s summer holiday-style bus, the couple spent almost ...

20 luxury loudspeakers that look as good as they sound

20 luxury loudspeakers that look as good as they sound

With changing time music has also evolved with latest technology that’s integrated into high-end music systems. Although there are various audio devices available in the market, but audiophiles prefer to choose the best out of all. The selection of high quality speakers depends on different sort of preferences of varying individuals. However to step above the rest and listen music in style, here are few luxurious loudspeakers that look as good as they sound. Combining music with luxury, ...

Snooz by Matthew Snyder

Smartphone-controlled Snooz is for you if you’re insomniac

A perfect day always relies on how much sound sleep you have had in the night, but with a fastrack lifestyle and increasing work and family pressure, at one point of time we all face sleep disorder. Having a good night’s sleep not only recharges us with new energy but also keeps us healthy and fresh the following day. External factors are already so much all over us that we have, partially or completely, become slaves of electronics, and this is why we need a power hungry gadget lying ...

Big House fro London Design Festival

London Design Festival 2015 to showcase prefab homes

This year’s London Design Festival, apart from promoting city’s creativity and unmissable designs, will also showcase some of the most innovative solutions for small-space living. Keeping in mind the effect of housing crisis, designers will present prefabricated boxes or containers converted into cozy place homes. Today, it is becoming too expensive for people to buy a house in UK, making more people to look for modular housing solutions – prefabricated houses seem only solution. ...

World’s first Bugatti-styled villas

Would you buy world’s first Bugatti-styled villas for $10M?

Damac Properties, Dubai-based luxury real estate developer, has unveiled their latest collection of Bugatti-inspired homes at the recent Cityscape Global exhibition in Dubai. The new limited edition villas are called Ettore 971. The villas are named after company founder Ettore Bugatti and Dubai’s 917 international area code. These 55 million-square feet, luxury seven-bedroom villas boast floor-to-ceiling glass wall to maximize enough light and space into the living space. The highlight of ...


WiFi-enabled iRobot Roomba 980 maps your home automatically

Do you remember few years ago iRobot eliminated tedious bristles from robotic vacuum cleaners with Roomba 880? Now, the Massachusetts-based company wants to make your robotic vacuum cleaning smarter with its all-new Roomba 980. This is the maker’s first Roomba that uses vSLAM (Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping tech) for visual localization, iAdapt 2.0 navigation and smartphone synchronization together to map your home for better cleaning. Moreover, it is integrated with iAdapt ...

Vinotemp Brushed Stainless Modular Under Stairs Wine Cabinet

This under stairs wine cabinet takes advantage of unused space

Vinotemp International, a leader name in wine storage industry, has come up with an ultimate solution to creatively optimize unused spaces in home. The new collection is a wine storage solution that can be used under new and existing standard staircase. The customized wine cabinet is designed to store your bottles in ideal environment. The brushed stainless modular under stairs wine cabinet is a handcrafted storage solution designed to complement unused space of home. The modular unit is ...

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