Elevated Pole House by F2 Architecture is most iconic Australian home

One prime reasons we love doing what we do on HomeCrux is that we are blessed with sight of amazing architecture every day. While some buildings are made to survive off-the-grid, some are made of odd materials, there are some that simple make us speechless. The Pole House by F2 Architecture, built on the coast of Great Ocean Road in Australia is one from the latter stock. Perched high up on a pole, the iconic Australian home built originally in 1978 boasts of lavish renovated interiors that offers residents amazing view of the gorgeous coast on one side and the wide blue ocean on the other from well inside the house.

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DIY WakeUp Light turns any table lamp into smartphone-controlled wake up lamp

If you have a wake up light at home, you know what a boon it is to alleviate the morning grumpiness. However, for others, wakeup light is morning alarm which uses light (with sound) to wake you up. Unsatisfied with off-the-shelf lights, DIYer Akhil Piplani has developed his own WakeUp Light which works with any table lamp. The enticing WakeUp Light project has a very simple yet effective control interface, an open design and is built using a Stellaris Launchpad (ARM Cortex M4F microcontroller board). Read More…

3D-printed Hue Luminaire lamps and other smart lighting solutions from Philips

3d printed table lamps

Philips has illuminated the smart lighting industry with its pretty affordable Hue collections comprising of regular LED bulbs controlled from the smartphone for long. Now, to extend the assortment, Philips has introduced the 3D printed Hue Luminaires - a pendant lamp and an absolutely gorgeous table lamp. These are unlike other lamps we have seen, the 3D printed Hue Luminaires are smartphone controlled. Smartphone can be used to set your own light show since the lamps are capable of displaying any of the 16 million colors wirelessly. The 3D printed table lamp will be available for pre-order beginning 31 March, while the pendent lamp will be retailed later, the lamps will cost €2,500 (approximately $3,500) and €3,000 (approximately $4,150) respectively. Read More…

Dutch designers create Trash Closet from discarded wooden furniture


Furniture is the most important household item, but sadly after use, most furniture items end up in landfills. To send out a  message to people instigating them to recycle or reuse furniture, Dutch designers Marijke and Sander Lucas have created the Trash Closet out of furniture found discarded on the streets of Amsterdam. ’Actions speak louder than words’ is well illustrated by the designers through this wooden closet, which designers have made from street trash. Trash Closet speaks volumes of the designers’ craftsmanship and artistic skills, and sends out a message very loud and clear.

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BrewNanny home brew monitor sends brewing data to your smartphone


There are many gadgets that let you brew beer at home, but how do you know you are brewing the right thing? To save your day, BrewNanny lets you monitor fermentation rate, temperature and light inside the brew, so you brew the most refreshing beer every time. Built-in with sensors, the BrewNanny monitors, and guides you through the brewing process so you keep a constant check on the conditions that can be threatening to the quality of beer you’re brewing. Read More…

PP Mobler to showcase Tub Chair by Hans Wegner at Milan Furniture Fair


A renowned name in furniture design industry, Hans J Wegner has made Danish design globally famous, all thanks to his love for natural material and his sight on functional and beautiful furniture. He crafted over 500 different chairs, a dedication that makes him one of the most creative Danish designers till date. As a tribute to Hans Wegner, on his 100th birthday, Danish woodworking company, PP Mobler will be debuting the Tub Chair at the 2014 Milan Furniture Fair.

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Used light bulbs rebirthed into elegant flower vases

light bulb flower vases

Initially recycling only meant to take paper, aluminum and glass to a proper place for disposal. But, with the changing time, this definition of recycling has become obsolete. A complete new world of recycling has now opened to those  who know and understand what recycling really is, for them, recycling is looking at objects (especially trash) in an entirely different way. Keeping this concept in mind, a young product designer from Japan, Yuma Kuno has designed these Light Bulb Vases using incandescent light bulbs.

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JH Modern home by Pearson Design Group boasts an outdoor room on entrance

What do you do when you have millions of dollars at your disposal? You either end up spending it on a lavish car or on just another house in the city. But, if you are Clay Heighten and Debra Caudy you’ll give that money to Pearson Design Group and have the JH Modern home readied for you. Back in 2011 when the husband wife duo of Heighten and Caudy bought five-acre plot for $1.2 million at the Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA, they hired Larry Pearson of the Pearson Design Group to build them a contemporary retreat that took full advantage of the outdoors and the enviable view of the mountains. 16 months later, for a total budget of $4 million, the architect completed this breathtaking JH Modern 5,400 square foot home that surprised the couple.

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Nendo recreates Starbucks mugs with coffee graphics on the bottom

Nendo designs Starbucks mugs

Starbucks is well acclaimed American global coffee company and Italian-style coffeehouse chain, here you can enjoy a variety of coffee other refreshments. Along with this, Starbucks sells plain white coffee mugs with the STARBUCKS logo printed vertically on the side of the mug. To this classic mug, Japanese design studio Nendo, has added a playful design depicting the optimistic approach of the studio. The new Starbucks coffee mug cleverly combines the coffee company’s view of ‘feeling fulfilled’ and Nendo’s ‘glass half full’ philosophy.

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Balka table by Gregoire da Lafforest stores your forgotten objects in a pouch

Balka Console Table by Gregoire de Lafforest

We have come across different furniture items with built-in storage spaces that keeps our belongings safely and handy in an organized manner. Such units are not just functional, but are attractive too. French designer Gregoire de Lafforest has designed a sleek console table dubbed Balka wherein you can store your necessities and retrieve them whenever required without forgetting where you had kept them.

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