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Dungeness Estate

Britain’s one and only desolated desert Dungeness Estate is up for sale  

The 468-acres Dungeness Estate is a headland on the coast of Kent in England, which is also known as Britain’s only desert. Dungeness Estate, which has been owned by a Paine family trust since 1964, is now in the market for asking price nearly £1.5 million (approximately $2.3 million). However, the sale does not include Dungeness nuclear power station, two lighthouses, Pilot pub, Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway station. The sale of the estate is being handled by Strutt & Parker ...

Dubai’s Meydan One

Dubai’s Meydan One complex will boast five record-breaking facilities

Dubai refuses to lag behind when it comes to constructing outrageous and exclusive architectural designs. Now, the most populous city in UAE is all set to build the latest complex entitled as Meydan One, which will be boasting five record-breaking facilities by 2020. The 3,671,000-square-meter complex will be including world’s tallest residential tower and highest 360-degree observation deck (711-meters), highest restaurant (675-meters), largest dancing fountain (420-meters) and longest ...

Charles Young tiny city Paperholm

Charles Young’s tiny city Paperholm is made entirely out of paper

Edinburgh-based architect and artist Charles Young has spent approximately one year in building Tiny City Paperholm, which is made entirely from paper. Yes, it is right. He took 365 days to construct a mini metropolis using only paper. The tiny paper city includes castle, carousel, church and windmill; all these features make it not only pleasing to the eyes, but amusing too- as many structures are incorporated with moving components. To build every 300 model, Young carefully designed, cut ...

Himalayan Mountain Hut Competition winners

Inviting, safe and comfortable on-the-go shelters for Himalayan mountaineers

The recent 7.8-magniture earthquake in Nepal triggered terrible avalanche that killed at least 10 climbers and guides. Moreover, countless people were trapped in some or the other way. So to provide relief and better solution to trekkers for dealing with such natural disasters in future, Homemade Dessert (HMMD) called for Himalayan Mountain Hut competition soon after the drastic calamity. For this competition, architects and designers from all across the globe were invited to construct portable ...

Nebia Showerhead

Nebia shower atomizes water into tiny droplets to reduce water wastage by 70%

Do you know how much water is wasted daily while showering? Well, nearly 20 gallons of water flows down the drain everyday in shower. This is because shower nozzle technology has not been upgraded in a long time, which is one of the reasons leading to water loss. But the minimal yet efficient showerhead Nebia is aiming to change that, as it is designed to use 70-percent less water than conventional showerheads. Therefore, it will certainly save your money, meanwhile helping the environment. ...


Strategic alliance between Alibaba and Suning to synergize corporate model

Alibaba Group, Chinese e-commerce company renowned for providing consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales services via web portal, is spending $4.6 billion to buy 19.99-percent stake in Shenzhen-listed Suning Commerce. Suning Appliance Company Ltd., one of the largest privately owned retailers in China, is also investing $2.3 billion in Alibaba and will subscribe for nearly 27.8 million newly issued shares. The strategic alliance between Suning and Alibaba will ...

Acphapend by Christophe Rambert

Project Acphapend transmutes disability with prosthesis

Created by France-based young designer Christophe Rambert, Acphapend is a carbon wood pedestal table prosthesis, which is designed to start a socially acceptable activity of transmuting disability into prosthesis. Rambert is specialized in arts and crafts from school of Arts and wood Pierre Vernotte, and he wanted to create something to help people in regaining their social life. The round table Acphapend is an exhibition stand that’s created in partnership with Custoprothetic, a ...

Tree Mount by Jason Khoo

Jason Khoo bags 15th James Dyson Award for a unique tree house platform

The most difficult part to construct while building a DIY treehouse is its foundation. This is because the base platform has to be firm enough to hold weight of entire structure; moreover it should not adversely affect growth of the tree on which it’s framed. To make this difficult process easy, Massey industrial design graduate Jason Khoo has created a pre-built foundation called ‘Tree Mount’ for backyard treehouses. Tree Mount is basically a bracket that can be instantly mounted onto ...

Aerelight World's First OLED Lamp

Aerelight is the world’s first OLED Lamp with Qi wireless charging

Still happy with LED lighting? But, that is so 2002; move on to the future of lighting i.e. Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED). Toronto-based OTI Lumionics have developed an OLED desk lamp named Aerelight A1. The OLED lamp is more energy-efficient and brighter as compared to the LED lighting fixtures. Design of the table lamp is elegant and slender with a wooden base that has a built-in Qi Wireless Charging pad. The charging pad makes it easy for you to set down your smartphone on the base and ...


Korea Telecom is revered with Red Dot Design Award for Phone-brella

Korea Telecom, South Korean integrated wired/wireless telecommunication service provider, is honored with the Red Dot Design Award 2015 for their innovative yet practical Phone-brella, which is a combination of phone and umbrella. The first telecom carrier to introduce Apple iPhone in the Korean market, KT is now working with the motive to provide the fastest and most ICT-based convergence to its customers. The Phone-brella is basically an umbrella fitted with smartphone holder to provide ...

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