Beer From Rainwater at De Parel Brewery_1

Researchers in Netherlands draft pure beer from harvested rainwater

Netherlands has been experiencing relentless rain since the month of June, flooding the areas with unwanted water. To neutralize the harsh effects of rain and harvest rain water for something that has never been done before, a group of budding ...
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Accessories, Outdoor

Golchi: Multi-functional bottle lets you carry cold and hot drinks together

Chicago-based firm Golchi LLC, manufacturing and welling creative products, recently unveiled their first product. Dubbed as Golchi, the world’s most versatile and customizable bottle, it can easily hold two beverages of different temperature and has approximately 15 features. Termed as ...
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Floating Picture Frames

Easy to make floating picture frames gives any space a neat feel

We all have decorated our homes with standard, wooden and metallic frames, but with minimalism in trend, these heavy and bulky frames just steal away the clean aesthetics giving the room a more cluttered look. But if you are fan ...
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Bathroom, Featured
How to bring steampunk style into your bathroom

How to bring steampunk style into your bathroom

Steampunk style is still going strong and people, who like to celebrate 19th-century industrial age of technology, often embrace this aesthetic culture in many areas of their lives. For that Victorian times’ groove, materials like copper, brass and other mechanical ...
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DIY Backyard Smokehouse

Steven Raichlen builds awesome DIY backyard smokehouse

Barbecue lovers often rush to smokehouses or barbecue joints to enjoy perfectly smoked cuisine. But what if you could make your personal smokehouse in your backyard? Steven Raichlen, author of cookbook Project Smoke, has created a DIY backyard smokehouse. For ...
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Hansgrohe Design Prize 2016 Lumen Shower Concept

Hansgrohe Design Prize 2016 goes to five visionary bathroom ideas

This year’s competition for the Hansgrohe Design Prize 2016 was held in collaboration with the iF Concept Design Award 2016. The competition was to create innovative design ideas for contemporary bathrooms that make sustainable use of water. Various students and ...
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Louis Speaker by Paolo Cappello

Louis speaker recreates sound of vinyl record via smartphone

For those who love the warm sound of vinyl record player, Italian designer Paolo Cappello has created the Louis speaker that makes smartphone music sound like as if coming straight out of a retro vinyl record. Designed for Newblack, the ...
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Casa-Bruno-Tropical-styled Islander fan

Tropical-styled Islander fan brings exotic atmosphere to your home

Casa Bruno has created tropical-styled ceiling fan called Islander to bring natural breeze of tropical areas into your living space. Tropically-inspired fan consists of a set of five blades that are available in various materials like palm, bamboo and all-weather ...
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Concretus Speaker by Grazina -Bockute

Concretus speaker uses architectural brutalism to boost sound

Wood is considered to be the best material for producing high quality sound in music instruments and gadgets like speakers. But Lithuanian designer Grazina Bockute has chosen concrete material to create sculptural Concretus speaker. The solid concrete block reminds us ...
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Food Ink. World's First 3D Printing Restaurant

Food Ink. pop-up restaurant includes 3D printed menu and decor

Dutch company byFlow is a 3D printer manufacturer, which has brought 3D printing technology into food industry with the new Food Ink. pop-up restaurant. Titled as the world’s first 3D printing restaurant, the diner works with various architects, chefs, designers ...
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