Featured, Furniture
Chained Coffee Table by 4Rest

30-year-old pinewood and old chains put together to form a coffee table

Upcycling old items into new ones is the hottest trend around the world. Everyday we come across amazing upcycled products that give us an opportunity to furnish our homes with latest decor objects built using old stuff lying in our backyard. With the ...
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Bicycle parts desk lamp

Man builds desk lamp from upcycled bicycle parts

Upcycling is an ideal way to save environment and money and creatively give new life to trashed items. Focusing on upcycling and its benefits, London-based artist Joe Goldstein, founder and owner of Etsy store Bespoke Spokes, has beautifully converted old bicycle parts into a ...
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Narl Chair

Narl chair by Carl Durkow resembles a bird’s nest

Informal design not only enhances the appearance but adds a pleasant stroke of distinction in modern objects. Relying on the same approach, Drexel University student Carl Durkow has created a rocking chair that looks like an over-sized bird nest. Dubbed as Narl chair, ...
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Freshness sensing GIR Grinder

GIR Grinder detects freshness of beans, restocks when needed

New York-based company GIR (Get It Right) is all set to launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its smart freshness-sensing coffee grinder. Dubbed as GIR Grinder, the company claims it to be the world’s first smart portable freshness-sensing grinder. An IoT ...
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XOCO 3D chocolate printer

XOCO 3D chocolate printer is capable of outputting countless designs

Netherlands-based skilled product design studio Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp has developed a 3D printer concept that can create customized chocolate objects. Named XOCO, the 3D chocolate printer is like a creative culinary tool that uses chocolate as ‘ink.’ Giving every food ...
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Featured, Kitchen
MVRDV Infinity Kitchen

MVRDV all-glass Infinity Kitchen makes cooking transparent

At Venice Architecture Biennale 2016, Dutch studio MVRDV has unveiled all-glass kitchen to bring more transparency into food preparation. Dubbed Infinity Kitchen, the see-through cookspace is made entirely of clear glass. The cooking island comprises various transparent drawers, countertops and ...
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contemporary orangery

3 popular ways to give your home a summery extension

With the summer fast approaching, we all wish we had a proper garden to enjoy the sunshine and barbecue with our family and friends. Not all of our places have a garden worthy of such name though, and that’s also ...
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Accessories, Featured
Silent Letter by Davide Conti

Silent Letter by Davide Conti is a modern take on clothes valet

Silent Letter by Italian designer Davide Conti is a set of minimally designed clothes valet in shape of alphabets. Produced by Italian furniture house Irooon, the valet in form of letters is an updated and modern version of classic valets. Steel ...
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Polarmoss gives you freedom to decorate walls with colorful moss

Moss is termed as one of the world’s easiest houseplant that can easily survive for years without water. Relying on benefits associated with moss, a Finnish company named Polarmoss is making it possible to add moss to home and office interiors. ...
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Featured, Interview
Benjamin Tucker of Fallen Furniture

Interview with Ben Tucker, founder of Fallen Furniture

A few weeks back we introduced you to an awesome chair designed and built by Fallen Furniture, a UK-based design company that uses old aircraft parts to create functional furniture pieces. The one-of-a-kind chair that was once a 737 Engine ...
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