Really slim tiny home by DAO Architecture for Portland Modern Home Tour

DAO architecture

Amid 10 dwellings selected for Portland Modern Home Tour, on merits of their design, construction and sustainability is a 13-feet wide, two story home from DAO Architecture. The metal clad structure, which replaces a garage on a side garden on the edge of Irvington Historic District in Portland, is the only entry of its kind in the architectural bonanza to be dominated by concrete and glass buildings. The tiny home is built to look spacious from inside with a double-height ceiling, central skylight, amazingly large window and sliding doors. Read More…

Family of architects create twin eco-homes, one of them on sale for $3.3M

Paddock home

All new example of high tech contemporary architecture influenced by green credentials is the Springbank and Paddock home – twin homes in Camberwell Grove Conversation Area in South East London. Designed and constructed by architect couple Liz and Niki Borowiecki along with their children Tom and Sarah (also architects), the Springbank and Paddock House are two stunning eco-friendly homes. The family of architects have together transformed their semi-detached historical home (bought back in 1990) into architecturally pleasing homes, spread out on the underused garden of the old house.

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Fish tank doghouse – A dream home for your furry friend

DIY Fish tank doghouse - A dream home for your furry friend

Internet is flooding with dog lovers and they have found various ways to express their concern and lover towards man’s best friend.  One of them is, other than posting selfies with his/her dog on social networks, making a doghouse rather than buying one from market. One of these DIY projects which, I find worth mentioning is EP13 geometric doghouse by Ben Uyeda. EP13 was supposedly on top of the list until I saw this cute little DIY doghouse surrounded by a fish tank. This little gem resting in one corner of the home is a spacious doghouse that shows clean woodwork and an acrylic tank stocked firmly on thick wooden base. “Wipe your paws” doormat adds a little more to the cuteness.

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New Medieval armchair looks like a gladiator battle shield from behind


Italian designer Massimo Farina, who has been crafting  visually striking and artistically inspired furniture creations for past many years, this time brings to us the limited edition New Medieval armchair. Just like his other furniture collection, this one too draws an inspiration from Roman classical, renaissance and medieval architecture & design styles of the enchanting Italian cities of Venice and Verona. This armchair is another masterpiece from his Italian design collection which is a must have for those who love to collect furniture units having an essence of culture and sense of history.

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Tronc stand organizes your business cards in DNA helical structure

Tronc Business Card Stand by Chiaki Murata

Small objects are of great essence; Japanese designers surely know this fact better than any other. Chiaki Murata, who is known for creating Japan’s most iconic designs in recent times, has designed a similar item that makes your messed-up desk look more organized and artistic. At first look, this business card stand looks a mere metal piece resting on the desk sliced randomly at multiple places. But as we give a closer look, we see a defined pattern that makes this desktop accessory different from others.

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Cover your swimming pool safely with this folding floor by Agor [Video]


There is no denying that having a swimming pool in the backyard is the best thing. But with all its goodness looms the question of safety, especially when you have kids running around the backyard. Agor Creative Engineering is a company that has taken it upon itself to design and manufacture customized mechanical swimming pool floors (covers) so that you don’t have to worry about safety at the pool anymore. Following the success of its movable and submersible floors for the swimming pool, Agor has now come up with the very creative folding floor. Read More…

Turn any power outlet into a night light with SnapRay Guidelights

snaprays guidelight by snap power

Installing guide lights in your home is quite essential, especially if you have kids around. These illuminate your path up the hallway or down the staircase avoiding any accidents in the dark. But, putting them up in place is not an easy, it involves bulky plugin solutions and requires professional help, thus turning out to be an expensive installation. As a solution, Snap Power brings the SnapRays, which are energy efficient, child safe and can be installed within seconds.

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Neato BotVac robotic vacuum cleaner scans, plans and cleans most effectively

Neato BotVac

Roomba has been synonymous with robotic vacuum cleaners, sadly the world has moved a notch further and we have to spare a thought for dynamic bot cleaners like the BotVac by Neato Robotics. Designed to be smarter and more powerful, the BotVac comes pre-equipped with laser mapping technology, which lets the vacuum cleaner map rooms and plan its cleaning regime well before setting off to clean. Read More…

PS 2014 collection by IKEA targets dwellers on the go

PS 2014 collection by IKEA targets dwellers on the go

With a rise in urban population, the city area is shrinking, thus increasing the demand of stackable or double duty space saving furniture units. Keeping this in mind, the Swedish furniture giant, IKEA has recently launched its new furniture collection in Brooklyn last week. Dubbed as the PS 2014 collection, it includes various flexible furniture units that are trendy in appearance and adaptable to small spaces.

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Hut on Sleds beach house in New Zealand is small, functional and portable

hut on sleds beach house NZ

Portable beach homes ideally have architectural brilliance inspired by post-modernism and futuristic architecture. Walking the same path is ‘Hut on Sleds’, a 40 square meter residence designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects on the shores of idyllic white-sand beach in Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand. The simple and elegant Hut on Sleds beach house is small, functional and embodies the essence of a log hut challenging the traditional design of Kiwi beach houses. Perched on the beach shore, the hut is made of timber, inside-out, which allows the home to blend effortlessly with the surroundings.   Read More…