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Slashed Sofa and Ottoman by Charlotte Kingsnorth

Vibrant sofa and ottoman look like they’re slashed open with a knife

Seeking perfect furniture for bold and youthful interior of your house? Then you’re on the right page. As today we’re going to acquaint you with bright colored Slashed Sofa and Ottoman by London-based industrial designer Charlotte Kingsnorth. Both these contemporary furniture pieces look as though there were sliced open with a knife, revealing internal bright yellow layer. The sofa consists of a stainless steel structure supporting the entire seating unit, whilst locking its two ends to the ...

Moai iPadiPhone docking station

Moai iPad/iPhone docking station resembles monolithic icons of Easter Island

Are you a fan of ancient monuments and sculptures? If yes, then you’d surely like the spectacular Moai iPad/iPhone docking station by London-based artist Scott Eaton. This minimally attractive docking station is inspired from colossal stone remnants of an ancient culture located on Easter Island. This clever sculptural design elegantly combines traditional monumental art with modern technology. Moai is certainly the coolest resting place for your smartphone or tablet. A smartphone fits into ...

LG Minibeam Nano projector

LG Minibeam Nano projector offers portable entertainment wirelessly

Who doesn’t like to watch movies on large screen LCD/LED TVs? In case you cannot afford these expensive television sets, you always have an option of buying affordable projectors to fulfill your wish of watching movies or live sports on a big screen. But projectors are also heavy and don’t even have same picture quality as compared to TVs. To overcome the aforementioned flaws of these devices, world’s leading manufacturer of LED projectors- LG has launched its latest compact and wireless ...

Dokodemo Sado Smart Bamboo Whisk

‘Smart’ bamboo whisk revolutionizes traditional Japanese tea ceremony

If you know about centuries-old Japanese art of tea ceremony, then you must be aware that it is too complex to prepare and require years of practice for perfection. But Kaho Matsuda, 21-year-old undergraduate engineering student from Tohoku University, wants to make the complicated procedure simpler for you with ‘Smart’ bamboo whisk entitled as Dokodemo Sado. The smart bamboo whisk acts as a virtual teacher for those who want to master this ancient artform of making the perfect zen cup of ...


Duncan Meerding turns tree stumps into gorgeous vessels for light

Thought ordinary tree stumps can only used for bonfire? Well, Tasmanian furniture designer Duncan Meerding doesn’t think alike. This is because he knows how to turn salvaged log pieces into gorgeous vessels for emitting light. He transforms salvaged wooden blocks into stunning Cracked Log Lamps, which spread light through natural cracks on the log pieces. Meerding is legally blind; however he retains 5-percent of his vision in his peripheries. So he uses these light pieces to communicate with ...

Octagonal DIY Lego table

Octagonal DIY Lego table represents water, land and urban buildings

Nothing beats pixelated Lego furnishings, when it comes to give chic retro aesthetic to any interior. This octagonal DIY Lego Table is another colorful furniture design by Redditor [Thaitwin] to enhance appeal of any contemporary living space. The most interesting thing about the tabletop is that its tricolor multilevel base in blue, green and gray colors represents water, land, and urban buildings rspectively. [Thaitwin] has basically turned an old octagonal coffee table into a chic Lego ...

UVe kitchen countertop cleaner

UVe kitchen countertop cleaner sanitizes surfaces by UV light

Before preparing every meal, you often clean your kitchen countertop with regular cleaning products. But do you know chemicals in these cleaning products have various health and environmental hazards? So forget harsh chemicals and opt the latest UVe kitchen countertop cleaner that efficiently cleans any worktop using UV light. Cleaning visible mess on your culinary surface is easy, but UVe robotic cleaner deals with even invisible germs on countertop to avoid health risks. This simple ...

Defendius Labyrinth Door Chain Lock

Solve puzzling Defendius labyrinth to open door chain lock

Ever wanted an impossible to open door chain for protecting your home against unauthorized entry? You’re in luck. Art Lebedev Studio has created the mystifying Defendius labyrinth door chain lock to keep intruders out. The door chain lock features a confusing maze pattern, which attaches onto your door. The door will open only when the maze has been completed. It’s made of 100-percent titanium alloy and the chain is long enough to reach far end of the maze. Once it is locked you will have ...

Dewdrop by Zyl Vardos

Dewdrop tiny house on wheels resembles a wooden cottage

This awe-inspiring tiny house on wheels is designed exactly like a wooden cottage by USA-based woodworker Zyl Vardos. The Dewdrop tiny house is aptly named so, as it’s shape seems like a refreshing dew drop. Although much details about the small trailer home are not revealed, but on looking at the pictures one can surely find out that it offers conventional complete home-like facilities to inhabitants. Exterior of the house is made from solid wooden planks and features red rooftop, giving ...

Hansgrohe Design Prize 2015 awarded to six canny bathroom concepts

Hansgrohe Design Prize 2015 awarded to six canny bathroom concepts

In this modern age, technology has become an important aspect of people’s lives. Even bathrooms are not left untouched with high-tech innovations. Living up to digital development and innovation, iF- Efficient Water Design has organized an event ‘Big Shower Pleasure,’ letting designers from all over the world to display their creative bathroom concepts. The international competition for the Hansgrohe Design Prize 2015 concluded successfully on 28 May, 2015. In this competition, six young ...

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