Issei Sumo designs tipi house from wooden panels

Issei Suma designs beautiful tipi house from wooden panels

Everyone has their own dreams after retiring from a job. Some want to go on an adventure trip and some wants to gain peace of mind by living in natural surroundings. If you also dream to live in a serene ...
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Pin Genie smart lock employs magic pin pad unlocks home with just four buttons_13

Unlock your home in just four presses with Pin Genie smart lock

San Francisco-based technology startup Pin Genie Inc. has designed Pin Genie smart lock which is equipped with a pin pad that re-shuffles the pin numbers every time to provide ultimate security at home. It syncs with your smartphone over Bluetooth to ...
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Nitya pallet wood shelving system by YvaR DesigN

Nitya shelving system by YvaR DesigN is made from upcycled pallet wood

“As they say trash is not always a trash,” pallet wood perfectly fits on this phrase. It has made a very special place for itself among designers and people who love upcycling. We can find lots of creative and amazing ...
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DIY Star Wars Death Star Globe Bar

DIY Star Wars Death Star Globe Bar for a little cosmic touch

Does anyone else find Death Star similar to a globe? Well, there is nothing really common in a globe and Death Star, expect for their round shape. Probably, thinking the same, Imgur user [Sharkalligatorman] has recently converted an ordinary globe ...
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Mellow Sofa

Mellow sofa incorporates adjustable cord system for extra comfort

Designed by Océane Delain, the Mellow sofa features a solid maple platform frame with handcrafted wood buttons, which are further attached to an adjustable cord system. These incorporated nylon cords allow the users to change its shape and comfort level ...
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Original Pasta Fork

Spiral Pasta Fork twirls spaghetti as you run your fingers down it

Is eating spaghetti quite challenging for you? Well, you’re not alone. There are many people who find it annoying to spin circles with an ordinary fork to eat spaghetti. But this spiral pasta fork will make the task easier for ...
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Auto House

AutoHouse: Miami-based developers to build a luxury condo for cars

While extravagant condominiums are no novelty for well-heeled, Miami-based developers Louis Birdman and Jay Massirman are planning to build the world’s priciest condo for cars. The developers have commissioned Synthesis Architects to design the luxury building. Dubbed AutoHouse, this seven-story ...
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Dream home
Habitat House features sloping roof having natural wildflowers_2

Habitat House: Waterfront vacation home perfect for family gatherings

Nowadays, people with a lot of money like spending their family vacation at waterfront holiday resorts, and they are even interested in buying lakeside properties. UK-based Lower Mill Estate in Cotswolds is a community of luxury vacation residences featured with award-winning architecture ...
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Accessories, Food
Mr. Orange lets you drink juice direct from a fruit_12

Mr. Orange lets you drink juice directly from a pulpy fruit

Have you ever sipped juice directly from an orange or any other pulpy fruit? It’s a totally different way to enjoy drinking juice straight from a fruit using a portable juicer. One such product that needs consideration is Mr. Orange, ...
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Galaxy-themed Cake and Cupcakes

Artistic baker creates incredible galaxy-themed cake and cupcakes

From rainbow beagles to Vegedeco salad cakes, colorful food has been all the rage lately. If you’re stilling looking for some more color-blasting confectioneries, have a look at the incredible Galaxy-themed cake and cupcakes by Reddit user [Skizorbit], who runs ...
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