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Gorilla Chair by Robert Brou

Enjoy monkeying around with groovy Gorilla Chair

Turn your room into an adventurous space with this unique gorilla-shaped chair. Georgia-based designer and craftsman Robert Brou has crafted this splendid Gorilla Chair for those who love monkeying around all the time. Groovy structure of the chair in shape of an animal makes it a timeless piece of furniture that will be enjoyed for years to come. It is hand-sculpted from 4-inch thick poplar lumber that is further laminated with ebonized black lacquer finishing. Its polished structure makes it ...

Colorful Treehouse Cabana Floripa in Brazil

This colorful kooky treehouse is made entirely from trash

We’ve seen quite impressive treehouses so far, but this creative reclaimed home stands out from the rest, as it is made completely out of trash. Located on the island of Florianópolis in Brazil, the stunning colorful treehouse dubbed ‘Cabana Floripa’ is created by Uruguayan visual artist Jaime. The entire structure of the building is made from pieces of demolished homes in the area and other found objects. It is constructed from waste materials such as old wood, glass bottles, ...

Limit Coffee Table

Limits is a carefully designed coffee table that challenges geometric shapes

Kimberly Koh, a Singaporean designer, brings to the fore a carefully designed, innovative coffee table named “Limit” that challenges the basic rules of geometry. The table is combination of contrasting wood tones blending beautifully with triangular panes, giving it an asymmetric and independent look. Made using wooden flat triangles, the Limits table has smooth joints and edges that provide it a sleek and edgy appearance. The table with wood veneer finishing is cut from single sheet of ...

Battery-powered trimmers by Husqvarna

Easy operating battery-powered trimmers by Husqvarna

Tired of lifting heavy garden trimmers and their messy cables? Husqvarna, global leader in outdoor power products, has created latest battery-powered trimmers dubbed savE to clear all your gardening mess with ease. These cordless string trimmers are perfect for cutting errant grass and weeds. As the trimmers are battery-powered and cordless, homeowners can freely trim unwanted plants without restricting their range of motion due to extension cord. Due to its lightweight structure, you can even ...

Container House

Container house is blend of minimalism, aesthetics and functional innovation

Container House in San Francisco, Cordoba, Argentina, is designed by José Schreiber to offer total living space of 195 square meters. The house is built with the help of two metal containers placed in an L-shape. The project started by choosing the neighborhood located in the outskirts of San Francisco, with an aim to get red of the city crowd. Versatility of the space changes the family composition and lifestyle. The lower portion is of the metal container contains all service area ...

Contemporary kitchen furniture

Schüller contemporary kitchen furniture gives new edge to your kitchen

Today kitchen is not just a place where you cook meals, but it’s more of a meeting place or communication center where you can cook and correspond freely. Keeping today’s need and demand in mind, Schüller brings the new contemporary furniture collection to the market as a key object to give kitchen a room where creativity is given deserved space. From relaxed country kitchen to statement kitchen, Schüller has created the new collection by keeping every individual’s ...

Nuimo Universal Controller

Nuimo universal controller commands all your Internet of Things

Smart homes are truly dominated by various connected devices such as thermostats, lighting, appliances, music, locks, etc. But controlling Internet of Things via different smartphone apps on a single mobile phone leads to certain trail and errors. What if controlling these smart devices could be as easy as turning a door knob? Well, now you can replace full folder of smartphone apps with a single door knob-shaped Nuimo Universal Controller. It integrates with any Bluetooth device or different ...

Mangal by Cisim Design

Deceptive appearance: Mangal is a stool in shape of BBQ pit

Yes, your heard it right! Mangal is a stool not some barbecue or firepit.  It surely looks like an outdoor barbecue pit for sunny and clear outdoor fun, but here’s the twist in the story – it’s a stool for resting your exhausted legs from the daylong walking. Mangal, which means barbecue in Turkish, is the latest collection from Turkey-based studio Cisim Design. The stool is designed by Erdem Isler and Emre Ozucoskun, and clearly shows the object in its real form. The ...

Trapez4Sun Shade Sails by C4Sun

Trapez4Sun smartphone-controlled shade sails protect from harsh sunrays

Shade Sails are used horizontally off the ground to protect individuals from sun’s brutal rays whether you’re sitting at outer areas of any residential or commercial building. But the problem with these shade sails is that these need to be manually drawn in or out, according to the weather conditions. To solve the problem, Hückeswagen-based company C4Sun has put smart controls into such conventional looking outdoor sails dubbed Trapez4Sun. It seems like a regular shade sail but is ...

Tunnel Park by Lil’Gaea

Tunnel Park: Playful crib creates endless possibilities for kids

In the same house, it’s not possible to buy different furniture pieces for children of different ages. As various furniture units for growing kids will only clutter your living space. To solve the problem, Turkey-based children’s furniture brand Lil’Gaea has created multipurpose crib dubbed Tunnel Park for babies. The tiny crib is a modern take on playful and functional furniture for children. This multifunctional bed serves as play pen for infants, while older ones can enjoy playing ...

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