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I am not a bath

I am not a bath: Reclaimed bathtub gets a glittering makeover

Edinburgh-based commercial artist Helen Stephenson for her latest work has very beautifully upcycled old bathtubs into outdoor seats. The project dubbed as, I am not a bath, is a collection of weatherproof outdoor seats made from leftover items and products. The ...
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Smart Textiles Musical Tablecloth

Smart Textiles’ musical tablecloth turns dinner into music concert

Swedish company Smart Textiles has created one-of-a-kind musical tablecloth with retro floral pattern to play music for you. The tablecloth actually consists of conductive fibers that can transmit current and further convert it into signals to produce sound. All thanks to ...
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Vegedeco Salad Cafe Cakes Made From Layers of Vegetables

Vegedeco Salad Cafe serves colorful cakes made from vegetables

Do you often feel guilty after eating your favorite chocolate cake? Forget worrying about calories, and try these gorgeous-looking cakes that are made from healthy layers of vegetables. Vegedeco Salad Cafe in Japan is all set to open on April ...
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Miele's Blackboard Edition

Miele’s Blackboard Edition lets you scribble on fridge-freezer door

German-based manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances Miele, recently launched its new range of cooling appliances. The K20.000 Series designed to offer plenty of space and convenience comprises of refrigerators, freezers and fridge-freezer combination. Highlighting modern look that has turned away the retro look, the latest ...
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Greensreen Sea-Tex

Greenscreen Sea-Tex: Reclaimed ocean plastic altered into fabric

Dutch Company Hunter Douglas and New York-based Return Textiles LLC has created the world’s first solar control fabric for roller blinds system using  recovered shoreline plastics. Dubbed as Greenscreen Sea-Tex, the durable blind fabric is made from plastic that comes from ocean  and ...
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Saxophone amplifier Totodesign

Saxophone amplifier enhances iPhone’s sound without electricity

Handcrafted in Italy by Totodesign, the Saxophone portable amplifier combines modern technology with old school design aesthetic. It is an elegant sound box that can enhance your iPhone’s sound without electricity, providing natural amplification for power-free listening experience. Shape of ...
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Hole Table

Hole table is influenced by geometric patterns found in nature

Milan-based industrial designer Kensaku Oshiro has collaborated with Italy-based modern design furniture house Kristalia to create a revolutionary table that features an oval hole as original base for the table. Taking inspiration from nature, according to Oshiro, the base of ...
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R2-D2 Custom Roomba

R2-D2 Custom Roomba vinyl set designed for neat geeks

We’ve seen a variant Star Wars merchandise in honor of the latest Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but no other product is as clean as R2-D2 Custom Roomba. It is basically a vinyl set that has been designed by studio-workshop ...
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Air Kitchen by LAGO

Air Kitchen by LAGO emphasizes on relationships and strong connections

Italian design house LAGO is all to set to unveil its revolutionary and dynamic kitchen, which will be showcased at Eurocucina during the Salone del Mobile 2016 in Milan. The design house renowned for proposing new vision and new model ...
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Brick radiator by Scirocco H

Lego-inspired Brick radiator by Scirocco H

For people living in regions with extreme winter, electrical radiators are very essential. But why to install dull-looking radiators when you could bring home stunning toy-inspired radiators? Designed by Marco Baxadonne, the Brick radiator is attractive device that allows Lego-like ...
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