6 Practical Reasons to Buy a Sofa Bed

Moving into a small apartment and looking for space-saving furniture? Consider buying a sofa bed as it would allow using it as a makeshift bed apart from its original function. It is beneficial for small spaces. Before buying a convertible ...
Mirreco’s Prototype Hemp House with Energy-Generating Facade

Mirreco Aims to 3D-Print Hemp Houses

The Australian startup Mirreco Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to drawing world’s attention to hemp as an eco-friendly building solution. They have developed a specialized machine that can process an entire hemp plant into individually valuable items such as seeds, fibers ...
Atru Celu Rental Geodesic Dome in France for Glamping Lovers

You can Rent This Geodesic Dome in France for $400

Located in Corsica’s Ospedale forest in Porto Vecchio, France, Glamping Corsica offers unusual cocoon rentals that are designed to provide best views and comfort in an eco-friendly way. Aptly called Cocoon Village, it consists of five unique cabins, including the Atru ...
Stoneware Table Lamps by Natalie Weinberger

Stoneware Table Lamps by Natalie Weinberger

Brooklyn-based studio potter Natalie Weinberger creates a range of designer products, including ceramics and furniture. The stoneware table lamps are one of her latest projects that draw reference from the history, but also maintain a modern feel. Available in three ...