CES 2014: Sharp announces WiSA-certified wireless Universal Player

High-definition gadgets are raining at the ongoing CES 2014 with major electronic companies showcasing their latest products. Japanese Electronics Company Sharp has also announced the Sharp Universal Player and Wireless Bridge at the event.  According to the company, the combined system is the only first product which is capable of transmitting uncompressed sound at 24-bit/96kHz and video at 1080p (full HD) wirelessly. Sharp’s new Universal Player is WiSA certified and can establish connection with up to eight WiSA adaptable speakers. The device features an internet connection, 2 HDMI inputs and 3 USB ports and comes with SACD, CD, Blu-ray disc and DVD playback support.

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CES 2014: MPOWERD launches solar powered Luci Aura lantern with color changing light

Luci Aura

Following the success of the Luci inflatable solar lantern, MPOWERD at CES 2014 has launched the all new Luci Aura, an inflatable solar lantern which produces four power saving colors to set the right mood lighting both indoors and outdoors. In addition to color changing lights, the affordable Luci Aura lantern can be set to one glowing light including bright white light for reading or emergency. The solar powered Luci Aura lantern has the potential to create a new trend of lighting, which MPOWERD says consumers have shown a demand for.

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CES 2014: Bang & Olufsen unveils one-touch BeoSound Essence sound system

BeoSound Essence by Bang & Olufsen at CES 2014

Danish manufacturer of audio products Bang & Olufsen have unveiled a simple and graceful one-touch sound system at the Consumers Electronics Show taking place in Las Vegas these days. Dubbed BeoSound Essence, the new sound system brings your favorite music to you with a single touch of finger. This simple solution offers freedom from complications of accessing music from cloud-based services and connecting phones and tablets to the sound system. It’s as simple as clicking a light switch.

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CES 2014: CubeSensors ensures healthy home and office environment

The ongoing CES 2014 is seeing lot of health related products emphasizing on improving our home and office environment. One such smart product unveiled at the event is CubeSensors. These small, cute looking and cordless cubes monitor the environment of your home or office and evaluates how different factors are effecting your health and well-being. One simply have to place these CubeSensors in every room of the house and leave all the rest to this smart device. Each cube is equipped with seven sensors to measure factors such as air quality, temperature, humidity, noise, light, pressure, shake and glow.

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CES 2014: Instant Pot is a Bluetooth enabled, smart pressure cooker

Instant Pot

Instant pot or iPot, unveiled at the CES, is a Bluetooth enabled pressure cooker that brings together cooking and technology of today. This smart cooker designed by Canada based Ace Sensor Inc. and Double Insight Inc. offers advanced functionality. This Programmable Pressure Cooker can be used safely. It can cook nutritious and healthy food conveniently and in a consistent way. Moreover, cooking food in the Instant Pot is two to six times faster than the traditional pressure cookers, which helps in saving enough of energy and therefore can be called a green product.

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CES 2014: Temperature-sensing D-Link Baby camera DCS-825L monitors your infant

D-Link Baby Camera DCS-825L

In-home security cameras have become a need of the hour since our busy schedule leaves us with very limited time to pay heed to all the things at home. To our advantage, D-Link has debuted an all new baby camera for new parents at the CES 2014. Dubbed the D-Link Baby Camera DCS-825L, the security camera is for parents who want to keep tract of their infants. The D-Link DCS-825L WiFi camera captures the baby in 720p resolution. As for features, the baby camera touts motion and sound detection along with night vision. What really sets the D-Link Baby camera apart from the other home security cameras is its temperature sensing feature. Read More…

CES 2014: ClearView Audio debuts ultra-stylish Clio wireless invisible speaker

ClearView Audio, an up-and-coming company founded by a team of innovative designers and engineers is all set to mark their presence at the ongoing CES 2014. The company has developed a uniquely designed wireless invisible speaker called Clio which comes with an ultra-thin, vaguely curved acrylic glass transducer. The innovative design of the speaker allows it to disperse sound in all directions and the hardly visible 1mm thin acrylic glass sheet merges with the surroundings easily.

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CES 2014: Prescient Audio’s TD-12 is the thinnest 12-inch subwoofer

Recipient of international CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Awards, the American audio manufacturer Prescient Audio launched its award winning subwoofer at the 2014 Consumers Electronics Show. According to the claims of the company, the ThinDriverTM TD-12 is the thinnest and lightest 12-inch subwoofer available on the market.  The subwoofer is a smartly designed device which provides high-performance and superior audio quality. The 1000-watt loudspeaker is only 2.25 inches deep which makes it the shallowest subwoofer yet.

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CES 2014: Sleep Number shows first of its kind smart bed with anti-snore feature

Sleep Number x12 smart bed at CES 2014

Next in line at CES 2014 after smartwatches, smartphones and smart TVs is the smart beds. Showing off their line of smart beds is an adjustable bed maker – the Sleep Number. Sleep Number has displayed x12 smart bed that can monitor and track a person’s sleep patterns and allow one partner to adjust the bed to stop the other partner from snoring. Bringing smart tech into your bedroom, the dual-mattress smart bed responds to simple voice commands to turn on/off the built-in massage function, anti-snore function or under-bed lighting for reading in bed.

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CES 2014: Samsung unveils Chef collection for a perfect kitchen

Samsung is one of the biggest names at the CES showcasing its latest products and technology. Along with number of products and gadgets, the company has also unveiled the Chef Collection, a range of kitchen and home appliances at the event. The collection by Samsung will be your perfect companion in the kitchen for the entire cooking process. The line-up will be on display at the Samsung booth during the CES 2014 from January 7-10, in Las Vegas. The collection includes a 4-Door Refrigerator, Electric Slide In Range, a dishwasher and a Food Showcase Refrigerator.

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