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Bel Air mansion to hit the market record for whopping $500 million

While some people are happily living in their tiny apartments, Nile Niami (a film producer and real estate developer) is busy building a gigantic mansion in Bel Air, Los Angeles. Covering 100,000-square feet area, the ridiculously huge house has already hit the market for a record-breaking price tag of about $500 million. Apart from the most expensive house in the world, this mega-mansion has also bagged tag of one of the biggest homes in the world. This is because it includes ...


SensorWake clock wakes you up in high spirits with pleasant aroma around you

How nice it would be to wake up in the morning with room filled with stunning aroma all around you! This very idea gave birth to SensorWake, the world’s first olfactory alarm clock, that works on scents rather than sounds, and is cleverly conceptualized and contrived by an 18-year-old French entrepreneur Guillaume Rolland to end morning woes. Ronald wanted to build something that will help people to get up in the morning with happy, relaxed and peaceful mood. The inventor himself faced ...

Jet Engine Coffee Table Made From Boeing 737 Pratt & Whitney JT8D

Boeing 737 Pratt & Whitney JT8D jet engine turned into epic coffee table

There’s nothing compared to the feeling of soaring through the sky in an airplane. If you’d like to bring the same exciting feeling into your living room, then this aircraft-inspired Jet Engine Coffee Table is the next best thing you’d come across after jetting. The base of this stunning coffee table is handmade from engine fan blade of Boeing 737 Pratt & Whitney JT8D. Gorgeous fan blade further rests on a circular metallic part to provide extra strength to hold a tabletop. ...

Poligon Thermo Cup

Poligon Thermo Cup cleverly preserves beverage heat and aromas

Designed by Sander Lorier, this eye-catching espresso cup is ideal for a single shot of Joe to enhance your morning coffee experience like never before. It is aptly named Poligon Thermo Cup due to its striking faceted silhouette. It is a handmade low-resolution cup with unique inner cavity and narrow shaped at the top to preserve beverage’s heat and aromas. This unusual cavity separates inner wall of the cup from outer wall so that beverage heat is not transferred to the whole cup, making ...

Cricket Darts

Cricket Darts by Red, Wood & Blue is for diehard cricket fans

If cricket is your game, then Cricket Darts by Red, Wood & Blue is a perfect item for your. Cricket Darts overturns the traditional round dartboard and converts it into a wall-mounted cricketing ground. Unlike other dartboards available in the market, the board displays only sections needed to play cricket. It’s a square board with sections 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and bulls-eye in order to hit the dart at perfect place. The numbers and bulls-eye are laser cut to give it a clean and ...

Tiny House By Elvis Summers

Elvis Summers builds a tiny house for homeless woman sleeping on blocks

Elvis Summers has done an extraordinary deed by building a mobile home called Tiny House for a homeless woman, Irene “Smokie” McGee, who sleeps on his blocks and usually go through his bin looking for recyclable materials. Summers, who strongly believes that everyone have the right to shelter, wanted to help Smokie by building something, where she could at least get a goodnight sleep. Elvis struck friendship with Smokie during the times when she used to come down to his Los Angeles ...

Nomad Chair by We Do Wood

Sebastian Jorgensen’s Nomad Chair is a classical elucidation of Roorkhee chair

Nomad Chair by Sebastian Jorgensen of We Do Woods is the perfect example of minimalism, sophistication and tradition. The chair is a stunning interpretation of Roorkhee chair, a simple yet practical chair for glamping. The Nomad chair is made from bamboo, which makes the chair extremely lightweight, strong, and comfortable. As the name suggests, its s true field chair that can be assembled and dissembled within seconds. Inspired by the Scandinavian design tradition, the chair portrays ...

Sleep-monitoring Bed Sheets

Sleep-monitoring bed sheets let you sleep completely undisturbed

You may have seen smart beddings and mattresses that help you enjoy better sleep, while analyzing your sleep habits. But now Paulino Vacas Jacques, Mexican researcher from Innovation Park De La Salle in Guanajuato, has integrated similar technology into bed sheets. Jacques has invented a “motherboard” that can make regular bed sheets smart, allowing them to monitor quality and duration of individual sleep. The motherboard is nothing but a simple card with built-in sensors and can ...

Green-mix concrete is revolutionary way to build sustainable homes

Green-mix concrete is revolutionary way to build sustainable homes

As people are becoming more conscious about environment, the demand of eco-friendly building construction materials is also increasing simultaneously. Recently, researchers from Universiti Teknologi MARA in Malaysia have created a new environment-friendly building material called green-mix concrete. This innovative concrete is made from nothing but waste materials, thus provide affordable solution for construction. Use of recycled or waste materials can be considered sustainable as they reduce ...

Valley house in Kiev by Plan Bureau

Irregular shape of Valley House imitates country’s alpine landscape

Designed by Kostiantyn Kuvika of Plan Bureau, the Valley House is composed of two diamond-shaped wooden cuboids beautifully stacked atop a triangular base, mimicking asymmetry of the mountainous landscape. The minimalist wooden house is located in Kiev, Ukraine and beautifully transformed into a tranquil place for relaxation in lap of nature. Being tiny in space i.e. just 117-square meter, the house is built to be both functional and spacious, giving utmost comfort to its residents. Its ...

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