This home office in Spain overlooks a swimming pool_11

Tony Vila & Joan Miquel Segui designs a pool facing home office

Spain-based architects, Tony Vila & Joan Miquel Segui have designed a pool facing studio in the backyard of a home at Mejorca, the biggest island in Balearic Islands archipelago. This home office including the swimming pool is spanned over 430.56 ...
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Star-Shaped Home on Marco Island

Star-shaped home on Marco Island could be yours for $4.9M

Influenced by the designs of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, this star-shaped home is located near the beach on Marco Island. The owner/architect Tony Zarrella of Sphere Group One has created the gorgeous house right in the middle of natural ...
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Aloft’s voice-activated hotel rooms

Aloft’s voice-activated hotel rooms take Siri to a new level

Aloft Hotels, a north America-based hotel chain, has recently launched the world’s first voice-activated hotel rooms at their branches at Boston Seaport and Santa Clara. These voice-controlled rooms will be integrated with Apple’s Homekit and Siri to take care of ...
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Egloo Candle-powered Heater

Egloo candle-powered heater warms your home for 10 cents a day

Egloo is a little candle-powered heater to keep your home warm, without increasing your electricity bills. The tiny terracotta dome warms up only a small area of your room, instead of heating the entire house. You can take this portable ...
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Architecture, Outdoor
Carlo Ratti Associati Himalayan Retreat

Himalayan retreat offers natural co-living with internet access

In collaboration with Italian architect Michele Bonino, the world-renowned Italian architecture firm Carlo Ratti Associati has started the construction of a Himalayan retreat that offers natural co-living with internet access. Dubbed Pankhasari Retreat, the remote getaway will provide the guests ...
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Art ball chair inspired by Herbie from Walt Disney_1

Art Ball Chair inspired by Walt Disney’s Herbie racecar

French Company, Racing & Emotion has created an art ball chair inspired by the iconic Herbie racecar from Walt Disney’s many movies. Automobile racing fans are going to love its comfortable design materialized in attractive roundish shape. It features classic automobile design ...
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Isala Hospital in Zwolle to serve 3D printed food

Zwolle’s hospital to serve 3D printed food to patients with dysphagia

Officials from Isala Hospital in Zwolle, Netherlands, have decided to serve 3D printed food to their patients – as it comes in form of food pastes and easier to swallow. A team from the hospital will be working with food ...
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Brewie is fully automated home-brewery for beer enthusiasts

We’ve seen smartphone-controlled beer-brewing systems before, and now there’s another self-contained machine called Brewie that can create your next beer batch within few minutes. Branded as the first ever fully automated home-brewery, the system comes with pre-portioned kits and a ...
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Accessories, Furniture
Studio Proba x Bower Zendo Collection

Studio Proba x Bower Zendo Collection for modern homes

Studio Proba, New York-based design studio, has joined forces with another NYC design studio Bower for creating a collection of minimalist furniture pieces. Titled Zendo Collection, the series consists of three products including Pivot Fountain, Waterline Chair, and Nirvana Rug. ...
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Accessories, Featured
Window shutter with a whole new concept

Renson designs vertically folding shutter that doubles as sunshade

Renson, a renowned brand in ventilation and sun protection, recently created an innovative folding shutter design ‘Cilium‘ for windows. It vertically folds up to its half, and keeps away the unwanted sunrays in the house during the hot summer afternoons. ...
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