CES 2014: UL compliant Linear Z-Wave garage door controller

Linear GD00Z-1 Z-Wave garage door controller @ CES 2014

Looking for a UL specification compliant garage door opener? Then you need to look no further than this CES where Linear Z-Wave garage door opener is going to be revealed. No doubting there are many home automation systems with which garage door openers can be integrated, but Z-Wave is one unique remotely controlled garage door opening system that is compliant with UL 325-2010 safety requirements. The garage door opener is equipped with audible and visual warning system which indicates a motion for 5 seconds before the door starts moving. The garage door controller lets you open or close the door from anywhere in your house, operated from the internet and also can be set to a timer for opening/closing at certain specific time of the day.
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Cellulose tableware will be able to end up the everyday argument of cleaning the dishes

 Cellulose table ware by Tomorrow-Machine

“Whose turn is it to do the dishes” is a common household argument that occurs after having a peaceful family dinner. As a solution for this problem Swedish designers have come with a range of Cellulose Tableware with a special kind of coating that requires no cleaning or washing up. The tableware is resistant to dirt and water, however the leftovers can be rinsed away.

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LG’s multi-room wireless audio streamer plays same or individual music in different rooms

LG NP8740 wireless audio streamer

Come CES 2014 and you will see many types of wireless audio streamers for home and office, one amid them will be a multi-room wireless audio streamer from LG. This audio streamer will allow users to listen to music around the house without any network connection. The audio steamer is the Wireless Audio Streamer code named NP8740. The NP8740 will allow users to stream high-quality music throughout the home or office. The fun thing about the wireless audio streamer is that it runs the state-of-the-art mesh network technology, which comprises of dual band support. Read More…

The wooden 3P Clock creates an illusion of a 3 dimensional cube on the wall

3P clock by Leonardo Calcagno

Most people are so much fascinated by wood that they besides adding wooden furniture in their house, also look for wood products to accessorize their homes. Undoubtedly wood is a material that adds class and a special elegant feel to their homes and therefore wood décor is preferred by many. Today we shall be discussing about a wall clock, which entice people not only because it is made of wood but also because it leaves behind the traditional circular variety of wall clocks. Dubbed as the 3P Clock, this wooden clock takes the shape of a cube in a very interesting manner.

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Samsung and LG will unveil their 105-inch curved UHD televisions at CES 2014

105 inch curved UHD TV from samsung

This is the time of the year when we spread our arms to welcome the New Year with new hopes and spirits. Along with that we also expect to see latest cool gadgets at the gala occasion of the International CES (Consumer Electronics Show), which is held at the beginning of every year in Las Vegas, Nevada. LG and Samsung, the two grand names in the electronics industry has announced that both of them will be unveiling their 105-inch curved UHD  (ultra high definition) televisions at CES 2014.

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VERSI Docker/Stand exhibits its industrial essence with functional features

VERSI Docker Stand

Welcome to the machine age – Dale Rorabaugh has struck again, this time with industrial impeccability. A far cry from Napa Valley wines and soft lights, the designer has opted for the VERSI Docker/Stand. The change in design language is quite conspicuous with the contraption’s audacious display of its modern aluminum credentials. However, the true essence of the docker is in line with most of Rorabaugh Designs’ products, where core usability still takes precedence over impressive aesthetics.

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AwoX StriimLight B-10 light bulb doubles as a speaker via Bluetooth


We are all familiar with  furniture designs that perform double duty. Today we shall be discussing about a lighting fixture that doubles as a speaker.  French company Awox has unveiled the StriimLight B-10 light bulb, which boasts a built-in speaker to enable music playback via Bluetooth. You can fix this light bulb in any standard light socket. The electricity powers both, the LED light providing a beautiful ambient light and the integrated speaker.

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Christmas gift ideas: Best accessories for your bathroom


With few days left until Christmas, if you are still wondering about getting a perfect gift for your loved ones, you can find one here. Technology and latest gadgets rule our homes from living room to our bed room. Similarly bathrooms are also getting upgraded with hi-tech gadgets and smart technology. An impressive bathroom is as important in a home as a modern living room. So, here is your chance to upgrade your bathroom and that of your dear ones too. We are presenting you with the best Bathroom accessories that can serve as perfect gifts for Christmas.

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Timbatree is a greener alternate to the traditional Christmas tree

Timbatree wooden Christmas tree

Every year after Christmas, millions of trees are discarded and wasted after the celebration are over. Looking into the situation, former Oxted County School student Joost Taylor came up with an idea and created the eco-friendly Christmas tree. Touted Timbatree, the trees come in different sizes ranging from three feet to six feet. The wood for these creations is sourced from protected redwood forests in Scandinavia. Some fellow Surrey-based carpenters joined Joost on this project and started work on these timber trees from August at the Nutfield workshop in Surrey.

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World’s first flat pack house takes just four hours to erect

QB2-cube-house by Mike Page

Taken IKEA concept to an all new extreme, Dr Mike Page, engineer and lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire has created a flat pack house that take just four hours to build. Reckoned as the first of its kind, the home dubbed QB2 cube house has all the essentials of a normal home including flat pack tables, beds, kitchen cabinets, furniture and bathware. Ready-to-assemble QB2 cube house is three-story property, which measures 3m (10ft) tall and 4m (13ft wide. The scaled down home is good enough to sleep up two people and given its size doesn’t need planning or permission to erect.

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