Five cool pipe décor ideas for your home

We all know the traditional use for piping in the home; you would not have water or gas supply without it. We also know how much of a problem it can be when it goes wrong; just click here to ...
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, Bitdefender Box by Bitdegender

CES 2017: Bitdefender Box takes care of your IoT connected smart home

Threats concerning cybersecurity are advancing quicker, and we are fighting a tough battle to keep up with them. Bitdefender, a cybersecurity solutions provider, unveils at CES 2017 their next-generation Bitdefender Box. An alternative that is capable of taking a toll ...
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Norton Core an high security wi-fi router for connected homes

CES 2017: Norton Core is app-connected Wi-Fi router for connected homes

If you own a smart home that has many IoT devices and appliances, then your fears about home security vulnerabilities are true, as all connected devices are not always designed with security in mind. Also, you may find several reports ...
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Appliances, Featured
SmartyPans exhibits app-connected cooking pans at CES 2017

CES 2017: SmartyPans exhibits app-connected cooking pans

Healthy cooking plays a vital role in lifestyle of people, and there are ones who always feel jittery while making dinner or some other recipe at home. Rahul Baxi, an engineer and Prachi Baxi a nutritionist from San-Francisco-based startup SmartyPans ...
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Accessories, Beverages
CES 2017: Pernod Ricard designs Opn smart cocktail system for homes

CES 2017: Pernod Ricard designs Opn – a smart cocktail system for homes

The famous French company producing distilled beverages ‘Pernod Ricard’ has introduced Opn, a smart cocktail system to experience mixing various types of spirits and drinks at home. It was previously unveiled in 2014 with the name ‘Project Gutenberg’. With the ...
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Tulip lamp by Pierre Cabrera

‘Tulip’ lamps aesthetically offer sensitive and soft diffusion of light

Tulip is a flower that symbolizes sincerity and love, which inspired ‘Pierre Cabrera’ to create ‘Tulip’ lamps. He preferred ‘HI-MACS’ (Natural acrylic stone) as an ideal material for his project. He did so to create a warm and intimate atmosphere ...
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CES 2017: Chargeworx portable battery system for homes

CES 2017: Chargeworx unveils Home range of portable battery systems

All the digital accessories and things you own look worthy till they are seamlessly performing their intended function, but when power is gone or battery is drained, everything feels useless. It could be a TV, fridge, camera, Bluetooth speaker, portable ...
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Accessories, Featured
CES 2017: Panasonic and IBM introduces digital concierge service for hospitality sector

CES 2017: Panasonic introduces IBM Watson-powered digital concierge service for hospitality sector

Consumer electronics company Panasonic has teamed up with IBM for designing a mirror with digital concierge feature to ease travelers and hoteliers. Panasonic’s Digital Concierge is integrated with IBM Watson and cloud services for making a digital mirror that benefits ...
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Dream home, Featured, Outdoor
ces 2017 furrion elysium luxury rv comes with a mini helicopter

CES 2017: Furrion Elysium luxury RV comes with a mini helicopter

Every year mind-blowing products of different categories are showcased at Consumer Electronics Show, but this year Furrion, a global technology company exhibited for the first time at CES, a large luxury home-on-wheels named ‘Elysium’ along with its latest range of ...
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Featured, Interior

CES 2017: Ossia Cota ceiling tiles wirelessly charge your electronics

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Ossia has taken the wraps off its Cota ceiling tiles that can charge your electronic gadgets wirelessly within 30-feet range. Your electronics devices will start charging as soon as you enter a room that’s ...
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