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15 unique beds tailored to suit your individual lifestyle

15 unique beds tailored to suit your individual lifestyle

Since your bedroom is a place where you spend most of your time relaxing or daydreaming, personalizing it with unusual yet comfortable bed will enhance its visual appeal. Regardless of your lifestyle, you need to have a modern and innovative ...
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Apollo 70 Airstream Bar_67

Apollo 70 Airstream Bar calls out loud for a weekend party

How do you enjoy your glass of whisky or beer? At your home with minimum fuzz or in a club enjoying life like it is your last day? Whichever way you do it, but you can’t afford to miss the ...
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Unbelievably Realistic Cakes by BethAnn Goldberg

Former NASA engineer creates unbelievably realistic cakes

We’ve seen many appetizing food art by culinary artists before. But today we’re going to acquaint you with hyper-realistic cake sculptures by BethAnn Goldberg, Stanford alum and former NASA engineer. Goldberg uses her masters in engineering and work experience from ...
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Cyberpunk Coffee Table

DIY: Cyberpunk Coffee table made from old laptop parts

Talk about coffee tables and we have seen plenty of them so far. Some have been designed by professionals while others are works of imagination of DIYers. This one is yet another example of creative furniture design which more than ...
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Pokemon Go-friendly hotels

World’s first Pokemon Go-friendly hotels launched by Mantra Group

Pokemon Go is a game based on augmented reality where players have to walk around in a mixed realistic world with their smartphone’s camera to find the craziest Pokemons. The locations in the game are recognized through smartphone’s GPS . ...
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Dish’s Voice Remote

Dish’s Voice Remote controls set-top box using voice commands

Following Apple TV and Google TV, now Dish also wants you to talk to your television set. Dish’s Voice Remote is now available for $30, and it works only with Hopper 3 DVRs and 4K Joey mini set-top boxes. It ...
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Grand Beedapest Hotel

Grand Beedapest Hotel is one-of-a-kind luxury retreat for bees

You may have enjoyed your stay in a five-star luxury hotel many times. But now London-based food futurologists The Robin Collective wants to offer the same comfort to honey bees. Yes, ‘bees.’ With bee populations dwindling and researchers still working ...
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Nomad Bicycle Camper_1

Pedal-powered mini camper built by an adventure seeker for just $150

Micro-camping is one thing all outdoor adventure seekers want to do. Simply because it is a fun activity which allows you to explore the outskirts of the city. Paul Elkins is one adventure seeker who likes to keeps things low, ...
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Martin Jakobsen’s glowing uranium glassware

Drink in style with this glowing uranium glassware

Martin Jakobsen is a Czech designer offering his extraordinary glassware designs to the world through the brand Jakobsen Design.  His aesthetic design philosophy is mainly influenced by minimalism and habit of finding newest solutions. The glowing uranium-glassware design ‘Gem’ made ...
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Sit on Everything Furniture

Benj&Soto designers turn realistic objects into cushy stools

What if we could sit on our favorite objects like fruits, vegetables, etc., instead of wooden, plastic and cushy seating units? Well, Belgian designers from startup Benj&Soto have listened to your secret wish and created fun furniture collection that allows ...
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