Interview: Sharon Brach co-developer glowing LumiLuxE acrylic glass lounger

LumiLuxe from BeMOSS

When we first stumbled upon the stylish LumiLuxE lounge chair by BeMOSS back in November, we were more than eager to get in touch with the developers of this ingenious chair. We wanted to know how they pulled off something so unique and appealing and whether we could own one, being placed out of Germany. It took us a while to get in touch with Sharon Brach co-developer and co-founder of LumiLuxE and Bemoss respectively. But, once we got the opportunity, we didn’t let go of it and we were quick to put across all our queries to Sharon who has very amicably replied to all our questions. Hit the jump to read everything Sharon had to tell us about the LumiLuxE lounger. Read More…

Self-sustainable Girasole Home rotates towards the sun using an iPad

Girasole Rotating Solar House Canberra

Builder John Andriolo of MAG Constructions, fascinated with the idea of a house that follows the sun, commissioned DNA Architects to build the Girasole house (name derived from two Italian words “girare” meaning “to turn” and “sole” meaning the “sun.”). Located on slightly over 700 square meter area in Crace suburb of Canberra, the Girasole Home is a self-sustainable house that rotates towards the sun consuming energy as little as required by a light bulb. Built onto a steel frame with 28 wheels and a pair of silently rotating motors, the Girasole Home figures where the sun is in the sky and rotates towards it throughout the day. The Girasole house can be rotated fully in less than 10 minutes using an iPad.

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Set your style statement with smartphone-controlled Inotherm front doors

Inotherm front doors


Front doors are the main focal point of any home or building’s exteriors, so why not set an individual accent with Inotherm‘s Front Doors. These doors will make your house a home with some of the highest level of security and insulation combined with individual styling. Designed and built in Slovenia, these high end doors are configured to offer better thermal insulation, sound blocking and protection against intruders than most of the doors currently in market.

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Homemade multi-deck raft with fully-functional sauna on board

Saunalautta homemade raft with functional sauna

Known as a Saunalautta in Finnish (translation: bath raft), this multi-deck raft was built by a group of friends in Joensuu, Finland back in 2012. An extraordinary work of craftsmanship, this not so ordinary raft makes for a perfect ride to spend time on the waters. Interestingly, the raft comes with a fully-functional sauna and multiple hammocks to rest passengers on its various floors.

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Luxury-packed $60M duplex penthouse atop Baccarat Hotel & Residences in NYC

Duplex penthouse on top of Baccarat Hotel & Residences

A two story penthouse on top of the 50-story Baccarat Hotel & Residences in the heart of New York surely offers the best view of the city. Located in Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, the Baccarat Hotel & Residences is one of the most glamorous destinations in the world, and the $60 million duplex penthouse is a feather to its cap. The penthouse overlooking the Central Park and the Empire State Building boasts of a massive living room, five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms and amazingly attractive 14-foot floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Read More…

55-gallon steel drums repurposed into amazing furniture collection

Drum Works steel drum furniture

As more and more people become environmentally conscious, demand for sustainable and recycled furniture is increasing, therefore many established and novice companies alike are creating furniture which clearly depicts green characteristics. Here is a collection of green furniture crafted from recycled 55-gallon steel drums by Drum Works Furniture. Not only does this furniture collection represent your eco-consciousness, but also intensify the appearance of your home with its beautiful aesthetics.

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Tothora Mediterrania wooden wall clock twists to change shape

Mediterrania by tothora

Recently, we came across two different types of wooden wall clocks, the Materia and Bark Clock, both of which are functional pieces of art capable of rendering elegance and sophistication to any wall. Today, we have yet another wooden time piece, dubbed Mediterrania, which is a minimalist form, transforming into an elementary sculpture of time. This amazing wooden wall clock is a perfect addition to your home or office as it makes up for a great artwork to decorate just about any wall.

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CR-1 – World’s first carbon fiber recreational vehicle makes camping luxurious

GCT CR-1 carbon fiber RV

There are RVs and trailers we can afford, and there are ones we cannot. There are RVs that are heavy and monotonous, and there are ones that are lightweight and exciting. Combining the goodness of lightweight and luxury trailers comes the all new CR-1 – world’s first all-carbon fiber recreational vehicle from Global Caravan Technologies. Since, carbon fiber is finding its way into just about everything autos, it was matter of time before someone made a recreational vehicle from carbon fiber to make it ever more robust and lightweight. Read More…

Two-story Drive-in amphibious home by Waterstudio

Drive-in water house by waterstudio

Dutch are gearing up to tackle climate change with water-borne homes. One architect who is rethinking water homes in Netherlands is Koen Olthuis and his Waterstudio team. The Drive-in aka Float-in by Waterstudio is designed for living and working on water. The amazingly artistic amphibious home comprises of two separate houses, which are connected to each other with two platforms. The platform on the lower section of the architecture can be used as a car/boat parking, while the platform on the upper section of the house functions as a large terrace. Read More…

Exotic 9Eleven sofa made from genuine Porsche 911 parts

9Eleven sofa made from genuine Porsche 911 parts-1

Brush  aside your dream of owning a Porsche 911, it’s freakin’ expensive, instead take home the 9Eleven sofa – a two-seater sofa made from genuine Porsche 911 parts by celebrated designers Luc Siodmok and Andre Sapierzynski of Polish design firm Luc & Andre. Part of the Porsche 911-inspired 9Eleven furniture collection unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland, the 9Eleven sofa comes complete with working LED brake lights, and features integrated cushions upholstered in leather, velour and alcantara. Made to order in 100 per cent carbon fiber or aluminum, the 9Eleven sofa is one of its kind fascinating couch for your lounge room. Read More…