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iXoost XiLO Scuderia subwoofer

iXoost XiLO Scuderia subwoofer for music-loving gearheads

Italian company iXoost is well-known for creating stunning industrial-styled speaker systems, which are made from retired exhausts from various Formula 1 cars, Indy cars, and GT race cars. Another addition to its powerful sound systems is the XiLo Scuderia that’s ...
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In-ground Trampoline

In-ground trampoline gives fresh bounce to ordinary recreational activity

We all know how much fun kids have while playing on trampoline. But, Trampolines Down Under – a Utah-based company, has imagined a patented trampoline named TDU 14” VPS trampoline that can be easily installed in the ground. It looks similar to any other trampoline, but ...
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Caddo Humidifier

Caddo humidifier is perfect combination of form and function

It’s spring time, but still you could feel dryness in the air. Turning on air conditioners to lower down rising temperature would only increase more dryness. So, what’s the solution? A humidifier? Yes, you guessed it right, but how about ...
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Smeg's FAB28 Refrigerator

Smeg’s Fab28 refrigerator gets a hip makeover from Dolce & Gabbana

The leading Italian home appliance brand Smeg has once again teamed up with Italian luxury fashion house Dolce & Gabbana. But this time, the duo is together to reimagine Smeg’s single door refrigerator Fab28 into a piece of art, which coalesces quality, ...
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Talika Kitchen Hood by Faber

Talika by Faber: Vertical kitchen hood sucks up fumes, not space

Although every kitchen needs a proper ventilation system, but all cooking spaces are not large enough for a full range hood. Talika by Faber (world’s leading kitchen extractor brand) is a high-tech vertical kitchen hood that’s designed to suck up ...
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Wine Bottle Display Console Table

Wine Bottle Display Console Table shows off your favorite labels

Looking for a piece of furniture that will definitely catch the attention of your guest at your next home party? We recently stumbled across this minimalist Wine Bottle Display Console Table, which is perfect for any wine-enthusiast’s home. If you ...
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Foop Hydroponic System

Foop communicates with indoor vegetables via smartphone

Do you find it difficult to maintain growth of indoor vegetables in hydroponic systems? Japanese company AddTron Technology Inc. has recently invented an amazing IoT (Internet of Things) hydroponics device called Foop that makes your communication with growing vegetables easier ...
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L-shaped Domino fabric sofa with integrated magazine rack

Manufactured by Frigerio Poltrone e Divani, the minimally stylish Domino fabric sofa effortlessly blends into all types of living rooms. It comprises of two chaise lounges that are placed opposite each other, forming L-shaped design. Seats and backrests are upholstered ...
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Switch by Bongio

Turn on Switch by Bongio for refreshing water stream

Don’t be deceived by the looks of the Switch by Bongio. It may appear like a regular table tamp, but it is actually a clever sink mixer for your kitchen. In its artistic deception, the lamp-shaped tap is going to ...
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Curvilux smart nightstand

Curvilux smart nightstand is a speaker, lamp, phone charger, all in one

The internet is gradually spreading its tentacles everywhere. From appliances to furniture, our dependency on smart devices to to achieve daily chores is increasing day by day. Use of smart devices is simplifying the way we live. To revolutionize home furniture, a group of Latin ...
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