Archelis Wearable Chair

Archelis wearable chair offers relaxation of sitting without any seat

Standing desks have become widely popular over the years, as these pieces of furniture help to combat ill-effects of prolonged sitting. But it’s also a fact that one cannot stand comfortably the entire day, you need to take a seat ...
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Appliances, Accessories
5 steps to get your AC ready for the winter

5 steps to get your AC ready for the winter

As the summer season comes to an end, it’s time to winterize your yard. This includes turning off your AC unit and protecting it for the winter. If you’re a new homeowner who has never done this before, don’t fret. ...
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Ancient Party Barn London

London’s 18th century barn revamped into a present-day abode

We’ve various old building structures being converted into modern family homes or workspaces. Well, it’s a great way to make wonderful use of reckless building structures. Today we came across another incredible conversion of London’s 18th century barn. Renovated by ...
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Featured, Beverages
Coffee Cat by Elena Efrenova

Coffee Cats: Coffee flavors highlighting different feline characters

Russian culinary artist Elena Efremova has very creatively used different flavors of coffee as a replacement of colors to re-imagine different moods and characters of cats. According to Efremova, each cat has its own unique character and different flavors of coffee ...
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BB-8 Floor Lamp

Illumination power of BB-8 droid LED lamp shows off your inner geek

ThinkGeek is again back with its Star Wars-inspired electronic gadget with the motive to help you in decorating your home and embrace the inner geek in you. This time the company has created a geeky functional lamp that not only illuminates ...
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R2-A6 Garlic Bacon Dip

This R2-A6 garlic bacon dip will rock your next Star Wars party

Planning a Star Wars-themed party, but not sure what to serve your guests? Don’t worry; today we’re going to share an intergalactic recipe with you to satisfy hunger pangs of your geeky friends. The recipe is the creation of Jenn ...
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Kitchen, Accessories
Spiral collection by Edyta Cieloch

Edyta Cieloch Spiral collection highlights primary form of universe

While working with ceramic for over 10 years, the Polish designer Edyta Cieloch has decided to highlight the primary form of universe in her Spiral Collection of tableware. Fabricated for Cmielow Design Studio, the hand touched spiral collection highlights the contemporary ...
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Ki Design Studio Slide in the Modern Apartment

Ukrainian home replaces traditional staircase with a playful slide

If you’re too lazy to walk down a flight of staircase, then you must have a look at this stunning playground-inspired living room. Designed by Ki Design Studio, this modern home in Kharkiv, Ukraine has elegantly replaced stairway with a ...
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Decagon Link Station

Decagon Link Station collectively supports various tents, canopies and tunnels

Japan-based outdoor company Logos has created an interestingly unique tent that has the capacity to accommodate 16 people inside. The tent entitled as, Decagon Link Station is a modular tent system that supports various tents, canopies and tunnels. Fabricated to ...
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10 geeky furniture pieces for any Star Trek fanatic

10 geeky furniture pieces for any Star Trek fanatic

Adding some creativity and personal style to your home decor is one thing, but taking it to whole new intergalactic level is another. If you’re a Trekkie who’s looking for sci-fi furniture units for your home, then you have surely ...
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