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07BEACH remodeled house includes dog-friendly staircase

Joe Chikamori, principal architect at 07BEACH, has renovated a private house into simple yet comfortable abode that represents affection towards the family and their two adorable pooches. Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the house is remodeled with the motive to create something that not only provides comfort to the owners, but also thinks about their two Vietnamese dogs. The house is bestowed with extra dog-friendly staircase, whose steps are designed to match movement of dogs for ...


Amberlair is world’s first crowdsourced hotel created by you and for you

Mostly we get disappointed while travelling in foreign land with food, location and facilities provided by hotels. It’s true that there are very few hotels and resorts that serve what is mentioned in their sites and we always have many ideas about how a hotel should be and what facilities they must offer to people coming from other countries. What if you get the chance to create a luxury hotel that is completely dependent on your knowledge and is built with the views provided by? To ...

L-Original by Elica

L-Original from Elica features auto-refresh system to remove cooking smell

Europe-based Elica Corporation, world’s leading manufacturer of cooker hoods for household use, now brings L-Original cooker hood. This newly conceived cooker hood is an innovative hood, which is designed to increase performance and set new standards in contemporary kitchens. L-Original is integrated with friction cyclonic technology that provides access to high performance filtration and also clears air more swiftly than any other traditional hood. To provide maximum grease removal, the ...

Firmament by Marion Fraudeau

Firmament is a perfect hideaway for your personal possessions

Firmament is a project conceived by Marion Fraudeau with the intention to create a perfect hideaway for keeping personal possessions out of sight of others. It is a mixture of console and vanity; this piece of art is a passage associated with outdoor reality and internal dreams of every individual. Inspired by the cocoon shape, its design allows you to keep your personal belongings under wrap and vanity to help you easily get last minute touch-ups. The opening and closing system helps to hide ...

Buddy Melvin Treehouse

Buddy Melvin builds luxury backyard treehouse for grown-ups

Willie ‘Buddy’ Melvin (currently working as in-school suspension facilitator at Roseboro Elementary School) always wanted to build a treehouse on his family property outside Roseboro. He has finally completed his dream project, but this treehouse is not designed for kids, in fact it’s for grown-ups to enjoy  free time with friends and family. Melvin took nearly 18 years to complete it and these years he didn’t just built a treehouse, he created a luxurious ...

Walnut Wood Table

This walnut wood table has a top that retracts like convertible roof

Gone are the days when tables were designed according to the requirement. Center tables were designed to solve some purpose without giving much attention to aesthetics. However, with time and lack of available living space, tables are designed to serve multiple purposes with adding maximum aesthetics to interior.This walnut wood table is a good example of desirable design that seamlessly transforms itself to become functional and aesthetically pleasing. With adjustable tabletop and a built-in ...

Beef Noodle Vending Machine

Shanghai will be world’s first city to have Beef Noodles Vending Machine

Yes! You heard it right; Shanghai is all set to welcome the world’s first Beef Noodles Vending Machine, an innovative vending machine, which is designed to pour steaming hot beef noodles with the touch of a button in just two minutes. Four inventors from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan designed the all-new beef noodle vending machine and have already received investment of approximately one million dollars from international sources. The easy to get noodles vending machine works like any other ...

Finalists for sixth JumptheGap International Design Contest

Finalists for sixth JumptheGap International Design Contest

Jumpthegap is an International Design Contest, which is promoted by Roca and BCD Barcelona Design Centre. The aim of the contest is to invite various designers from all around the world to showcase their new, innovative and sustainable design concepts for the bathroom space. This year the 6th Jumpthegap contest began the registration in March and total 112 different countries have participated. Out of all the contestants only 30 preselected projects of architecture students and young ...

Missy Cave

Missy Cave is a funky hideout for your furry friends at home

Sometimes it becomes a hectic task to lookout for fashionable yet comfortable bed for your furry friends at home. A perfect bed for pets is designed to give maximum comfort and also become a perfect piece of furniture in the living area. It might sound strange, but sometimes such situations are even faced by designers too. Leslie Hemming, founder of PUP & KIT a modern pet furniture company, have gone through the same situation. So Hemming wanted to create something practical as well as ...

3D Grass Printer

3D grass printer can produce a small ecosystem out of living grass and soil

3D printing technology is absolutely magical as it can make any dream object live. Now 3D printing has even touched our backyard gardening with the latest PrintGreen 3D printer, which can print soil and living grass to give desired shape to your indoor or outdoor garden. In 2013, a team of students (Maja Petek, Tina Zidanšek, Urška Skaza, Danica Rženičnik and Simon Tržan; along with assistant professor Dušan Zidar) at the University of Maribor in Slovenia has developed this innovative 3D ...

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