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Wooden Floor Lamp

Reclaimed wooden lamp adds rustic touch to your living area

MangoAndMore is a Dutch business selling handcrafted products on Etsy. Founded by Jib Hendricks-Rutnin, the shop sells handcrafted wood items ranging from bowls, vases, and furniture.  The young entrepreneur passionate about art and craft has created a wooden floor lamp made using reclaimed or recycled wood. The 57 cm high and 45 cm in diameter ball-shaped lamp is a sturdy lighting unit that is designed to last. The wooden lamp when powered, it is cleverly reminiscent of a stove with fire ...

Cerevo’s Cloudiss smart alarm system

Cerevo’s Cloudiss smart alarm system prevents oversleeping

Multiple alarms in the smartphone cannot help you get up early in the morning. Why? Well, you obviously have the option to set snooze as many times as your alarm rings. One option could be the annoying face-slapping alarm clock that we recently featured on Homecrux. However if you don’t want to go through the nightmarish awakening, then Cerevo has got another sensible, smart solution for you- the Cloudiss (cloudy scan) alarm device. Instead of a time display, the device specializes only on ...

Bike Storage Furniture by Manuel Rossel

Chol#1 bike storage furniture is must have for small apartments

Chilean designer Manuel Rossel, founder of Chol#1 has given modular home storage furniture a radiant twist. The designer has converted  regular furniture into bike storage furniture that can easily fit  your bicycle. The 2016 catalog featuring bike storage collection is a cleverly designed furniture line that is provided with shelves, sideboards or even couch, but all holding space to showcase your love for cycling. In today’s time, the biggest challenge every bike lover faces is ...


ChefCuisine prepares upscale restaurant food at home

Swiss-based startup Nutresia has created a revolutionary kitchen gadget dubbed ChefCuisine that prepares fancy restaurant dishes at home. With just a touch of button, food lovers can get the chance to enjoy high-end restaurant food at the comfort of their home. The company in collaboration with Michelin-Star French chef Anne-Sophie Pic has created 30 mouthwatering ready to eat dishes. Prepared with precision and dedication, the dishes are not cheap, but still cost less than they would in ...

Fruit Candles by Less Candles

Handcrafted fruit candles bring fruity flavor to your interiors

Lithuania-based Etsy seller Less Candles has given a complete new look to home lighting by handcrafting unique candles inspired by traditional Japanese candles. Asta Simoneliene, the shop owner and candle maker, loves to create candles using food-grade paraffin wax, pure cotton wicks and best quality dues for candles, thus making sure the home environment stays healthy and safe. The environmentally-friendly and safe candles are made using various items like birch barks, acorns, moss, ...

Aluminum Hut Muji Hut

Muji Hut: Prefab miniature houses offer sustainable living

Muji, a Tokyo-based renowned home goods and furniture brand, recently unveiled three newly designed prefabricated homes to help homebuyers experience sustainable living amidst urbanization. Showcased at the Tokyo Design Week 2015, the company has made three houses from three different materials. Lightweight and easy to move houses are designed to help people escape hustle and bustle of the city. Designed by three high-profile designers, i.e., Jasper Morrison, Konstantin Grcic, and Naota ...

Water Bed Boat

Water Bed boat is a nomadic shelter for both land and water

If you want to enjoy living on both land and water, then the portable Water Bed Boat is just perfect hideaway for you. Designed by artist Daniel Durnin, this nomadic shelter is inspired by urban waterways. Based out of London, Durnin has designed this tiny shed after observing various water canals in his city that are underused. So he thought, why not create something that lets the user enjoy camping on water. The best thing about this small shed is that it can be towed by a bicycle to any ...

Biometric Gun Box

Biometric Gun Box ensures intruders can’t access your firearm

Some people need to keep firearms with them for security reasons. But the major argument against owning a handgun is that near ones and even intruders can have an easy access to it if you’re not around. Moreover, you also have to be careful with kids in your house- as they might shoot it unknowing, leading to a serious accident. So what could be the possible way to keep your security at hand, while not getting your loved ones into trouble? Well, the answer to the question comes in a classy ...

OriginalCatpods’ cat scratcher

OriginalCatpods’ cat scratcher doubles as a tiny bed for your kitty

Cat enthusiasts often love to spoil their pets. So why not gift your adorable kitty something special this holiday season? We would recommend you to present this crafty cardboard cat scratcher to your grimalkin on upcoming festivity. Designed by OriginalCatpods, this cat scratcher is handmade using recyclable cardboard that’s assembled together using non-toxic glue. Each cat scratcher is contrived to look-like a big peephole, allowing your kitty to play throughout the day. Moreover, it also ...

Self-watering animal planters

Self-watering animal planters create miniature herb garden on your table

We all know necessity is the mother of  inventions, and this is how kitchen gardening came into existence. If you have space for gardening, then time is a major constraint. So to help you live your dream, someone conceptualized these cute little creatures to bring greenery of garden to your tabletop. These adorable self-watering ceramic animal planters with soil and seed are designed to survive without much care. The animal-shaped planters with straw in their mouths resemble people carrying ...

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