Easy DIY concrete pumpkin for a fun Halloween

DIY concrete pumpkin for a fun Halloween

Dr.Happy Jasta

With loads of pumpkin lights available in the market, these days people need not to worry about carving pumpkins. There are a variety of ways to add spooky holiday décor to your home without real pumpkins. You can use artificial ...
21st Design’s Pumpkin-shaped lamp for Halloween

21st Design’s pumpkin-shaped lamp for Halloween

Dr.Happy Jasta

The practice of carving pumpkins to create scary Jack-o’-lanterns was brought by Irish immigrants to America, and now it has become an important Halloween decoration. Every year in October, we can see carved pumpkins peering out from porches and doorsteps ...
pumpkin crumpet cakes by asda

Asda’s spooky crumpets for upcoming Halloween

Dr.Mehul Thakur

As each day is passing, the festival of dead is coming near, and everyone is so excited about the outfits, the sweets, the parties and of course, the pumkins. Asda, a supermarket store in Britain has also created something new ...