CR-1 – World’s first carbon fiber recreational vehicle makes camping luxurious

GCT CR-1 carbon fiber RV

There are RVs and trailers we can afford, and there are ones we cannot. There are RVs that are heavy and monotonous, and there are ones that are lightweight and exciting. Combining the goodness of lightweight and luxury trailers comes the all new CR-1 – world’s first all-carbon fiber recreational vehicle from Global Caravan Technologies. Since, carbon fiber is finding its way into just about everything autos, it was matter of time before someone made a recreational vehicle from carbon fiber to make it ever more robust and lightweight. Read More…

Two-story Drive-in amphibious home by Waterstudio

Drive-in water house by waterstudio

Dutch are gearing up to tackle climate change with water-borne homes. One architect who is rethinking water homes in Netherlands is Koen Olthuis and his Waterstudio team. The Drive-in aka Float-in by Waterstudio is designed for living and working on water. The amazingly artistic amphibious home comprises of two separate houses, which are connected to each other with two platforms. The platform on the lower section of the architecture can be used as a car/boat parking, while the platform on the upper section of the house functions as a large terrace. Read More…

Exotic 9Eleven sofa made from genuine Porsche 911 parts

9Eleven sofa made from genuine Porsche 911 parts-1

Brush  aside your dream of owning a Porsche 911, it’s freakin’ expensive, instead take home the 9Eleven sofa – a two-seater sofa made from genuine Porsche 911 parts by celebrated designers Luc Siodmok and Andre Sapierzynski of Polish design firm Luc & Andre. Part of the Porsche 911-inspired 9Eleven furniture collection unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland, the 9Eleven sofa comes complete with working LED brake lights, and features integrated cushions upholstered in leather, velour and alcantara. Made to order in 100 per cent carbon fiber or aluminum, the 9Eleven sofa is one of its kind fascinating couch for your lounge room. Read More…

Pyramid Terrarium adds new luxury to indoor gardening

Pyramid Terrarium for indoor garding 11

If you admire plants, but do not own a garden to show your love for them, then terrarium is the perfect thing for you. With a terrarium you can actually flaunt a little indoor garden of your own. In this small enclosed container, you can seed your favorite small plants and watch them grow. A terrarium, not only adds a little green to your living space, but also serves as great indoor oxygen booster. What if, a terrarium also serves as an ornamental piece that enhances the décor of your room? The Pyramid Terrarium does exactly this by offering a little garden under glass and looking splendid because of its awesome wooden construction and unusual shape.

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Students develop tiny, portable 3D printed house you can actually live in

3D printed house by UCLA and HUD

If Balluga Smart Interactive Bed is the future of sleep, portable 3D printed house is definitely the future of homes. A team of students from University of California (UCLA) and the University of Huddersfield (HUD) led by professor and architect Peter Ebner has created an experimental micro-apartment – a 3D printed house that guarantees comfortable and mobile accommodation. Comprising of two shell halves, the 2.2×2.2 meter accommodation is printed with sand-based plastic and special glue in collaboration with 3M FutureLAB and Voxeljet in Bavaria, Germany. Read More…

Graceful wooden Ora Table with illuminated surface from Moree

Glowing center table

We like our center tables to be glowing in ecstasy, taking the notion literally, German furniture brand Moree has designed an illuminated Ora Table that glows to welcome your guests. Designed in a sophisticated blend of contemporary materials with bright LEDs, the Ora Table is surely one of its kind. Measuring 60x60x45 cm, the stunning yet functional Ora Table is robust and seems to float in mid-air thanks to its small crystal legs.   Read More…

Display iPhone and make it sound better with elegant glass amplifier

My Phone Amp by  Aric Snee

If you own an iPhone 4 or upwards, then My Phone Amp offers a way to display it.  Not only does this fabulous iPhone sound amplifier showcase your smartphone in an astounding way, but also amplifies the sound from your iPhone’s built in speaker. This amplifier is completely designed in glass and it makes use of no wires or volume button to enhance the sound.

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Balluga Smart Interactive Bed comforts you in preferred firmness, temperature and multimedia

Smart bed

If you can predict future of sleep, you don’t need the Balluga Smart Interactive Bed, otherwise you’ll definitely want it, because with the Balluga bed, future is now. The bed designed by product innovator, Joe Katan for Balluga will be unveiled at the Gadget Show Live, trade show in Birmingham beginning April 8. Balluga smart interactive bed is one of its kind featuring mattress which itself is an air bed comprising of multiple cells made from 2mm thick inflatable elastic membrane. These air-filled cells allow the bed to mold perfectly to fit and support your body. The bed features Wi-Fi hotspot and can be controlled wirelessly using a smartphone app.

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Pamper your pet with world’s only carbon fiber pet house

Carbon fiber pet house

After playing around with carbon fiber to tune cars, Hong Kong-based tuner Revozport has introduced world’s first carbon fiber pet house to satiate your frenzy for carbon composite items. The pet house is called the La Maison Noire (translated: the black house) and can house both your dog and feline fiends. Read More…

Enjoy wonderful outdoors by swaying on the Transamac bed

Transamac bed for outdoors by Belanka

If you are looking for exclusive outdoor furniture to relax and enjoy the springtime to the fullest, then you must take a look at this cool Transamac collection of suspended beds from the French design studio BELANKA. As spring is that time of the year when we  love to breathe in the fragrance of fresh flowers and soak up a little sunshine, these steel garden beds, designed especially for the outdoors, will make your experience even more awesome.

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