Soak Outdoor Wood Fired Hot Tub

Soak wood-fired hot tub offers an old-style soaking experience

British Columbia-based creative design house Ox+Monkey has created an outdoor wood-fired hot tub that recharges you while you reconnect with nature and family. Taking inspiration from Japanese Ofuro, a steep-sided wooden bathtub known for having healing properties, Soak is an ...
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Marble mirror cake by Olga Noskovaa

Aesthetically pleasing marble mirror cakes are too good to eat

These glossy marble mirror cakes by Russian baker and confectioner Olga Noskova has taken photo-sharing online community Instagram by storm. The aesthetically pleasing cakes that are entirely different from what we have seen so far come with a mirror-like glaze. Fashioned in ...
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Dream home
Eco-Smart Home

HK design studio turns this 400-sq.-ft. space into a luxury smart home

People are embracing the idea of downsizing their living style to encourage simpler lifestyle and diminish ecological impact thanks to tiny house movement. Whether you are living in compact urban space or planning to downsize your living style, one of the biggest ...
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Burger King Spa

Burger King Spa lets you enjoy Whoppers while sweating out in sauna

The renowned fast food brand Burger King is bringing a unique concept to attract more clients, where customers can eat and sweat at the same time. It is not a prank pulled by Burger King but a reality. Burger King Spa is the ...
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Featured, Kitchen
Aria kitchen

Snaidero’s Aria Kitchen by Pininfarina blends technology and design

Collaboration between Snaidero and Pininfarina has always proved beneficial for people who love to decorate their homes with innovative and functional designs. This time again, will and determination of the Italian design house to create new and innovative designs has resulted into origin of an object ...
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Ikea VIKTIGT Collection

Ikea’s Viktigt collection is an expression of simplicity and functionality

For the first time in the history of Ikea, the Scandinavian company known for designing and selling flat-pack furniture in mass-production, has created a limited edition handmade home accessories. Dubbed as Viktigt Collection, the new range is result of collaborated ...
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Morgan Sofa Bed by Milano Bedding

These sofa beds by Milano Bedding are perfect for small apartments

Previously we introduced you to Lampo Motion from Milano Bedding. Now, the Italian furniture brand has come up with a new line of multifunctional furniture that gives new meaning to transforming furniture. Exhibited at the iSaloni 2016 in Milan, the new ...
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Furniture, Outdoor
Riga brazier barbecue table

Riga brazier barbecue table for social outdoor dining experience

Another May weekend is nearly here, which means you must be planning for backyard barbecue parties. For those in need of new barbecue grill setup, Riga ceramic brazier BBQ table by French brand Cesarré is the ultimate outdoor furniture piece. ...
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A Live-In Tale by Egue y Seta

Light-filled home with a reading hammock, idyllic for bookworms

Although we can read everything on our computer or smartphone screens nowadays, but only book lovers know how soothing is the smell of books. Another thing that’s required for an amazing reading experience is light-filled soothing atmosphere, which is rarely ...
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DIY Cat Treehouse

This DIY pet treehouse keeps your cat’s jungle instincts in mind

Does your cat loves treehouses as much as you do? What would you do to make your kitten’s dream come true? Spend dollars unnecessarily to purchase an expensive pet treehouse or build something creative like Imgur user [Zacharydavidr]? Before beginning ...
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