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Steampunk-inspired chess with bullet shell pieces

Steampunk-inspired chess with bullet shell pieces

Gone are the days when only wooden pieces dominated your chess board. Now designers are crafting them into unique shapes whilst adding whimsical touch to the age-old game. Likewise, Olde World Custom Creations has tried to give steampunk-styled makeover to a complete chess set. Although bullets and chess are not related in any possible way, but the designer has brilliantly combined the two separate things together like icing on the cake. It is a handmade set made out of modern wooden board ...

Optimus Prime birthday cake

Truck-shaped cake morphs into Optimus Prime robot

Transformers fanatics may have seen, as well as crafted all different types of related objects over the years. But none of them would have ever thought of a transforming Optimus Prime birthday cake. Yes, you read that right! YouTuber Russell Munro with his wife has created this unusual transforming treat for their son, who wanted a Transformers-themed cake for his sixth birthday. At first glance it appears like a normal truck-shaped cake, but the fun begins when it actually transforms itself ...

Barnacles-inspired sideboard by Stuart Haygarth

Barnacles-inspired sideboard by Stuart Haygarth

This unusual piece of upcylced furniture represents a fascinating interplay of art, sustainable material and spectacular form. Created by London-based designer Stuart Haygarth, the Barnacle sideboard boasts an eye-catching layout that is made out of recycled materials collected from a beach. While viewing a photo book that featured deep sea ship wrecks, Haygarth got inspired to create something depicting the same, and it resulted in shape of a remarkable piece of furniture. To be precise, he ...

Orison Energy's New Home Batteries

Orison Energy’s new home batteries could upstage Tesla Powerwell

Storing backup energy for your home has become broadly accessible all thanks to Tesla Powerwell, which is an amazing device that harvests energy from renewable sources like solar panels to power various electronics in your house. But San Diego–based technology company Orison Energy has come up with a whole new concept to cut down your utility bills. The firm has created its new plug-and-play home batteries i.e. Orison Tower and Orison Panel for providing energy to most of your appliances ...

Samsung Wireless Audio 360 Speaker

Samsung to unveil its new Wireless Audio 360 Speakers at IFA 2015

To dominate the home audio market, Samsung Electronics is back with its all-new Wireless Audio 360 speakers range i.e. R5, R3 and R1 models. The omni-directional speakers will be introduced to the masses in IFA 2015.  The new range does not support egg-shape of its forerunner, but is definitely fitted with the ‘ring-radiator technology,’ that helps deliver sound in 360-degree radius. Due to this technology, speakers can easily fill the room with sound. The R5, R3 and R1 ...

iMove by Kessebohmer

iMove by Kessebohmer is a pull-down system for wall cabinets

Kessebohmer is all set to bring new standards in wall cabinets with its shelf lifter iMove – an innovative pull-down system designed especially for wall cabinets. As the name suggests, the shelf lifter is designed to provide better accessibility of material stored on the top of the shelf. The innovative lifter transforms the classic wall cabinet into an ergonomic storage system giving maximum comfort to the user. iMove is a user-friendly lifter that is assembled to provide ...

Nightlights by The Land of Nod

Pop Icon Nightlight lamp provides just the right amount of light

The Land of Nod has designed a perfect night lamp for kids room that can actually sit on bedside table or hang on the wall. The Pop Icon Nightlight is a lamp designed to provide right amount of light inside the room that’s as much of a bedtime necessity for your kids, as their blanket and toys. The charming metal lampshade is available in number of shapes including hearts, clouds and stars. The metal lamps comes with perforated metal front that allows the right amount of light to ...

OS & OOS’ Arc Furniture made out of HI-MACS

OS & OOS’ Arc Furniture made out of HI-MACS

Looking for furniture that adds classic style and sophistication into any living space? Then, have a look at the gorgeous Arc Furniture collection by Dutch studio OS & OOS in collaboration with LG Hi-Macs. The furniture collection is aptly named, as all three furniture units boast an elegant arc-shaped design. According to the designers, The use of Hi-Macs material allows for the same properties of stone because it is just that, but then ground with a binding medium that makes it possible ...

LG OLED TV for IFA 2015

LG’s flat 4K OLED TVs to display at IFA 2015

Last year at IFA 2014, Panasonic and LG had revealed their unique 4K OLED TV screens that were appreciated by many visitors. We’ve been hearing about LG’s curved 4K televisions for so long and want the company to come up with something new. However the Korean Company still decided to release its four brand new 4K OLED TVs at IFA 2015, but what’s new is that the company is about to launch its first ever flatscreen TVs by the end of August. Fair enough, as it’s the time for the ...

Sony SRS-LSR100

Sony SRS-LSR100 is a unique speaker-remote combo

Sony masters the art of combining two unrelated products into one. The Japanese tech giant has once again proved it by launching the latest SRS-LSR100, a wireless speaker that features a TV remote on top. This unique gizmo is designed to bring your TV audio closer to you, even if you’re sitting at corner of your living room. Meanwhile, the TV remote control designed atop allows the user to change any channel without searching for actual TV remote. It boasts a standard set of buttons for ...

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