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Omnioutil Bucket

Hachiman’s colorful Omnioutil buckets double up as a stool

Designed by Japanese brand Hachiman, the Omnioutil buckets were created nearly 20 years ago and truly stand the test of time, as they are still the best to suit modern-day standards. At first glance, these colorful buckets look good enough for everyday use, but they offer endless possibilities. You won’t believe how strong it is. All thanks to their lids, these buckets can double up as a stool that can hold up to 330 pounds. The buckets are made out of polypropylene and resemble corrugated ...

Explosion Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz

Add some spunk to your interior with Explosion Cabinet

Yesterday, we featured Sebastian Errazuriz’s interactive Wave Cabinet, which opens up like a paper fan. Errazuriz is New York-based renowned artist and designer who always come up with some eye-catching cabinet designs. Here’s another originative piece of furniture called Explosion Cabinet, which abstractly opens up to form eruptive decor object. This cabinet is divided by central seam and consists of few wooden slats supported by glass ends and stainless steel base. Using complex ...

Stokke Home Collection

Stokke baby furniture grows with your child, from baby to tween years

As a result of limited space in your house, are you looking for transformable nursery furniture that lasts far beyond baby years? If yes, then Stokke’s latest Home furniture collection is the perfect fit. This is because it is the line of transforming furniture that includes four major units such as cradle, changer, dresser and crib in shape of a house. All these furniture pieces are designed to be transformed to suit changing needs, as your baby grows. The cradle can be used as simple ...

DIY 3D printed mini USB vacuum cleaner

DIY 3D printed mini USB vacuum cleaner to make your workspace dust-free

We’ve already seen world’s first 3D printed vacuum cleaner in shape of a vase for proper cleaning of your house. But what about cleanliness of your working desk? Instead of purchasing expensive vacuum cleaner for workspace, Loann Boudin, a French student and Instructables user, has created a 3D printed mini USB vacuum cleaner using few recycled materials. To begin with, Boudin gathered certain objects such as RE-140 DC motor (commonly found in toys), old USB Apple cable from iPhone 5, 6 x ...

Bionic Sideboard by Piurra Design

Interactive Bionic Sideboard features twirling hexagonal facets

Artistic furniture pieces are not only functional, but also add decorative charm to any interior. The interactive Bionic Sideboard by Rui Viana, Portugal-based designer from Piurra, is one such aesthetical as well as practical furniture design. Viana teamed up with Luis Filipe Fernandes to create this elegant wooden furniture for Art On Chairs 2014-15. This eccentric cabinet sideboard features pixilated front with rotating hexagonal facets strung on rods. These twirling hexagons looks somewhat ...

Freescale's Radio Frequency Oven

Freescale’s Radio Frequency Oven is revolutionary take on microwave cooking

In the digital era, technology is evolving rapidly to make our lives smarter and more convenient. But, microwaves have not seen any riotous innovation since ages, until now. Freescale Semiconductor has come up with a revolutionary concept to upgrade microwave cooking with latest solid-state radio frequency (RF) technology. Freescale’s Radio Frequency Oven uses radio frequency (RF) emitters, which are derived from similar technology that’s used for powering cellphone towers. Conventional ...

Colorful Wood Burner Stoves by Creation Fabrication

Colorful wood burner stoves take shape of classic Volkswagen rides

Looking for attractive yet functional wood burner to enjoy a nice campfire at night? You’ll surely love the fancy wood burner stoves by Creation Fabrication, Cheshire-based steel fabricators. On looking at these colorful wood burners featuring VW logos, one can assume that they are inspired from classic Volkswagen rides. These vibrant log burning stoves come in shape of tiny VW campervans, adding unique touch to backyard campfires. The VW wood burner stoves are handmade using stainless ...

Yecup Smart Travel Mug

Yecup not only keeps your drink warm, but takes perfect selfies too

You may have already seen smart mugs and plates that keep check on calories you consume per day. Nevertheless, how about a smart travel mug that not only controls temperature of your drink, but helps you to take perfect selfies as well? The world’s first connected smart mug called Yecup lets you do both these tasks without any hassle. The smart mug is made from double-layer stainless steel to maintain temperature of your hot beverages. It comes with a mobile app that supports both iOS and ...

Wave Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz

Wave Cabinet with undulating slats form interactive piece of art

Devised by New York-based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz, the unconventional Wave Cabinet is a new take of rigid furniture-making. This is because the cabinet replaces old door and drawer design of a cabinet with sleek undulating slats that can be pulled gently to morph into various shapes, forming interactive piece of art. The waveform-like slats are made out of 100 strips of lacquered or unlacquered birch wood, resting on four stainless steel legs. Each strip is carefully secured at ...

Framework House

Framework House will endow low-income Cambodians an affordable living

Framework House is a creative housing project undertaken by Atelier COLE and Building Trust International in alliance with Habitat for Humanity Cambodia. This housing project is located on the outskirts of Phnom Penh in Cambodia, allowing NGOs and government programs to help provide housing and permanent shelters to destitute families in Cambodia. The durable and sturdy house is built from wood, bamboo and other recycled materials, and costs only $2,500 per unit. The Framework House project ...

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