Terrace Garden China Map

Vetran builds scale map of China in his terrace garden

Usually people after retirement want to live a life of leisure, but a thoughtful retired teacher Cai Mingxing from Guangdong coastal province of China thought of utilizing his free time, gardening his backyard uniquely. So he worked continuously for one ...
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Cozy And Dozy Cat Shelf Chill_2

Cozy cat shelf chill adds to your home décor

  Having a feline brings you daily dose of cute, funny, warm and cherished moments because the whole idea about having a pet is big time fun and companionship. As cats are known to be tree climbing mammals they love ...
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modern floating vanity

Reasons to choose a floating vanity for your bathroom

The use of floating vanity for the bathroom is increasing hugely. Many people across the world prefer this for various advantages they offer. Although there are varieties of floating vanities available, selecting the right one is important. This is especially ...
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Kello smart alarm clock with intuitive sleep programs_12

Kello smart alarm clock with intuitive sleep programs

Modern lifestyle has made mankind busy, and resulted in sleep deprivation which leads to chronic health problems such as heart diseases, stroke and blood pressure. People use different gadgets to improve their sleep patterns to attain a healthy lifestyle. With ...
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Inspired from red towers of Golden Gate Bridge and radial cables of Rio Antario Bridge

Light Bridge bookshelf is a functional artwork by Roumelight

When you are trying to organize your books at home, bookshelves play a big role. There are modular bookshelves like Sticotti bookshelf and minimalist design like Invisible Bookshelf. Roumelight, a Greece-based architect re-imagined the traditional design and integrated lighting in a ...
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Enzoo by Enko Creatio

Enzoo: Insectile rocking animal explores toy’s typical iconography

‘Rocking horse’ with an oscillating seat is probably one of the most recognizable toys for children. But for ages, its equine form had not met with creativity until now. Enko Creatio has beautifully explored with the typical layout of the ...
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BnA Hotel in Tokyo

BnA Hotel in Tokyo lets you sleep on your creative side

The Bed & Art Project (BnA) is Japanese outlet for young local artists to showcase their creative work to travelers, who are interested to know about the local contemporary culture. Taking the project to next level, the artistic team behind ...
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Best tiny homes

15 tiny homes that promote minimalist living

Tiny homes have given a whole new meaning to outdoor living, letting you soak in nature and the wilderness around like never before. Modern tiny homes come in all shapes and sizes, thereby giving you enough ideas to make one ...
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Conceptual Furniture by Marc Englander fuses art with architecture

Who says furniture has to be all about function? Sometimes it’s nice to let it loose and play around with creativity. The same can be seen clearly in the Conceptual Furniture designs by New York City-based furniture designer Marc Englander. ...
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42tea Connected Cube

42tea connected cube helps you master the perfect tea brewing

Tea is one of the favorite beverages of most people throughout the world, but still, it’s difficult to brew a perfect cup of tea at home. This is because one cannot analyze what’s the right dosage of loose leaves and ...
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