ZIG flexible furniture components allow you to design your own collection


If you want to redecorate your home by adding contemporary furniture pieces designed according to your wishes, then the new modular furniture concept dubbed as ZIG is something you must try. The New York based design association Cezign, which represents the work of designers and image creators from around the world  who work on modern, contemporary interiors and exteriors launched ZIG at the 2013 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) held in New York City. Each component of this furniture collection is flexible and therefore encourages the owner to design and create a functional furniture unit of his choice, in his own way

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Designer contrives an LED chandelier inside a bulb outline

LED chandelier by Kulyev

We have harped about how contemporary lighting mechanisms have evolved in their designs to emerge as functional as well as aesthetic decor items. The bulb shaped chandelier by Russian designer Kulyev is an apt example of such innovative visuals fused with usability. As can be seen from the above image, the recess of the LED chandelier ingeniously mimics the outline of a conventional incandescent light bulb. This outline is indented along the ceiling surface, thus accentuating upon the unique decor credentials of the room.

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Maciek Janicki’s Paper Metropolis captured in animation

Maciek Janicki's Paper Metropolis

The whimsical scope of paper-art have always enticed us with its own degree of novelty and painstaking devotion (required on part of the designer). And, as a testament to this meticulous nature of devotion, we have come across London-based designer/art director Maciek Janicki’s ‘Paper Metropolis’. Encompassing an ambit of a thriving paper-built city with skyscrapers, apartments, chapels, landmarks, trees and even moving cars; the entire composition is captured in an animation mode, where the innumerable features ‘fold up’ from the ground.

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P.A.T.H pre-fab houses are highly customizable

P.A.T.H pre-fab houses

French designer Philippe Starck does have a penchant for combining practical utility with simple aesthetics. We have seen this trademark essence in his minimalist furniture collection and USB connected sofas. And, now we have come across his P.A.T.H or Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes, which is a collaborative effort with Riko. Comprising of a line of industrially manufactured houses, the P.A.T.H entails 34 different house models to cater to different tastes of people around the globe. These variant types of models allow the user to choose from a slew of interior spaces, finishes and fixtures, thus resulting in the ultimate customized home.

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Former footballer rents out his fairy tale flat for £15,000 a month

fairytale flat

Have you ever dreamt of living in a fairy tale castle? Well, nowadays you’ll hardly find a place to build a grand castle for yourself, but you can obviously afford a place to build a fairy tale themed apartment for yourself. Former footballer Phil Neville has done exactly the same and built a gorgeous fairy-tale flat, which he has now offered to rent out at £15,000 a month. This high rent price makes this luxurious property as one of the most expensive apartments in Manchester. The ace footballer lived in the luxurious apartment with his wife Julie and children Harvey and Isabella. The property is spread over three levels from the 44th to the 46th floor of Manchester’s Beetham tower.

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An eco-housing project in the wondrous Praia do Forte, Brazil

Tivoli Ecoresidences Praia do Forte

The coastal village of Praia do Forte is known to be one of those paradisiacal settings in Brazil that is relatively untouched by the rigors of modern day commercial intrusions. And, this is the location of the Tivoli Ecoresidences Praia do Forte, an eco-housing project conceived by two of Brazil’s famous architects, Thiago Bernardes (founder of Bernardes Arquitetura) and Paulo Jacobsen (founder of Jacobsen Arquitetura). The project comprising of 42 houses, follows the vernacular overtones of the area; and, as such we see architectural elements like thatched roofs and wooden facades. These features are aptly complemented by user-oriented attributes like spacious circulation areas along with innovative landscaping by the beach.

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Egg Minder finds out the oldest egg via smartphone app

Egg Minder from Quirky

Technology does come in handy for a few of our domestic chores; avoiding the bad egg being one of them. We are of course talking about the Egg Minder, a smart product from Quirky and GE. Comprising of a plastic egg tray with LED lights accompanying each slot, this specialized device has the remarkable ability to find out the oldest egg in your stock with the help of a smartphone app Wink. The Egg Minder can also count the number of eggs left in your tray, so that you are forewarned on when to replenish your stock.

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Winkel w127 – A table lamp made from ‘biological’ plastic

Winkel w127 table lamp

When it comes to lamp designs, we as users are witness to the overall result of the conception, like its aesthetic and practical credentials. However, some designs are also unique by virtue of the innovative materials used for their construction. The Winkel w127 table lamp belongs to this special category. The three-year old collaborative effort of Swedish lighting company Wästberg, Berlin-based designer Dirk Winkel and German chemical company BASF, a major portion of the lamp has been crafted from castor oil sourced ‘biological’ plastic. This organic-synthetic material is injection molded into large cross-sectional components to endow a certain degree of solidity (with finishing) to the mechanism. The futuristic scope of the Winkel w127 is further complemented by usage of energy efficient multi-chip LEDs and micro gas springs.

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1920′s light bulb testing machine transformed into a bar cart

Bar cart by Restoration Hardware

Our previous tryst with Restoration Hardware was when we covered the ‘glamorous’ 1940´s Hollywood Studio Floor Lamp. And now, we have come across another antediluvian contraption that has been ingeniously transformed by the same guys into a gorgeously unique bar cart. The hemispherical machine in question was actually a light bulb testing machine from the 1920′s found abandoned in a German factory. The designers salvaged this nigh antique piece of machinery and re-purposed it into a retro shelving system for storing wine bottles, other spirits and glassware.

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Sit and enjoy the spinning and rocking motion of Roulette chair

 Roulette chair

Spain based outdoor furniture company Vondom brings to you its new collection of chairs that rocks in every direction and also spin around because of its contact with the ground at a single point. Dubbed as Roulette chair, this one of kind outdoor furniture piece is designed by Finnish designer Eero Aarnio. The designer has left behind the usual concept of creating a chair with four legs. He designed the Roulette chair as an outdoor seating object keeping in mind the notion of rocking chairs. With this design you can add a more relaxing as well as a playful character to your garden or backyard.

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