McDonald’s Ski-thru Restaurant

McDonald’s Ski-thru Restaurant nestles within a snowy mountain

If you simply love fast food, then McDonald’s must be one of your favorite restaurants. Why not? The fast food chain offers various mouth-watering meals and also highway drive-through option to provide best possible services to consumers. Not only that, ...
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Afresheet: World’s first top fitted sheet with seven disposable layers

New York-based startup AfreSHeet has created the world’s first top fitted sheet that comes with seven disposable peel away layers. This highly innovative bed sheet is a blessings for those who detest the idea of changing and cleaning bed sheets frequently. Disposable and ...
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Mull by Carter Zufelt

Mull designer objects are made from recycled plastic trash

Utah-based Carter Zufelt has created a series of sustainable items that aim at reducing plastic waste. Using plastic bags, the creative and environmentally responsive product designer has created a new way to recycle plastic trash into thoughtfully designed objects. Entitled Mull, which means trash in ...
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10 rejuvenating gift ideas for coffee lovers under $50

10 rejuvenating gift ideas under $50 for coffee lovers

For caffeine addicts, coffee is the most important thing in the morning to give refreshing start to their day. So this holiday season, make coffee lovers feel more special by presenting them interesting gifts that are likely to enhance their ...
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Battigia by Michel Boucqullion

Battigia sink by Michel Boucquillon retracts into wall when not in use

Brussels-based Michel Boucquillon recently unveiled its latest creation – a minimally designed washbasin entitled Battigia. Created for Italian design house Antonio Lupi, the basin is a Corian sink that retracts into the wall to stay completely out of sight when not in ...
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DIY High-end Gaming Table

DIY gaming table conceals 40-inch HDTV to display Roll20 sessions

Nowadays people are building their own furnishings that double as gaming systems. This provides them a convenient solution to convert a limited space into playful rec-room anytime they desire. Similarly, BoardGameGeek forum member Bum Kim has recently created one high-end ...
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OLi Bluetooth speaker

OLi Bluetooh speaker fits seamlessly with any chic home decor

Standing tall and exalted, the OLi Bluetooth speaker by Bangkok-based design studio Think Appart is designed to blend flawlessly into any stylish home decor. At first glance, it appears like an air purifier but it actually lets you enjoy your ...
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Jibo: World’s first family robot looks after you and your family

Jibo Inc., the company behind Jibo has got many reason to be happy and proud about their latest groundbreaking invention. After successfully raising $3,711,958 from crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, the company has also bagged another funding of $16 million from ...
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Escape Traveler is portable large family abode

260-square-feet Escape Traveler is portable large family abode

If you want to travel but without leaving comfort of your home, then you’d surely love the 260-square-feet cedar cottage on wheels. Made in America, the mobile home modeled after award-winning, prairie-styled Canoe Bay Resort cottages in Northern Wiscons, except ...
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Christmas-Themed burgers

Christmas-themed burgers serve international flavors with a twist

Berlin-based YouTube channel Food, Places, People is a renowned for their culinary documentaries that feature different food cultures from all around the world. With the aim to welcome the festivity with delicious treats, the channel has created mouthwatering Christmas-themed burgers. ...
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