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Hobbit-themed Edible Gingerbread Smaug Cake

Hobbit-themed edible gingerbread ‘Smaug’ puts other cakes to shame

If you thought gingerbread house is the most challenging cake to prepare, think again. As, this scary dragon-shaped dessert will definitely put every other cake to shame. It is created by Oslo-based Swedish 3D artist Caroline Eriksson, who wanted to make something special this holiday season for avid fans of The Hobbit– movie based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s fictional novel. Therefore, she decided to bake massive gingerbread sculpture of legendary dragon Smaug, which looks identical to the one ...

Death Star Fire Pit by 84-Year-Old Grandfather for Granddaughter

84-year-old grandpa welds Death Star fire pit for granddaughter

We’ve seen various Star Wars-themed designs from furniture, lamps, etc. to amazing architecture. Likewise, an 84-year-old metalworker Kenneth Triplett has also created the striking Death Star fire pit, inspired by the sci-fi movie Star Wars. The fire pit seems like half-finished Death Star II battlestation, which Triplett designed for his granddaughter (Jennifer Allison) as a gift on Christmas 2014. According to Jennifer Allison, Reddit user [Bandia5309], her grandfather has created the fire ...


DIY TARDIS Murphy bed foldaway to increase space in a living room

Looking for space saving furniture to increase area of your small apartment? Well, Murphy bed seems a better option as it hideout when you’ve some extra visitor in your home. But you need to shell out hefty amount of money to buy this reliable furniture for your tiny abode. Struggling with the same problem, blogger Stubbs of The Stubby Thumb decided to create the identical DIY piece of furniture, giving it Doctor Who style makeover. Doctor who is a British television program including ...

Cluster Bomb Drinks Cabinet

Vintage practice cluster bomb revamps into glistening drinks cabinet

Are you crazy about aviation related furniture and gadgets? If yes, then you’ll certainly love the mirror-polished drinks cabinet that is contrived from 1970s practice cluster bomb. The one-of-a-kind furniture piece is crafted by Fallen Furniture– British startup that reclaims aircraft parts into beautiful furniture. This time the firm has brilliantly blended industrial heritage and high-end craftsmanship of old fuselage into the stylish cabinet, which is likely to enhance interior of ...

Chaise Renversée by Pierre-Louis Gerlier

Chaise Renversée workstation becomes a lounger on overturning

It’s quite difficult to maintain home office, as it requires various furniture like desk for working and probably a lounger for relaxing when you want to rest after work. However, French designer and architect Pierre-Louis Gerlier has combined both furniture pieces in one unit dubbed Chaise Renversée (meaning ‘reverse chair’). It is basically a unique workstation that becomes lounger/chair or simply a coffee table on reversing its sides. The furniture piece is made entirely of wood along ...

Two local men revamp fallen wood limbs into remarkable furniture

Two local men revamp fallen wood limbs into remarkable furniture

Matt Stuller and Shawn Landis, Pataskala-based friends and business partners of firm Redneck by Design, have indulged in a unique trade of making unusually shaped furniture. The intriguing fact about their one-of-a-kind furniture is that it’s made out of fallen wood limbs or any other dead tree parts, found in forest. Both the designers spend most of their time hunting and fishing in woods. So, it is quite obvious for them to come across fallen wood pieces. Moreover, both have a common ...

Cluster Wine Cellar by Maxime Paulet

Cluster wine cellar is modular vault made from colorful PVC pipes

For all wine lovers without any appropriate wine depository, the French designer Maxime Paulet of design studio Ouch has created a modular wine cellar to store their wine bottles in style. It is a modular as well as aesthetic solution for storage if you do not have a basement to flaunt your wine collection. All thanks to the Cluster wine cellar, now you can present expensive liquor bottles in a beautiful way within your living room, home bar, or kitchen. It is made from colorful PVC pipes that ...

See-through Toaster

See-through Toaster serves perfectly crisp toasts, without burning

Has your toaster started burning toasts instead of serving crispy ones? Well, this problem is with every other toaster available in the market; they function perfectly fine in beginning but after few months begin popping burnt toasts. Not anymore, as Thai designer Chaya Harntaweewongsa of PLERN Studio has come up with a transparent solution to solve all toast making woes. The designer has created the See-through Toaster with side glass panels made of glass, allowing you to monitor each bread ...

ZEB Pilot House

Slanting ZEB Pilot House generates triple energy than it utilizes

Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta in collaboration with The Research Centre on Zero Emission Buildings (ZEB) has built a single family eco-friendly home- ZEB Pilot House located in Ringdalskogen, Norway. Its slanting architecture is designed purposely with zero-emission materials so that it can easily produce energy on its own, without depending on external resources. In fact, the house is capable of producing triple energy than it requires itself. The 200-square-meter home features a ...

Gluttony Apple-Shaped Modular Bookcase by Mario Di Gesaro

Gluttony: Apple-shaped modular bookcase column by Mario Di Gesaro

Looking for apple-shaped bookshelf for your home or office? If yes, then make way for the apple-shaped bookcase dubbed Gluttony to upgrade interior of any living space. It is a simple, modular bookcase column designed in apple form; crafted by Italian product designer Mario Di Gesaro. The shape of this unique bookcase has already become an icon in the world of work, therefore its shelves are contrived for practical use to store your books or décor objects in style. Gluttony is beautifully ...

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