Appliances, Kitchen
Smeg’s SmartSense induction cooktops

Smeg’s SmartSense induction cooktops are fastest and most energy-efficient so far

Although induction cooktops are designed to provide quick and energy-efficient cooking experience, but due to their rounded edges certain dead areas are present on these appliances, which lead to improper cooking. To combat the problem, Italian manufacturer of domestic appliances ...
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Simpsons Kitchen

A couple converted their scullery into Marge’s Kitchen, inspired by The Simpsons

It will be hard to find families, who have not seen the famous American animated sitcom The Simpsons, a satirical series depicting the middle class American lifestyle. The critically acclaimed series is liked by many, but does anyone ever thought ...
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D&C House by Julia Kononenko

D&C House: Contemporary canine home doubles as bedside table

For those who love providing utmost comfort to their pooches, contemporary dog houses are the best solution. But if your puppy is too small to spend all the time outdoors, then show some extra affection by considering an indoor abode for ...
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The Hut

The Hut is inspired by room-in-room concept to improve work environment

Sweden-based renowned office and hotel products manufacturer Gotessons has launched their new, swanky and cozy office furniture dubbed The Hut, which is modern as well as comfortable for employees. The Hut is an office furniture line that is made in collaboration with Finnish ...
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Starpool SPA Table

Starpool Spa Table brings maximum comfort to your spa experience

Ideal holiday certainly includes relaxing spa treatments, helping you unwind your mind and soul. However, even after spending extra dollars on massages and spa treatments some people are still not satisfied with the results. To resolve the problem, Starpool has ...
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Blu-stone by Blu Bathworks

Blu-stone bold, eco-friendly collection redefines bathroom interiors

Blu Bathworks redefines the bathroom interiors with latest blu-stone, an eco-friendly signature series made from sustainable stone material. Founded by Micheal Gottschalk, Blu Bathworks is working on a philosophy based on producing bold architectural bathware that forms a balance between structure and function. ...
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Accessories, Lighting
Myeki System

Mandalaki Myeki: Fashionable charging & lightning system for Eclettis

In the time of Internet of Things and smart homes, where everything at your home is connected and managed with the help of smartphones, it becomes very important to have universal charging devices to keep your smart IOT devices ready ...
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Outdoor, Food
WSJ scoops free ice cream with latest headlines

WSJ scoops your favorite ice-cream with latest headlines

What if you could get latest news over few scoops of your favorite ice-cream? Well, Wall Street Journal, US-based online media of breaking news and current headlines, and The &Partnership have decided to come up with a new way to ...
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Dome Home

Dome Home: Uniquely shaped house put together like a jigsaw puzzle

Located in Paremoremo, Auckland’s northern outskirts, the uniquely shaped Dome Home is an eccentric waterfront building. It is built from hundreds of individually cut triangle woods, which are put together like a jigsaw puzzle. The two-leveled house with basement features three ...
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Eccentric Faucets by Kakudai

Add some humorous touch to your bathroom with eccentric faucets by Kakudai

Bathroom may not be one of the pleasing rooms in your house, but it certainly makes you relax and feel refreshing. So why don’t you give some playful makeover to your bathroom? This way you’ll not only make your shower ...
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