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Top 10 home renovation tips that pay off in a big way  

Even though the recession reached fever pitch more than eight years ago, countries all around the world are still dealing with the consequences. Many housing markets have slowed down and recovery is consistent but gradual. Selling a house can still ...
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UFO Floating Home by Jet Capsule

Jet Capsule creates UFO-shaped floating homes on the ocean

Italian mini-yacht maker Jet Capsule has created futuristic off-grid homes on the ocean in shape of UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). The UFO-shaped floating homes features two half-spherical shells that are divided by a floating disc. While living above water, the ...
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Featured, Furniture
737 Cowling Chair

737 Cowling chair is made from upcycled aircraft parts

Specialized in crafting unique and innovative furniture, England-based Fallen Furniture has created a luxurious leather 737 Cowling chair. Made from authentic parts of military and civilian aircraft, this chair is crafted out of an engine cowling of Boeing 737. The bulky chair in its original ...
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Nest Thermostat

Nest admits data theft, raises privacy concerns

There is no doubt that Internet of Things (IoT) has made our life easier and more comfortable than ever by keeping us connected all the time. However, in recent times hacking and data leakage have raised some serious concerns regarding our over ...
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Plaster-cast tiles

Plaster-cast tiles feature intricate details of flowers and veggies

Artist Rachel Dein has found a simple and elegant way to immortalize memories, favorite flowers, plants or any other thing you never want to part with. The UK-based artist from Tactile Studio has used plaster mold casting technique to create beautiful floral and vegetable-inspired plaster-cast ...
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Accessories, Featured
Peggy by OMO

Peggy is world’s first smart clothes peg that warns about weather change

Australian household brand Omo is tapping into the power of  the Internet of Things (IoT), and its potential to change our lives. The company has developed Peggy, a sensor-enabled smart device that aims to reduce laundry hassles and give parents some free ...
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Merdacotta by The Shit Museum

Merdacotta: New sustainable building material made from cow dung

Museo Della Merda, which means  “Museum of Shit” is the world’s first museum dedicated to the study of excrement. The museum, located in a small Italian village in the province of Piacenza is resting at the Castelbosco farm, which is ...
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Accessories, Featured, Interior
Box Kitty

Box Kitty lets your cat be the Queen of her own feline fortress

A team of cardboard manufacturers and designers has created a modular and playful version of the cat house that can fit into any space gracefully. Designed to be extremely flexible, Box Kitty can be re-arranged according to space and your kitty’s ...
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Featured, Outdoor
Growver lawn watering robot

Growver lawn-watering robot detects dry patches in your lawn

Texas-based Revely Microsystems has created a high-tech and energy efficient lawn-watering robot that irrigates lawn without wasting a drop. Using a wire sensing technology, the Growver intelligently navigates and irrigates the lawn. The robot that can be attached to any garden hose is ...
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Keemala Resort, Phuket

Phuket’s Keemala Resort focuses on wellness and quality of life

Nestled away from crowd, the Keemala Resort in Phuket gives visitors the perfect view of Kamala village and the Andaman Sea. Themed around the legends of four mythical tribes, i.e., the Pa-Ta-Pea (earth), the Khon-Jorn (wanderer), the We-Ha (sky), and ...
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