Cobby tiny cabins by The Little Cabin Company are perfect for glamping_1

Cobby tiny cabins are perfect for glamping in freezing climatic conditions

Canada-based designer firm, The Little Cabin Company builds tiny cabins dubbed as Cobby that provide basic comforts under a limited sized structure. These tiny cabins boast imposing shape, comfortable interiors, big glass doors and insulated structure which can bear snowy conditions of ...
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Appliances, Featured
Pnoe Horn Speaker

Consider these giant speakers for your expansive home

As the world is making a gradual shift towards minimalistic things, there is always room for something that’s exactly opposite. The same is true for home speakers and audio systems for modern homes. Most of the speaker designs that we ...
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Accessories, Kitchen
Comfort Cloud Lamp

Comfort Cloud Lamp doubles as air purification system for kitchen

Created by Chinese designers Yimu Yang, Yunpeng Li, and Jiaqi Li, the Comfort Cloud Lamp is a clever lighting fixture that doubles as air purification system for your kitchen. Nowadays, urban dwellers prefer open kitchen design in their apartments, as ...
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Lighting, Outdoor
Blau Outdoor Tree Lamp

Blau outdoor tree lamp incorporates into any architectural style

Valencia-based design studio Fran Silvestre Arquitectos has created the architecturally-minded Blau furniture collection for Gandia Blasco, outdoor furniture company. One of the most striking designs from the entire collection is the Blau outdoor tree lamp. Designed to mimic shape of ...
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DIY Floating Bed

DIY floating bed with LED nightlight and Bluetooth speakers

Want to build a bed that appears to be floating in the air? Have a look at this amazing DIY floating bed hack by Imgur user [HackandslashDIY]. This DIY bed not only floats in mid-air, but also comes with LED ...
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Frame Swing Won International Outdoor Furniture Design Competition 2016

Frame Swing merges static landscape with its slight movements

This year, outdoor furniture company Gandia Blasco organized the tenth edition of the International Outdoor Furniture Design Competition. Keeping in mind the theme of the competition i.e. “Swing,” various designers submitted their designs for the competition. However, the minimalist Frame Swing ...
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Solitude Stool by Antonio Cayuelas

Height-adjusting Solitude Stool by Antonio Cayuelas

Solitude Stool by Antonio Cayuelas is a versatile and modular piece of furniture that can be adapted as per changing needs of the user. The detachable stool comes with height-adjusting feature, which allows it to be used as a regular ...
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Utilize water at homes with DIY concrete toilet tank sink_4

DIY: concrete sink over toilet tank utilizes waste water at homes

Youtubers Mike and Lauren recently posted a video of their new DIY project i.e. a self-made concrete sink fitted on the top of a toilet flush for using same water twice. This way you can use same water for two ...
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Kwikset Second-generation Kevo Touch-to-open Smart Lock

2nd Gen Kevo touch-to-open smart lock with improved security

In 2013, lock manufacturing company Kwikset has unveiled the Kevo smart lock that gained popularity due to its touch-to-open feature. Now the company has come up the second-generation of the device with improved design and added security features. Like the ...
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Sleep Yoga Multi-Body Position Pillow

Ergonomically designed Sleep Yoga pillows put your body at comfort

Owing to the technology dominated lifestyle, we all have developed a habit of sitting for long hours in front of the computer screen, and yes, the crooked posture while checking out our smartphones. To add to the problem of fatigued ...
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