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Christmas Gift Ideas Perfect gift of appliances

Christmas Gift Ideas: Best home appliances

Already planning to purchase some handy and useful appliances this Christmas? Well, don’t forget to include your dear ones for gifting something beneficial this occasion. Instead of buying gifts that will only be stored or often discarded after something, get into buying some practical gifts that are actually useful to your family members, colleagues and friends. Interesting, high-tech home appliances could be a great gifting idea, as these devices are extremely useful in everyone’s ...

Luna boasts lamp, wall clock and table clock- all in one

Luna boasts lamp, wall clock and table clock all-in-one

Combined lamp and clock units are not new to the world, but this time something different has been created by Russia-based Industrial designer Aleksandr Polyakov in form an illuminating Luna Wall clock. Don’t be mistaken by its simple clock figure, its innovative design transforms into three different objects such as a lamp, a wall clock and a table clock all-in-one. It exists as a luminous wall clock that further can be separated into two different entities- a wall lamp and a table clock. To ...

La Boite Cube Concept Box with Integrated 2.1 Sound System

La Boite Concept’s LD Cube with integrated 2.1 sound system

Don’t have enough space in your apartment to place a separate side table and a surround sound system? Have a look at this chic table that will surely grab your attention with its design and utility. French brand La Boite Concept has beautifully integrated 2.1 sound system in this cube side table that is not only used for keeping your magazines or certain accessories in place, but also lets you enjoy music with quality sound. Measuring about 47 x 48 x 35.4-inches, the LD Cube features two ...

Wall-mounted Modular Shelf 11.2

Wall-mounted modular shelf 11.2 creates poetic play of shadows

French designer Olivier Chabaud has created an amazing wall-mounted modular shelf 11.2 with an elegant composition of multiple shelves, resembling dynamic layers of horizontal landscape. The edges of each shelf are formed at slight angles to create a poetic play of shadows around its naturally cut lines when comes in contact with light. In contact with natural or artificial lighting, the finely cut edges form extended shadows on a wall to maintain continuity of the mantelpiece. Chabaud has ...

Pampshade Lamps

Pampshade lamps made from actual bread loaves are making us feel hungry

Since the beginning of mankind, bread loaves and light sources are two entities that have never been associated in any form. But now a revolutionary change has taken place in shape of the Pampshade lamps that are created from actual loaves of bread. Thinking it’s absolutely impossible? Well, Japanese artist Yukiko Morita has made it possible by creating a line of variously shaped bread lamps including rounded as well as sea shell-shaped lights. These delicious bakery products have been mixed ...

Nendo Washi Lamps

Nendo creates Bi-color Washi lamp using traditional papermaking technique

Japanese studio Nendo in collaboration with renowned papermaking firm Taniguchi Aoya Washi has designed lightweight lamp dubbed Bi-color Washi that boasts dual colors on either side to perfectly scatter lighting into your living space. The papermaking firm created luminous 3D-molded lampshades using washi- a type of fibrous paper made using an elaborate process involving mulberry pulp and water. According to the designer team, Rather than pasting sheets of washi together to create forms, the ...

Spline Freestanding Mirror

Spline mirror with integrated lighting in shape of a female silhouette

Belgium-based industrial mirror manufacturer Deknudt Mirrors teamed up with renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid to create a spectacular collection of mirrors dubbed Reflect +. The most impressive mirror of the collection is Spline freestanding mirror with integrated lighting. It features an interesting light frame around a feminine silhouette- reflecting artistic creativity through a high quality mirror design. This free standing mirror can easily lean against a wall enabling you to see ...

Il Pezzo 8 & 9 dining tables

Il Pezzo 8 & 9 dining tables reflect authenticity through their unique designs

Italian studio Il Pezzo Mancante is known for its exclusive design collection including numbered series of furniture pieces. However, the exquisite 8 and 9 dining tables indeed stand out from rest of the collection because of their majestic designs. Both dining tables are designed beautifully with sense of authenticity and uniqueness. The Il Pezzo 8 dining table is contemporary piece of furniture with a touch of traditional craftsmanship. Its tabletop is made from 3-inches thick solid walnut ...

Milton Priest Side Table

Is it a table or a dairy cow? Actually, it’s both!

What do you see in the picture- a table or a dairy cow? Well, we see both. Actually, it is a bizarre piece of furniture by French studio Milton Priest; their design is inspired by local habitat of cattle living in rural Brittany. Although many cows are slaughters per day for meat, but there are certain regions like Brittany, India and many more where these animals are valuable. Keeping the importance of cows in mind, the studio has created a side table featuring tail, udders and cow bell. The ...

3D-printed Down Up Faucet

3D-printed ‘Down Up’ faucet is handy water fountain to quench your thirst

Imagine you’re thirsty in a public building and you suddenly find a water drinking fountain to quench your thirst. But it is not that simple as it seems, because the situation goes awry when you’re forced to crane your neck into uncomfortable positions to directly drink water from a tap. Not any more, as Industrial designer Alice Spieser has created a dual-necked water fountain dubbed ‘Down Up’ to easily quench your thirst without straining your neck and body. Spieser has ...

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