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Mini desktop garden purifies indoor air while charging your phone

Do you spend all day sitting in front of your computer in a tedious office cabin? Not anymore, as you can add touch of nature into your dull office settings with Micro-E Garden by Kwan Park. It is basically a mini desktop garden that incorporates an indoor charging system for your phone. With this simple yet eye-catching desktop plantation, indoor air is purified naturally. It is integrated with water induction system to grow small indoor plants without much effort. Apart from plantation, this ...


Vac’a’Soup: Vacuum cleaner makes wholesome soup in few minutes

On a lazy morning, a warm bowl of soup is not only easy to make but its filling as well. Instead of preparing unhealthy soup premixes, why don’t you make soup with fresh veggies at push of a button? To make homemade healthy soup at touch of single button is now possible, all thanks to British inventor Colin Furze’s latest brainchild Vac’a’Soup. The crazy inventor has brilliantly turned old vacuum cleaner into a convenient soup maker. Inner section of the vacuum cleaner includes ...

Grusella Console

Grusella by Paolo Foglini is a multifunctional console enthused by surroundings

Italian designer Paolo Foglini presents Grusella – a multifunctional console that skillfully and efficiently blends with the surrounding area. Manufactured by Formabilio – an Italian brand of eco-friendly furniture and home accessories, the console highlights minimalist and multifunctional design approach by becoming a shelf, a small bookcase, or an ideal place to display decor items in no time. The Grusella smartly depicts the concept of construction and cranes used to ...

Ola Fingerprint Lock

Ola fingerprint lock omits key or smartphone to open the door

In digital era we literally cannot survive without our smartphones, as it controls everything from household appliances to entry into the house. But isn’t it annoying to take out your smartphone for managing all your smart devices, even if you need to access your home. Instead of leaving you fumbled with combination codes and keys, the world’s first fingerprint smart Ola lock lets you open front door without any need of a key or a smartphone. Ola fingerprint lock is integrated with FPC1020 ...

Rising Chair 4

Rising Chair by Robert Van Embricqs is a stylish symphony of impish delectations

The Rising Chair by Robert Van Embricqs is an exquisite yet convoluted design that magnificently captures the complexity of natural form and turns it into a piece of art. The chair is designed in a way that it seems to be rising from the flatbed and shaping itself into an intriguing symphony of playful delectation. The chair is made from laminated bamboo caramel and is shaped by making several cuts on the flat surface and then pulling up different strands of cut surface. Flow of the visible ...


Tom Burckhardt’s Full Stop cardboard studio is dedicated to his late father

Cardboard is a durable material that can be used to craft household items like furniture, home decor, etc. And, the best part is the items are environmentally-friendly as the material is completely biodegradable. Working on the same idea, Tom Burckhardt conceptualized and made a full-scale imaginary artist studio named Full Stop from commercial cardboard, black paint, wood and hot glue. As the name suggests, this cardboard studios excellently captures the state of mind of an artist, when ...

iLUV Rainbow7 Smart LED Light Bulb

iLuv Rainbow7 smart LED bulb brings 16 million hues into your home

Multicolored smartphone-controlled light bulbs are not new to the world. But iLuv Creative Technology has recently jumped into home automation market with the launch of multicolored Rainbow7 smart LED bulb. This LED bulb is a customizable color changing light solution, letting you pick desired home lighting hue from 16 million color options including white light for reading. This means you can set schedules for varying colorful home settings, as per your mood. The smart LED bulb can sync with ...

TWIK triangular wall lamp by Moeko

TWIK triangular wall lamp is suitable for any modern interior

Designed by French design studio Moeko, the minimalist TWIK is triangular wall lamp that adds exquisite touch into any home or office interior. This minimalist lamp is stylish in its own way, as it features a set of overlay wooden strips that create illusion of movement by central light source. It is made from reclaimed wooden pieces, probably post-industrial chips collected either from sawmills or pallets. The wooden pieces are assembled beautifully to form a curvaceous lighting fixture, ...

Flare Home Security System by BuddyGuard

Flare smart home security system cleverly tricks any intruder

Despite numerous smart home automation devices, the market is still scarce of an intelligent system that can manage all security tasks on its own. But with the launch of latest Flare smart home security system, Berlin-based BuddyGuard is aiming to solve the problem as it can easily self-manage all home safety-related tasks. It appears like a tiny smoke-detector, but its features and functions that are more than expected. The device boasts 1080p camera, microphone, speaker and siren. Flare ...

Asda World's First Striped Pepper

Asda brings colors into your plate with world’s first stripped pepper

When it comes to picky eating, children certainly take the cake and many parents keep asking experts some tips to get their kids eating healthy vegetables especially peppers. But Asda, online grocery store, is aiming to change that forever by launching the world’s first stripped pepper that company claims to be healthier and sweeter than conventional bell peppers. These eye-catching red and yellow stripped peppers are grown as natural mutation by Dutch firm 4Evergreen to encourage choosy ...

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