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Labyrinth Dining Table by Benjamin Nordsmark

Play with your Labyrinth Dining Table, not your food!

What if you could control everything around the universe? Well that’s obviously not possible, but you can surely control the small universe inside your Labyrinth Dining Table. Designed by Danish designer and craftsman Benjamin Nordsmark, the dining table features intricate maze underneath its diamond glass top, allowing the user to enjoy an interesting game before every meal. The table is made from steel structure to make it strong and durable; later 5mm maple wood is used to cover the steel ...

Rinkak’s wood-like 3D printed beverage containers

Rinkak’s wood-like 3D printed beverage containers

3D printing has taken over architecture, lighting and furniture, but kitchenware remained untouched from this technology until now. Japanese firm Rinkak has recently created unique Wood-like 3D printed beverage containers to bring futuristic touch into your kitchen. The beverage containers designed from 3D printing technique includes cup, alcohol vessel and egg cup. Each container is made from thinned wood that has been 3D printed to created functional utensils. The material used for designing ...

Whistle-shaped Bluetooh Speaker by Mula Preta Design Studio

Whistle-shaped Bluetooth speaker doubles as home decor object

If you are seeking Bluetooth wireless speaker that also gives elegant touch to your interior, this whistle-shaped speaker is perfectly suitable to your desires. From designers André Gurgel and Felipe Bezerra for Mula Preta Design Studio, the Bluetooth speaker entitled Apito is beautifully designed in shape of an instrument that produce sound when air is blown into the equipment. Apito Bluetooth sound system is a combination of aesthetics and functionality, thus doubles up as home decor object ...

Hastens Auroria Continental-style Bed

Hastens Auroria bed customizes to suit your requirements

Looking for extravagant bed for cozy snooze as well as highlight your bedroom’s interior? Sweden-based luxury bed maker Hastens has added one such elegant continental-style bed Auroria to its latest lineup. The new bed is inspired by the morning light to provide your comfortable platform for better sleep. This comfy bed gives you all-new sleeping solution improves your night sleep with its handcrafted three-part construction including an inner spring base, mattress and removable topper. Its ...

Droid Pinball Coffee Table by ALTAR Furniture

The Droid pinball coffee table resembles R2-D2

ALTAR Furniture is well-known to reincarnate old pinballs into stylish coffee tables. Being Star Wars fans, our favorite from their entire collection is The Droid pinball coffee table that has been designed to appear like R2-D2. It features innards of authentic Star Wars pinball table that is beautifully enclosed within R2-D2 casing. It comes with tiny wheels that allow it to move from one place to another. Apart from all that, it even features a mini slide projector (picturing R2 in the ...

Listening Table by The New York Times

Listening Table makes transcript of important points in a meeting

It’s really hard for people to be attentive throughout and jot down all the points during routine meetings. But, Listening Table by The New York Times provides you a feasible solution to make the most out of daily meetings. It is a smart table that not only records conversations but also provides a transcript of important points from the chaotic conversation. This conference table features one speaker at center along with omni-directional microphone encircled by an LED ring that glows when ...

Ron Arad Adds Two Sofa Designs to Moroso Collection

Ron Arad adds uniquely shaped sofa designs to Moroso Collection

Italian brand Moroso commissioned designer Ron Arad to create innovative piece of furniture with elegant and practical layout. Living up to the firm’s expectations, Arad has designed two beautiful sofa designs from unique materials that were further shaped into outstanding sofas for any contemporary dwellings. The stylish Moroso collection including two sofas: Glider and Matrizia. Glider sofa is made from single block of foam that’s cut into finely curved backrest and bulbous armrests. The ...

Poo Poo Power converts dog poop into electricity

Poo Poo Power machine converts dog poop into electricity

Dog owners are instructed to clean their dog’s poop from public areas, as it spreads harmful bacteria to both air and water. To solve the waste problem, Océane Izard, masters’ student at the Geneva School of Art and Design, has created innovative Poo Poo Power machine that converts dog poop into electricity. Dog owners can place a biodegradable bag of dog waste into this machine, where sludge-eating bacteria give off methane gas that gets converted into power. The electricity generated by ...

Multi-faceted Modular Lamp Made from Paper and 3D Printed Parts

Multi-faceted lamp made from waste paper and 3D printed parts

3D printed home decor objects including fascinating lampshades have gained popularity over past few years. This is because such lighting fixtures are not only lightweight and attractive, but also has customizable design that can be changed according to the user. Living up to the concept of customization and hi-end technology, Thingiverse user Phathousecat has recently uploaded a design for a modular paper lamp. It can be made from several pieces of waste paper and 3D printed plastic parts, ...

Cellular Coffee Table by Onur Ozkaya

3D printed coffee table highlights intricate cellular structures

What sort of furniture would be required for a 3D printed residence, as created by WinSun China? Probably 3D printed one? Keeping in mind such futuristic furniture design, London-based industrial designer Onur Ozkaya has created a stunning 3D printed coffee table that is inspired by complex cellular structures. The Cellular Coffee Table is basically part of Ozkaya’s continuing research into the complex cellular structures and their possible applications in everyday life. The frame of this ...

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