Pet Bed

Pet Bed boasts a tiny compartment to accommodate your furry friend

Brazilian company Colchao Inteligente Postural has come up with an innovative and resourceful idea to share your bed with your adorable pet. The company renowned for making therapeutic mattresses has created a clever Pet Bed, which allows tiny furry friends to sleep with you .

According Filipe Machado Guterson, CEO of the company, the pet bed was first created in 2013 for a client living alone with her pet. Now it is recreated so that other pet lovers can also share their bed with their adorable pet. Instead of sharing your sleeping platform, the pet bed includes a tiny compartment that can easily accommodate small or large pets, allowing them to sleep closer to you. The bed is customizable in nature and can be adapted into any size as the customer wants, but only if they agree on increasing the total size of the bed.

All removable in nature, it also gives you chance to clean it and decorate it according to your pet fondness. The tiny compartment can also be removed for hygiene and sanitation purpose. Looking like a small compartment, the pet bed is upholstered with fabric, satin and complete with cushions and curtains. Moreover, you can also engrave your pet’s name beneath the bed.

Designed as a bespoke feature, there is no set price for the luxurious bed, but it comes with a useful space of 50 x 60 x 25-centimeters that can be customized according to the size of your pet. Ideal for pets who love sleeping in their owners bed, the Pet Bed will give both owners and their furry friends a chance to enjoy each other company in the most comfortable way.

Pet Bed

Bed with small compartment for your little furry friend

Pet Bed

Fully-upholstered and cushioned bed is removable in nature

Pet Bed

One can also get their pet name engraved beneath the bed

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