Pioneer Pet SmartCat Scratching Post-Cat furniture

Pioneer Pet SmartCat Scratching Post

Cats, of all things, love a scratching post that allows them to get a full stretch vertically since it tones their muscles and keeps them agile. For all the cat lovers with kitties that need a stretch, the Pioneer Pet ...
DOG scratchpost

DOG scratchpost for cats comes with an overdose of humor

Netherlands-based designer Erik Stehmann has created a brilliant scratching post for cats that also serves as a beautiful decoration piece for your home. Designed for Soonsalon, the delightfully creative and imaginative cat scratching post not only offers utmost comfort to your ...
Cat Scratchers

Kim Jong-Un & Vladimir Putin Available as Cat Scratchers

Online network provider HideMyAss (which allows users to access Blocked content) has created unique cat scratchers for your feline friends in collaboration with The Pussycat Riot, a movement showing cats against cyber censorship. These cat toys come with the faces of North ...