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Twinny Couch by Proteas

Twinny couch morphs into bunk bed just like its predecessor ‘Coupe Sofa’

Remember the internet sensation Coupe sofa that turns into fully-functional bunk bed in seconds? Well, you’ll get over it after looking at its upgraded version called Twinny couch by Greece-based furniture manufacturers Proteas. Just like its predecessor, Twinny sofa can be transformed into a comfortable bunk bed within few seconds. However, the latest one comes in bright upholsteries to splash some colors into your interior, apart from maximizing space. It is ideal for any small ...

C45 Expeditor Engine Cowling Couch

This lovely couch is contrived from C45 Expeditor engine cowling

Gagan Singh, the designer of Gagan Design, has beautifully handcrafted a vintage aircraft engine cowling into the C45 Expeditor engine cowling couch, a striking centerpiece couch. The Gagan Design is an aviation furniture and modern lighting design studio who strongly believes that the best thing in life are still made by hand. The couch is made from mirror-polished aluminum and  is then upholstered in Canadian red to make it look sturdy-yet-chic seating furniture. According to Gagan, the ...

Upcycled denim sofa creates buzz on Craigslist

Upcycled denim sofa creates buzz on Craigslist

Now your pants will match with your home furniture, all thanks to the latest Craigslist entry- the Denim sofa, making retired jeans more comfortable even when you’re not wearing them. This is because a Brooklyn-based designer has transformed old pairs of jeans into fully-functional couch to suit any contemporary interior. The patched-up piece of furniture is made from wooden base on wheels and soft cushioning is upholstered on the hand-made frame. The cushions are covered with old jeans ...

Prime Sofa by Desnahemisfera

Prime Sofa: Complete space savvy next generation furniture for relaxation

We all seek for furniture that not only enhances interior of our home, but also helps in avoiding furniture clutter because it looks really messy. For this need of space and efficiency at the same time, Slovenian furniture designing studio Desnahemisfera created the Prime Sofa that is considered as the next generation furniture for relaxation, by the designers. With this single modular sofa you gain two lounge chairs, one coffee table and one footstool, all-in-one. When required, you may pull ...

9Eleven sofa made from genuine Porsche 911 parts-1

Exotic 9Eleven sofa made from genuine Porsche 911 parts

Brush  aside your dream of owning a Porsche 911, it’s freakin’ expensive, instead take home the 9Eleven sofa – a two-seater sofa made from genuine Porsche 911 parts by celebrated designers Luc Siodmok and Andre Sapierzynski of Polish design firm Luc & Andre. Part of the Porsche 911-inspired 9Eleven furniture collection unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland, the 9Eleven sofa comes complete with working LED brake lights, and features integrated cushions upholstered in ...

mashmallow sofa by KAMKAM

The Marshmallow Sofa is an exceptional candy-styled furniture design

The Marshmallow Sofa is sure to add a delectable essence to your home with its unique style. South Korean studio, Kamkam designed this candy-styled furniture piece. Taking inspiration from the intertwined structure of a skein, which is a length of yarn wound on a reel, the designers have created this exceptional sofa that brings about memories of a squishy marshmallow. ...

Infinito by Oriol Barri

The Infinito is a modular seating system that is comfortable and can adapt to your needs

Everyone would undoubtedly agree that only a gorgeous and trendy set of furniture can add to the appeal of a beautifully designed room. If you want to keep up with the ongoing trend of furniture, then modular furniture is something to vouch for. With this sort of flexible furniture, you have the option to make judicious use of the available space. Because of the various advantages of modular furniture units, it is highly in demand and therefore various designers are coming forward with their ...


Chewbacca Sofa is covered in long wool to keep you warm during winters

If you’re hunting a sofa for the long cold winters, then there’s nothing that’ll better the Chewbacca Sofa, so think no further. This one is not made by ripping of Wookiees’ hair, nor is it selling under any Star Wars tag. Still, for nostalgia, the couch is a good induction into any abode. Chewbacca Sofa is designed by avid furniture designer Nersi Nasseri and design team at New York based Sentient. ...

Barrel Couch by Vladimir Kevreshan

Very fresh and stylish Barrel Couch by Vladimir Kevreshan

At times we come across things that become a source of inspiration for us. Something similar happened with avid furniture designer Vladimir Kevreshan when he visited a factory. Tel Aviv-based designer Vladimir found huge pile of barrels that were to be converted into scrap metal on his visit to a factor. Instantly the designer wanted to use the barrels, and after consistent effort, Vladimir managed to create the Barrel Couch. Barrel Couch as the name suggests has barrels as the central focus ...


This bulletproof Couchbunker comforts as well as protects you

  For billionaires out there, who always live in the fear of sudden attack, or just like to collect different guns, this sofa is a must buy. Dubbed as the Couchbunker, it looks like a regular sofa but with quite unusual features. This custom built sofa consist of a fire rated gun safe hidden inside along with bulletproof cushions with carry straps that can act as a shield to keep you safe from bullet-shower. This couch has been designed and produced by Charles Alan, the owner of Charles Alan ...

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