DIY Bookshelf Lounge Chair by Sofia Alexiou

DIY Wooden Lounger with Book Storage

Sofia Alexiou, a university student created this wooden lounge chair for her final project. She named it 1.285 after  number of nails she has screwed into the DIY wooden lounger. The chair design is somewhat similar to the DIY outdoor ...

DIY outdoor lounge chair by Mike Montgomery

Mike Montgomery, from a US-based design company Modern Builds has built a DIY outdoor lounge chair that is comfortable and looks great, thanks to its clean design. Mike spent a full night drawing various sketches on his floor with a piece of ...
DIY Log Lounger

This DIY Wood Log Lounger Looks Uncomfortable

HomeMade Modern is an online portal that shares simple and beautiful DIY home furnishing ideas. They mostly work on DIY projects created out of recycled or salvaged materials. On the occasion of Earth Day, Ben Uyeda (founder of HMM) was approached by ...