fried egg arts by Michele Baldini

Artist’s Fried Egg Art Taking Instagram by Storm

Dr.Megha Sharma

Sharing food art on Instagram is in vogue. There are nearly thousands of food art all over the social media today, with food-related hashtags. We are sure you have come across many, but not one made with fried eggs. Yes, you ...
pumpkin crumpet cakes by asda

Asda’s spooky crumpets for upcoming Halloween

Dr.Mehul Thakur

As each day is passing, the festival of dead is coming near, and everyone is so excited about the outfits, the sweets, the parties and of course, the pumkins. Asda, a supermarket store in Britain has also created something new ...
galaxy-inspired Eclairs

Ukrainian bakery serves mesmerizing galaxy-inspired Eclairs

Dr.Megha Sharma

From cakes, cookies and lollipops to donuts; galaxy-inspired baking trend is buzzing the internet and getting popular all across the world. Seeing its popularity (like most bakeries) Musse Confectionery, a Ukraine-based bakery shop also showed their creativity by creating amazing Galaxy ...