Useful DIY furniture tips for amateurs

Making your own furniture can be a very appealing idea. Finding good pieces that you actually like while shopping through stores or online catalogs can be exhausting and expensive, and it’s for this reason that a lot of people wind ...

Coffee pods recycled into everyday outdoor furniture

When an Auckland-based business decided to recycle their old coffee pods into outdoor furniture, hoping to reduce the strain on environment, they approached TerraCycle, a private U.S. based innovative recycling company that recycles hard-to-recycle waste, and utilizes them in a ...
Dream home
Bookshelf House by Andrea Mosca Creative Studio

Bookshelf House is stylish home to work and live in

A three-storey house located in Paris was recently renovated by Andrea Mosca Creative Studio into a contemporary country home, and named as Bookshelf House. The project is defined by considerable woodwork, envisioning to transform this darkish run-down house into a fully ...