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Modern Box Sofa

DIY Project: Turn 2x10s wooden box into a modern sofa

Living room decoration is one of the most expensive as well as time-consuming process, but what if we could do an amazing DIY project to bring down the overall cost of interior decoration by a significant amount. All you need is 2x10s construction lumbers, which after little carpentry become a wood-framed sofa that is not just durable but a timeless piece of decor as well. The DIY project by the HomeMade Modern, an online source that publishes easy-to follow, DIY projects for creating modern ...

Recycled Sofa made from refrigerator

Awesome black sofa made out of an old refrigerator

What is the best use an old refrigerator can be put to? For me it’s only worth the landfill. What, even you share the thought? We may think what we may, but guys over at Transfodesign think an old refrigerator can become a sofa. Yes, it’s right, that’s why folks at Transfodesign have transformed an old refrigerator into a funky sofa – Menage a Trois. What’s interesting is that finishing of the sofa (to keep up with the green credentials) is done with eco-friendly resin and black ...

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