Australian man builds micro house out of scrap

Dr.Happy Jasta

In this ever populating world, everyone wants to have own his/her dream home, but saving the requisite money has become a tough task for current generations. You can see people finding unique ways to make accommodations; some prefer living simple, ...

Coffee pods recycled into everyday outdoor furniture

Dr.Daniel Tej

When an Auckland-based business decided to recycle their old coffee pods into outdoor furniture, hoping to reduce the strain on environment, they approached TerraCycle, a private U.S. based innovative recycling company that recycles hard-to-recycle waste, and utilizes them in a ...
Glass Piano by Karlis Bogustovs

Sound of Architecture is a glass piano made from old windowpanes

Dr.Pallvika Kashiv

London-based Karlis Bogustovs has beautifully crafted Sound of Architecture a wooden piano covered in glass reclaimed from old windowpanes. The one-of-a-kind glass piano is built for public is assembled with recouped glass over an old wooden piano. Built using broken and thrown away glass windows, Bogustovs’ ...