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GE French Door Refrigerator with Keurig K-Cup Coffee Maker

GE Cafe French door refrigerator brews your favorite cup of joe

Seeking for a refrigerator and a Keurig K-Cup brewer, but don’t have enough counter space in your kitchen? Don’t worry, as appliance maker General Electric and Keurig coffee brewers have collaborated to bring you the benefits of both appliances in one- all thanks to the latest GE Cafe French door refrigerator. The refrigerator comes with built-in Keurig coffee maker at the door, without taking up any valuable counter space. The original GE Café Fridge had a built-in hot water dispenser at ...

Firstbuild's Wi-Fi Enabled ChillHub Fridge

CES 2015: Wi-Fi enabled ChillHub fridge comes with portable USB hubs

Make way for the latest smart home appliance for kitchen- The ChillHub Refrigerator by FirstBuild. It is a standard Wi-Fi-enabled refrigerator that comes with two 4-port USB hubs and iOS-compatible app. The idea behind combining internet connectivity and USB ports together is to allow the homeowners access sensor data, meanwhile controlling components of fridge remotely via smartphone. This refrigeration system can also syncs with an interesting accessory, the 3D-printed scale Milky Weigh. It ...

Brick Modular Refrigerator

Brick modular refrigerator adjusts with your changing needs

Each family member has different tastes and preferences when it comes to food, so to preserve their divergent food choices dissimilar refrigeration conditions are required. Therefore, two refrigerators are often seen in house of a single family, leading to overcrowded kitchen space. To make it simpler for homeowners, Korean industrial designer Jangho Kim has designed the Brick modular refrigerator that can be adjusted according to individual food needs of each family member. Just like ...

Imbreco Fridge

Imbreco Fridge blends both traditional and modern food preservation techniques

Temperature and humidity are not suitable for all types of food, due to which most households waste huge amount of food every other day. To prevent food wastage, Betty Lujan- product designer from ENSAAMA- Olivier de Serres, France has developed the Imbreco Fridge that amalgamates both traditional and modern techniques of food preservation. It is partitioned into three sections (lower, middle and upper) to allow users to store food according to its characteristics so that its freshness remains ...

Anywhere Fridge

Take solar-powered Anywhere Fridge to your next adventure trip

Forget heavy and sloshy ice coolers and ice chests, and meet the latest portable Anywhere Fridge designed especially to keep your foods and drinks cold outdoors. Externally, it looks like a conventional outdoor freezer, but don’t be fooled by its looks because it offers more than a regular fridge. This fridge is framed with insulated water-resistant aluminum metal frames which can be collapsed to a size as thin as a briefcase. It is also attached with retractable handle and wheels so that ...

Zeer Pot Fridge

DIY Zeer Pot fridge keeps your food and drinks cool in summer heat

Conventional refrigeration may be a convenient solution for keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for long. But this technology cannot help people who reside in areas with no electricity supply. For those people, a new DIY refrigeration called Zeer Pot is invented to provide cooling to food easily at home. This refrigeration technology requires only two pots, water, sand and hot climatic conditions to produce perfect cooling effect due to evaporation. ...

Coca-Cola Bio Cooler_1

Coca-Cola Bio Cooler refrigerates in hot regions without electricity

There is nothing better than a chilled refreshing drink during hot summers. But to get an ice-chilled drink in extremely hot regions, that too without electricity, sounds practically impossible. To make that possible, Coca-Cola in collaboration with Leo Burnett Colombia, has invented the Bio Cooler, a refrigeration system that doesn’t require electricity to cool down drinks. The cooling system of this fridge is based on traditional methods of air cooling system through water evaporation. ...

Smeg's Gold Retro fridge

Smeg unleashes the bling factor with their Gold Retro fridge

We still fondly remember Smeg with mushy memories of the Fiat 500 mimicking mini-refrigerator. And, now the Italian appliance manufacturer is back with a bling! Already known for their retro styled refrigerators, this time around the company has unveiled the Gold Retro FAB28OR. As the name suggests, the contraption notches it up on the ostentatious scale with its all golden facades that glimmer and glitter their way to glory. And, if the brazen opulence of gold was not enough, the surfaces ...

Sharp's Plasma Cluster refrigerator

Sharp’s Plasma Cluster refrigerator is earthquake resistant!

A few days ago, Korean electronic giant Dongbu Daewoo launched their NFC enabled refrigerator. Well, the Japanese are now ‘technologically’ catching up on their heels with Sharp’s six new models of Plasma Cluster refrigerator. Endowed with power saving attributes, the refrigerator comes with slew of hi-tech features that not only notch up on the user experience but also deal with safety and security in calamitous situations like earthquakes. ...

Lexani Motorcars Reale

Mercedes-Benz van interior transformed into a ‘Reale’ ritzy set-up

The above pictured Mercedes-Benz B6 Sprinter van may look a like car used for kidnappings and heist getaways. However, once you take a peek at the interiors, you should be blown away by the sheer opulence of the swanky set-up. Putting even private jets to shame, the pimped up scope were custom made and arranged by California-based Lexani Motorcars. Christened as the ‘Reale’, the van as expected will cater to rich clientele including politicians and sportspeople (in fact, the fully ...

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