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Cradle chair: A unique lounge chair by Benjamin Hubert

Recently we  discussed about the membrane chair, which was one of the elegant furniture designs created by the talented British designer Benjamin Hubert. This chair was an Eco design lounge chair that made use of industrial materials in its construction and was unveiled at the Milan Design Week 2013. Another of his magnificent designs, the Cradle Chair, also got the opportunity to be showcased at Salone Del Mobile 2013. He collaborated with Italian furniture brand Moroso to create this ...

Membrane by Benjamin Hubert for Classicon

Membrane lounge chair is lightweight and eco-friendly

  The ‘Membrane’ lounge chair pictured above is a result of teamwork of London based designer  Benjamin Hubert and German brand Classicon. This is for the first  time a British designer and a German furnishing brand have worked together to come up with a beautiful design object. The eco-design lounge chair is made of lightweight steel and aluminium framework with a stretched 3D woven textile mesh and was launched at Salone del Mobile 2013 in Milan. One of the particular features of this ...

Quinque lamp by Micomoler

Quinque lamp by Micomoler gives a warm illumination in a vintage style

Micomoler, a Spanish design studio that creates objects with a keen eye to traditions and crafts, has contrived this interesting lamp pictured above. This light object appears like a vintage oil lamp having an essence of a contemporary table lamp design. Called as Quinque, which is a Spanish name for oil lamps,  brings a contemporary aura to the old styled gas lamp. The Quinque dome lamp series designed by Micromoler come in two versions where each of them have similar features but are made ...

edible furniture

Austerity: Edible furniture collection by Lanzavecchia + Wai

Foodies are definitely going to love the Austerity furniture collection that was presented during the Salone Del Mobile 2013 in Milan. Designed by Italian and Singaporian design studio Lanzavecchia + Wai, each piece of the collection has the complementary and finishing part created with edible materials, which rests on the basic metal structure. The designers have made use of basic nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, sugar and chocolates to create the incredible furniture pieces. The Austerity ...

windup chair

Windup chair recharges your smartphone as you sip coffee

Do you remember the wind up toys that your dad brought when you were a kid? You used to smile every time the toy moved after it was wound-up, a scientific mechanism that involves rotating a spring in the whole process. On winding up the toy, the energy from winding is transferred into potential energy of the storage device that is usually a spring or rubber band due to which the toy can move. Now, a Taiwan based company, PEGA is making use of the same scientific mechanism to charge your ...

'Stick Lamp' line by Matali Crasset

‘Stick Lamp’ line by Matali Crasset fuses light and shadow

Lamp conceptions have arguably evolved the most in terms of sheer design innovation, when it comes to the scope of modernistic furnishings. The above pictured ‘Stick Lamp’ collection by Matali Crasset (for Fabbian) is a testament to this righteous design direction. Comprising of a table lamp, a wall lamp, four poles and five suspensions, the lamp line exudes its intrinsic simplicity defined by the elementary wooden clamp-like components. In fact, it is the shapes and size of ...

Envi giant furniture collection by Umberto Dattola

Envi giant furniture collection by Umberto Dattola

Evni is one of the most outstanding projects during Salone Del Mobile 2013 that was highly admired and appreciated by thousands of the visitors. Italian designer Umberto Dattola has created this project, which is certainly an amazing art form collection that includes giant chairs, beds, armchairs, and dressers. This collection consists of six surrealistic furniture items featuring high legs and supports, which appear like outstretched limbs of a giant. The designer has a very clear philosophy ...

Volt LED table lamp

Salone del Mobile 2013: Rodolfo Dordoni intros his Volt LED table lamp

We have all sang praises for LEDs, when it comes to their obvious energy efficient nature. However, there is one avenue where even the mighty LEDs ‘fail'; and that is the age old problem of heat dissipation for brighter light mechanisms. In simpler terms, high powered LEDs tend to lose their efficiency (and reliability) over time, if not provided with an adequate heat sink. This is where the ‘Volt’ table lamp by Rodolfo Dordoni (for FLOS) enters the picture, with its ...

Baby Candy Light by Jaime Hayon

Salone del Mobile 2013: Baccarat’s new series of luxury lamps

Since the mid of the 19th century, Baccarat is a renowned name in the history of lighting and are recognized all around the globe for its exceptional expertise. Each of the lighting structures combines tradition and innovation integrated with new technologies to meet up the needs of the modern era. Baccarat launches its new collection of lighting fixtures at Salone del Mobile 2013 in Milan. This new series involves spectacular and most outstanding lighting pieces created by famous and talented ...

Orte from De-Signum Studio Lab

Salone del Mobile 2013: Orte is a mirror cum shelf design from De-Signum Studio Lab

An iconic juxtaposition of stone and plastic – this in a nutshell describes the avant garde nature of Orte Pimar, a mirror cum shelf design from De-Signum Studio Lab. Partly inspired by the stone architecture and watchtowers prevalent in the southern Italian region of Salento, the conception has a base made of solid stone. Shaped in the form of rounded-off cylinders, these stone supports provide the much needed structural stability to the upright design. The crucial upper section is ...

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