Lago’s smart furniture can interact with people

Lago’s Smart Furniture can Interact With People

Italian furniture maker Lago unveiled their project of the Talking Furniture with an aim to combine modern technology with interior design elements. They are using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to let homeowners interact with furniture pieces. These high-tech smart ...

Bird-shaped swinging origami lights by Umut Yamac

Origami lights are great to gift someone or to decorate your homes. for this reason there are many Origami-enthusiasts bringing their newest creations to the world. Recently, a London-based architect and designer Umut Yamac has created the amazing origami-like Perch ...

Zerobody dry-pool washes away office worries without water

Balancing personal and office life is the biggest challenge for most of the professionals, and in this juggle it is quite hard for people to even think of hobbies or going for relaxation sessions. Keeping today’s frenzied life schedule in mind, Italian spa manufacturer Starpool has collaborated ...
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tipic-offmat-smart-table- kitchen

Tipic’s Tulèr kitchen has a hideaway sink

Milan Design Week is a time when famous designer and design houses want to exhibit their best of creations. Aiming to attract more audience, each design house showcases products that have some unique features intact. Amidst beautiful designs with beautiful patterns and merging lines, ...