Hi-Interiors HiBed Smart Bed can Track Your Sleep and Health

HiBed: Drift Off to the Future with This Smart Bed

The HiCan smart bed set the internet on fire when it was first introduced by Hi-Interiors back in 2009. The smart bed is a combination of innovation, technology and fine Italian design. If you loved the idea of integrating multimedia and sleep-improving features ...
Tatami multimedia bed has built-in massage chair and pop-up table

Tatami Multimedia Bed has Built-In Massage Chair and Pop-Up Table

Modular and multi-functional pieces of furniture are a practical space-saving solution to furnish compact apartments. In past, we have featured a variety of multiple-duty furniture including the tailor-made Patchwork multifunctional furniture for cohabitation spaces. Yet another interesting example of a multifunctional piece ...