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Trussardi House Luxury Collection at Milan Furniture Fair 2015

Milan Furniture Fair 2015: Preview of Trussardi House luxury collection

During Milan Furniture Fair 2015, Milanese fashion-house Trussardi celebrates the anniversary of their interiors range with latest luxury collection. The exclusive furniture lineup is defined by sleek silhouette and dynamic style, adding sophistication into living room and bedroom space. This elegant collection will be showcased at the International Furniture Fair, this year from April 14 to 19. Upholstered in comfortable fabric, here are different furniture pieces from the collection to add ...

WEWOOD Scaffold Sofa by André Teoman Studio

Milan Furniture Fair 2015: WEWOOD’s Scaffold sofa boasts utile shelving unit

For the first time, Portuguese furniture brand WEWOOD will showcase its most iconic furniture pieces at the Milan Furniture Fair 2015. One of the most intriguing designs to be presented at the event is the Scaffold Sofa by André Teoman Studio. The exclusive sofa with subtle design theme is created to offer more than a simple seating space. The comfortable sofa is encompassed by elegant wooden frame that severs different purposes such as a side table, a bookshelf and a divider. These shelving ...

Potocco Spa Surplus Outdoor Furniture Collection

Milan Furniture Fair 2015: Sneak peek at Potocco Surplus outdoor collection

Italian company Potocco Spa is going to participate for the 54th consecutive year at Milan Furniture Fair from April 14 to 19, 2015. This year the firm is going to present its latest Surplus outdoor furniture collection. Surplus collection includes a range of outdoor furniture including sofa, armchair and sun bed. The entire collection has been handcrafted by designer Alessandro Busana into minimalistic layout with stylish upholsteries. The structure of each unit is made from solid iroko that ...

Osaka Modular Sofa by La Cividina

Osaka modular sofa fluently adapts curved or linear form

Italy-based designer La Cividina has paid tribute to French designer Pierre Paulin by recreating the enduring Osaka sofa design that was designed originally by Paulin in 1967. The original sofa was prototyped by Mobilier National in year 1970 and remained as the most representative item of the French Republic. Osaka is an elegant system of articulated modules that allow changing its shape from linear to curvy form due to its subtle organic configuration. It is made of three elements held ...

Orwell Sofa-Bed-Cabin by Goula Figuera

Orwell: Combined sofa-bed-cabin recaptures intimacy of home

When it comes to furnish a small dwelling, multiple functions combined in one furniture piece can do wonders to maximize a living space. That is the reason; transforming modular furniture has gained popularity over the years among city dwellers residing in small apartments. The Orwell designed by Goula Figuera is one such piece of furniture that combines sofa, bed and your very own private cabin in one and is created especially to recapture intimacy of home that is sometimes lost within our ...

Alter Ego Sofa by Eric Gizard

Alter Ego Sofa with chaise offers immense utility for urban lifestyle

Italian furniture designer Eric Gizard has created the Alter Ego Sofa for Dunlopillo (renowned furniture brand) to meet needs of urban lifestyles. This is L-shaped complete family sofa with contrasting straight frame and double seating area that comprises of two large chaise lounges made of soft padding for multiple seating and relaxing positions. These chaises on the seating surface can be transformed in countless ways within blink of an eye to compose a chaise, an extra bed or a large area ...

Prime Sofa by Desnahemisfera

Prime Sofa: Complete space savvy next generation furniture for relaxation

We all seek for furniture that not only enhances interior of our home, but also helps in avoiding furniture clutter because it looks really messy. For this need of space and efficiency at the same time, Slovenian furniture designing studio Desnahemisfera created the Prime Sofa that is considered as the next generation furniture for relaxation, by the designers. With this single modular sofa you gain two lounge chairs, one coffee table and one footstool, all-in-one. When required, you may pull ...

Modular Sofa by Tabanda

Modular sofa by Tabanda depicts nature of women in its playful design

Poland-based furniture designing studio Tabanda is known for creating innovative furniture pieces inspired by nature. But this time they have designed a minimalist, yet contemporary sofa that somehow depicts nature of women. Most women like to keep their entire valuables close within her purse under her arm. Likewise the sofa is designed with two armrests with ample storage space on either side to keep your belongings close to you under armrests. You can keep your books, magazines or other ...

Carmella Counter Sofa

Carmella Counter Sofa combines study and living room in one

Japanese furniture designer Piano Isola has created space saving furniture called Carmella Counter Sofa for Hirashima, furniture manufacturing firm in Japan. Well, it is not exactly transformable furniture, but the sofa unites a table with ample storage space at its back. The sofa comes in an elegant design that blends your study space within the living room. On this simple yet stylish sofa/desk you can enjoy watching a movie with your family or do your work on laptop over the desk attached at ...

UNAMO Design Studio- 3MOODS

3MOODS: Transforming furniture morphs into 4 different living room sets

Spanish designer Humberto Navarro of UNAMO Design Studio has presented his latest design 3MOODS, a transforming furniture that morphs into four different living room sets as per the user’s requirements. The design was showcased in a contest held by Lauchbox- firm that organize contests for designers to present their creative designs to the world. This new product offers versatility in its simple design, and is created for those residing in small apartments with very less living space. This ...

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