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Modular Sofa by Tabanda

Modular sofa by Tabanda depicts nature of women in its playful design

Poland-based furniture designing studio Tabanda is known for creating innovative furniture pieces inspired by nature. But this time they have designed a minimalist, yet contemporary sofa that somehow depicts nature of women. Most women like to keep their entire valuables close within her purse under her arm. Likewise the sofa is designed with two armrests with ample storage space on either side to keep your belongings close to you under armrests. You can keep your books, magazines or other ...

Carmella Counter Sofa

Carmella Counter Sofa combines study and living room in one

Japanese furniture designer Piano Isola has created space saving furniture called Carmella Counter Sofa for Hirashima, furniture manufacturing firm in Japan. Well, it is not exactly transformable furniture, but the sofa unites a table with ample storage space at its back. The sofa comes in an elegant design that blends your study space within the living room. On this simple yet stylish sofa/desk you can enjoy watching a movie with your family or do your work on laptop over the desk attached at ...

UNAMO Design Studio- 3MOODS

3MOODS: Transforming furniture morphs into 4 different living room sets

Spanish designer Humberto Navarro of UNAMO Design Studio has presented his latest design 3MOODS, a transforming furniture that morphs into four different living room sets as per the user’s requirements. The design was showcased in a contest held by Lauchbox- firm that organize contests for designers to present their creative designs to the world. This new product offers versatility in its simple design, and is created for those residing in small apartments with very less living space. This ...

Sofista modular sofa

Sofista modular sofa that morphs into three-piece set for living room

Small apartments hardly have any extra space for more furniture so people living in such houses often seek for modular space saving furniture. Those looking out for modular furniture for tiny space of their living room Fabrizio Simonetti, designer at Italian furniture designing firm Formabilio, has created the Sofista, which a modular sofa that can be transformed into three variant furniture sets as per the user’s requirements. It is made of polyurethane foam and beach wood for giving it an ...

VW Beetle Sofa and Coffee Table by EngineCoffeeTables

Designer makes sofa and coffee table using parts of VW Beetle

Earlier we introduced you to a few limited-edition coffee tables made from real car parts that give interior of your home an automotive touch. Today, we are going to talk about another one-of-a-kind furniture collection, but this time it’s not just about a coffee table but also a sofa, both made using parts of an old beige colored VW Beetle.  (more…) Recommended for You Pinel & ...

Proteas Coupe Sofa

Coupe Sofa turns into a comfy bunk bed in just 14 seconds

If you live in a tiny house then you probably will be a seeker for small space saving furniture. So, today we are going to introduce you to the Coupe Sofa designed by Greece-based furniture manufacturers Proteas. It provides you an innovative, quick and reliable solution to save your time as well as space by turning a sofa into a bunk bed in just 14 seconds. Moreover, this conversion is so simple and easy that even one person can turn Coupe sofa into a bunk bed without any help. ...

mesh outdoor collection by Patricia Urquiola for Kettal

Kettal Mesh Collection – Outdoor furniture with a catchy visual contrast

Modern outdoor furniture is longed for these days, whether people are trying to find inspiration for their outdoor space or ready to furnish either their porch or patio. Once it is designed and furnished in the right way, this outdoor space will turn into a personal and relaxation zone as outdoor furniture has come a long way from just cheap plastic furniture. Today it is as influential as the gorgeous sofas, chairs and center tables of your living room. A perfect epitome of such a splendid ...

One Hand Carry Sofa

One Hand Carry Sofa for both indoor and outdoor use

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a sofa for both indoor as well as outdoor purposes? Well, Japanese furniture designer Going Furniture has created the One Hand Carry Sofa that can be used as both indoor and outdoor furniture. It is a compact foldable sofa which becomes only 5-inches thick on folding and can be carried to any area i.e. living room, garden or outdoor picnic or camping spots. You can relax on this comfortable sofa while reading, sipping your favorite drinks or while gazing ...

Lago Air Collection

Lago Air Collection: Modular furniture that seems to be levitating in mid-air

Here at Homecrux we have been featuring different sorts of modular furniture pieces, which are not only  multi-functional, but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Today again we have another modular furniture collection that happens to be the most flexible of all modular furniture systems that we have come across. Dubbed as Lago Air Collection from Italian company Anima Domus, it consists of different furniture pieces seating to as its beds to high and low tables. Continue reading for a ...

Storage Box by INT2 Architecture

Multipurpose Storage Box creates bigger space in a small living area

Russian architects, INT2 Architecture, has managed to create and accommodate a sleeping, lounging, studying, storage and media space all in a 14m2  room located in Moscow, Russia. Before they started working, the small room was entirely covered  with many freestanding objects including  a wardrobe,  a working desk,  single bed, book shelves and drawers for storing things. All of these things cluttered the small living space making it look crowded. So, getting the place organised, while ...

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