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Superbambi chair by scoope design

Superlambi Chair is smart multipurpose furniture unit for small apartments

Today we can find a slew of adaptable space-saving furniture to make the best use of the limited space available. The Superlambi Chair by Scoope Design is one of them. It is a multipurpose furniture unit that can function as a chair, a coat rack, a step ladder, a small table or a child’s desk. Made out of wood, this chair includes two movable parts, an orange backrest and a white base that forms the seat of the chair. Both these pieces can be interlocked to form a steady furniture piece. ...

Recycled Sofa made from refrigerator

Awesome black sofa made out of an old refrigerator

What is the best use an old refrigerator can be put to? For me it’s only worth the landfill. What, even you share the thought? We may think what we may, but guys over at Transfodesign think an old refrigerator can become a sofa. Yes, it’s right, that’s why folks at Transfodesign have transformed an old refrigerator into a funky sofa – Menage a Trois. What’s interesting is that finishing of the sofa (to keep up with the green credentials) is done with eco-friendly resin and black ...

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