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Underground Beer cooler

Underground beer cooler perfectly hides your favorite drink

Well stocked beer fridge can surely attract many brew thieves, especially one at home waiting for you to leave for office. But to fight off such beermongers, Germany-based Peter Gotting has invented a revolutionary underground beer cooler that reserves and saves your favorite drink from house thieves.

Gotting posted a video online to show his latest invention, an underground beer cooler/fridge cleverly hidden under flowerpot placed in his backyard. Brilliantly designed as three-tier fridge, it is resting beneath a beautifully decorated terracotta flowerpot with a healthy plant.

The video shows how by pulling a small lever, the fridge slowly emerges from the ground holding more than 30 chilled beers to enjoy on a sunny day. Peter Gotting’s invention is an impressive work of art, as once the lever is pressed again; fridge closes and leaves no sign of anything.

Here is the video of underground beer cooler posted by Gotting on his YouTube channel.


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