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WEBSUN Salad Cutter Bowl - Gifts for her

WEBSUN Salad Cutter Bowl

With WEBSUN salad cutter bowl, rinsing, chopping and serving salad is the easiest thing to do. Made from HDPE+PP food grade, 100 percent BPA free material, the salad cutter bowl is dishwasher safe. Using it is simple – fill the bowl with vegetables, rinse them under running water, apply the bowl lid and chop the vegies through the meticulously provided openings in the bowl, now dress the chopped salad with sauces of choice, and you’re good to serve it.

Who doesn’t love salads, but making it is a task we hate to take up. But with the Websun salad cutter bowl, making fresh and healthy salad is no longer a chore. Using the least possible tools, you will be able to make the best salad. And did we tell you, while making a salad, you will never have the risk of cutting your fingers again.

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Interestingly, the Websun bowl has a sink around the bottom base, which collects the juices and prevents them from spilling onto the counter.

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