Don’t Expect the Carbon Fiber Phantom Chair to Disappear in Thin Air

Chairs not only provide a place to sit but they also function as a medium to express personal taste and style. Different kinds of chair designs are available; some feature distinctive shapes while others are crafted from innovative material such as recycled ocean plastic.

Hong Kong-based Alvarae Design Studio known for making carbon fiber furniture has however created an unusual chair that marries the good of both worlds. Entitled Phantom Chair, it is an all-black chair featuring both, a unique shape and choice of material.

It is crafted from a large sheet of carbon fiber that is creased in a way to create a hollow internal structure for a person to sit on. The design also includes armrests and base, crafted from the same sheet of fiber. The chair weighs just 5kg and can support up to 200kg.

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The Phantom Chair is not an everyday chair rather a ghostly piece clothed under a single sheet of carbon that you want to cozy up in when binge-watching horror movies alone. If this creeps you up, the Phantom Chair can be had for a whopping $15,000.

Image: Alvarae

Image: Alvarae

Image: Alvarae

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