DIY Succulent Monogram Pumpkin Will Add Festive Vibes on Halloween

The wait is over and the Festival of Dead is finally here. You must have prepared the Halloween dinner recipes, the costumes ready and the house draped in spooky décor. But, if you still want to add something new, something that is cute and yet gives the festive vibe, you must try succulent monogram pumpkin.

Succulents and Sunshine has shared an adorable succulent monogram pumpkin idea for Halloween. This DIY is super easy with materials simply available around you. All you need is a pumpkin (alive or faux), some succulent cuttings, a hot glue gun, and a marker.

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Draw a letter or two on the pumpkin. Then paste the succulent cuttings all around the letter using the hot glue gun. Tada! Your monogram pumpkin with succulents is ready to add Halloween ambiance to your house. We told you, it was super easy.

Image: Succulents and Sunshine

Image: Succulents and Sunshine

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