DIY Wood Pumpkins are Cheerful Halloween Decoration

All Halloween decorations are not about the horror, some are created to be cute and charming. Case in point, DIY pumpkins by Sammie Brakebill of Down Redbud Drive. These cute pumpkins are extremely pleasing for homes with kids – you can place them in the indoors or outside – and children are going to love them.

Sammie has made these delightful pumpkins using wood boards, raffia, paint, and a few other supplies. The idea involves cutting wood board pieces in sizes you’d want the pumpkins in. Glue the board pieces into pumpkin shapes and then all you need to do is color them in different patterns to exude Halloween flair.

This Halloween, you can try making wood pumpkins but some woodworking skills and equipment handling knowledge is a must. Kids can be involved in painting and decorating the pumpkins but should be kept away while cutting and gluing the wood.

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These DIY Wood Pumpkins can be an appealing addition to your home this Halloween! If interested in making them, you go through a step-by-step tutorial at Down Redbud Drive. You can also check out our list of ideas on how to make Halloween pumpkins from different materials.

Image: Down Redbud Drive

Image: Down Redbud Drive

Image: Down Redbud Drive

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