Glass and Limestone Coffee Table by Claudio Silvestrin for Glas Italia

Crafted out of glass and limestone, this luxurious and minimalist coffee table is an ideal choice for distinguished decor at home or office. Dubbed Terra Liquida, it is designed by the Italian architect and designer Claudio Silvestrin for Glas Italia. The table with its attractive transparent glass top effortlessly blends into any living space.

Terra Liquida, which translates to “Liquid Land”, is a low table made from a 15-mm-thick glass top with 45′ angles and a rectangular limestone slab with a monolithic appearance.

The parallel-piped limestone block has sides with a split-face while the glass top is flamed and smoothened. The materiality, gravity, and solidity of the limestone contrast the lightness, purity, and ethereality of the glass, making the table a focal point of where you happen to install it.

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Glas Italia is widely famous for its glass furniture and Terra Liquida is just another statement piece in its long tradition of quality craftsmanship. It is easy to fall for this coffee table, but be warned, it will set you back $9,458. Buy it on Archi Products if you still want to, or jump down for more images and treat your eyes anyway.

Image: Glas Italia

Image: Claudio Silvestrin

Image: Glas Italia

Image: Glas Italia

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