DIY Pumpkin Fairy Garden for Halloween Display This Year

You may have noticed, fairy gardens are becoming increasingly popular, even for Halloween people are decorating their homes and gardens in the theme. If you are looking for a cool new Halloween decor idea, this fun DIY project is for you. You can also involve your kids and let them bring out their creativity.

The cute little devils are going to love creating new stuff with hands. All you need to do is craft fully detailed dollhouses out of pumpkins, be it real or artificial. It would surely be fun imagining fairies in these tiny pumpkin houses. The pumpkin houses can be decked with purchased figures like mushrooms, gnomes, and fairies, as well as other things made available in abundance by nature such as pinecone, grass, flowers, and leaves.

If you’re thinking to turn your garden or living room into fairytale-inspired mystery land on Halloween, take a quick look at the DIY pumpkin fairy garden project by Adventure in a Box.

We have listed 10+ design ideas for Halloween pumpkin fairy garden after the DIY. Click here to jump directly to the list.

Materials Needed

* Pumpkins – Lots of them
* Knife for carving
* Low-heat hot glue gun
* Gouge for carving
* Bamboo skewers
* Some pine cones, dried moss, little rocks, acorns, and colored corn

Image: Adventure In A Box


Single story pumpkin fairy house:

You can make any type of pumpkin house you like – single story, double story or triple story. There’s no need to stick to the ones that you see in this article. It’s just to guide you on how you can carve dollhouses in different ways. Single dollhouses are easy to carve on pumpkins with minimal cutting and carving.

Image: Adventure in a Box

Two-story pumpkin fairy house:

Two-story pumpkin fairy house can be constructed using three pumpkins – two small pumpkins and one big one. The top of all the pumpkins must be cut off so that inside guts can be hollowed out easily. After this, use a gouge to carve different textures around the pumpkins to make doors and windows.

Image: Adventure in a Box

The layout

The big pumpkin will be the main floor with one small pumpkin making the entrance and the other completing the first story.

Image: Adventure in a Box

Keeping the pumpkins together

The pumpkins are connected together using bamboo skewers or you could also use toothpicks. It won’t be a rock-solid connection, but quite easy for you to carry them around without them falling apart. On the sections, where the pumpkins were connected, they need to be covered with dry moss to make the dollhouses appear more seamless.

Image: Adventure in a Box

The roofing

For the roof, shingles of a big pine cone are used to give it a natural wooden touch. The chimney is made out of a firewood stack that adds rustic appeal to the tiny pumpkin house.

Image: Adventure in a Box

Image: Adventure in a Box

Carving the windows

Even the window frames are made using skewers, and colored corn kernels can be used on the window frames for decoration and more details.

Image: Adventure in a Box

Pumpkin Fairy Garden Display

You can create as many pumpkin houses as you want. The best part would be when you’ll start arranging them in your garden area. You can also add flowers and natural leaves for added decor on the pumpkin houses and make them look like actual fairy tale houses.

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You can make use of other miniature objects like dollhouse baskets, wheelbarrows, fences, or buckets to complete your build-a-house-from-a-pumpkin challenge.

Image: Adventure in a Box

Image: Adventure in a Box

Image: Adventure in a Box

Image: Adventure in a Box

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