How to Turn Old Bathtub into a Natural-Looking Pond

If you’re wondering what to do with your old bathtub, here’s a useful DIY project to upcycle it into a natural-looking pond. Recently, Imgur user [stumpedtown] has shared a project on how to turn an old bathtub into an aesthetic pond for decorative purpose. The bathtub creates its own liner for a pond, which simplifies the installation.

To create the project, the designer has built a cedar box with 5 1/4 inch wide cedar fence around the bathtub. The wooden box has been constructed with 16ga nails and waterproof wood glue. Even a waterfall box on top of the huge wooden box has been created. Furthermore, a four mil sheeting is wrapped around the bathtub using simple bolts.

Next step is to install the tub along with the sheeting into the wooden box. To give the natural look of a realistic pond, small plants are planted and even pebbles are arranged around it for more natural appeal.

Once the arrangement has been made, water is filled to make it appear like a perfect natural-pond that can be used for decorating a patio, garden or any other area of the house.

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It is a wonderful way to make use of an old bathtub and to decorate any home or office space without spending much money.

For step-by-step instructions to make your own bathtub pond, visit [stumpedtown] on Imgur.

You can use any old bathtub

Drawing of the man-made pond

Cedar planks for the construction of the wooden box

Rectangular wooden box

Waterfall box inside the huge wooden box

5 1/4 inch wide cedar fence around the bathtub

Bathtub is fixed inside the wooden box

Four mil sheeting wrapped around the bathtub

The sheeting has been fixed using bolts

Foaming has also been inserted for smooth installation

Bathtub perfectly fitted inside the wooden box

Pebbles arranged on the outer edges for a natural touch

Plants are also grown to get a natural-look

DIY after filling water into the tub

Man-made natural pond

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