Make Your Halloween Spooky with ‘Trumpkins’

Halloween is coming, and people have started thinking about their preparations for the spooky day. Nowadays, people like indifferent things, so there is a twist in decorating homes on Halloween. Rather than having pumpkins carved in traditional flavor, craft community in the US is gathering people’s attention by crafting pumpkins with faces of famous public figures like Donald Trump. Interestingly, the creations are trending on social media with the hashtag ‘Trumpkins’.

Trumpkins are great to decorate homes and for showing-off your perception for present presidential fight situation. Many supporters have made interesting pumpkin figures showing their favorite leader, and other rivals are carving the pumpkin with additional notes to oppose Trump.

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People are widely sharing their scary Trumpkins designs on social media, and one renowned name is Hugh McMohan who makes Trumpkins of every kind, right from the presidential candidates to other famous characters.

Here we have brought the best of these spooky creations which are made recently. Like this one by Kelsey Kruzel or those Trumpkins that just got lost in a huge heap of social media over time.

Trumpkins for Halloween 2016

Image Courtesy: Jbroski/Instagram

Trumpkins for Halloween 2016_1

Image Courtesy: Simonope/Instagram

Trumpkins for Halloween 2016_25

Image Courtesy: Matthew Santoro/Twitter

Trumpkins for Halloween 2016_2

Image Courtesy: Expox1970/Instagram

Trumpkins for Halloween 2016_3

Image Courtesy: DayOfJoe/ Instagram

Trumpkins for Halloween 2016_4

Image Courtesy: TheRealGuyIncognito

Trumpkins for Halloween 2016_5

Image Courtesy: KariKari1062/Instagram

Trumpkins for Halloween 2016_6

Image Courtesy: Oiko.Eko/Instagram

Trumpkins for Halloween 2016_9

Image Courtesy: Katrinarittwage/Instagram

Trumpkins for Halloween 2016_23

Image Courtesy: Shazkitten/Reddit

Trumpkins for Halloween 2016_7

Image Courtesy: LaetitiaRecord/Instagram

Trumpkins for Halloween 2016_8

Image Courtesy: AsherGreen25/Instagram

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Trumpkins for Halloween 2016_24

Image Courtesy: PoopingWhileSwimming/Imgur

Trumpkins for Halloween 2016_10

Image Courtesy: Strikketrude/Instagram

Trumpkins for Halloween 2016_11

Image Courtesy: Drawsouth/Instagram

Trumpkins for Halloween 2016_12

Image Courtesy: Jbmillerua/Instagram

Trumpkins for Halloween 2016_13

Image Courtesy: Annalisagesterkamp/Instagram

Trumpkins for Halloween 2016_14

Image Courtesy: Brittneydapice/Instagram

Trumpkins for Halloween 2016_15

Image Courtesy: Jfilla4/Instagram

Trumpkins for Halloween 2016_16

Image Courtesy: Communismmusic/Instagram

Trumpkins for Halloween 2016_17

Image Courtesy: Netadopadre/Instagram

Trumpkins for Halloween 2016_19

Image Courtesy: Lolarainbows/Instagram

Trumpkins for Halloween 2016_20

Image Courtesy: Brenda Stemwell/Twitter

Trumpkins for Halloween 2016_21

Image Courtesy: Mazel_tuff/Instagram

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