Bathtubs have the power to accentuate any bathroom either with their contemporary design, or their vintage charm. They are adept at giving the most immersive and relaxing bathing experience while rejuvenating tired bones. One plunge into the hot water and the world starts to blur around you. To give you this pleasure of bathing, designer Mario Ferrarrini brings you the most exquisite Orion bathtub for Antoniolupi.

The freestanding Orion bathtub is versatile and not supported by any other structure while capturing attention as a centerpiece. Astronomically characterized, it derives its name from the most conspicuous constellation ‘Orion.’

Boasting a smooth, bowl shape, the bathtub effortlessly accommodates a body for an otherworldly bathing ritual. It is suited ergonomically and offers complete comfort and rest to the body after a long, strenuous day.

The Orion bathtub invites you for a satisfactory bath in its graceful round-shaped body carved from a single block of marble. It is made from a variety of precious marbles to bring out its earthy quality with requisite natural veining. These natural materials enhance their elemental quality and underline sustainability. Furthermore, it marks its presence with its unique characterization and the use of natural stone complemented with the geometry of other elements like faucets.  

The most outstanding quality of the bathtub is that it can be placed in any setting. It is highly versatile and built for a wide range of architectural scenarios, thanks to its beautiful sculptural form. Either place it in a garden, or a living room, or let it be a standout piece in your bedroom, it will shine the brightest just like a constellation.

Blending the form and function, the Orion bathtub comes in a myriad of materials like Bianco Carrara, Nero Marquinia, Stone Grey, Bardiglio Nuvolato, Verde Alpi, and every marble available in the Antoniolupi collection.

Image: antoniolupi
Image: antoniolupi

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