Have you heard of an air purifier that converts algae into biophilic design elements? London-based architecture and design firm ecoLogicStudio has envisioned and created the Photo.Synth.Etica Collection, which uses the bio-waste generated from the air purifying process. The Etica collection has three everyday objects: a desktop biotechnological air purifier, a compostable stool, and a biodigital ring.

The collection involves an AIReactor, a desktop biotechnological air purifier. The air purifier weighs 1,213 lbs, and the setup involves birch plywood components enveloping a transparent one-meter-tall lab-grade glass photobio reactor. Its base captures the air around which stirs the green algae medium removing wastes and releasing oxygen which is then released into the surroundings. It is worth noticing that the biomass grown from the air purification process becomes raw material for the collection.

The biomass is tuned into biopolymer, a vital alternative to fossil-fuel-based plastic compounds used in creating everyday objects. The compostable stool combines this process with digital design and 3D printing technology. It is flexible and adaptable to the user’s body and weight, taking on different compositions.

The biodigital ring is a 3D-printed piece of jewelry made from re-metabolized pollution. Converting waste and pollution into a valuable resource offers a new way of life wherein one man’s trash aptly becomes another’s treasure.

“This collection is born from the dream of growing the city of the future from the waste and pollution of our current fossil civilization. More than products these first three objects are tools to start a collective process of urban re-metabolization,” affirms Dr. MarcoPoletto, co-founder and director of ecoLogicStudio.

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All three objects are made for mass production leveraging the potential of digital design and 3D printing technologies. The Photo.Synth.Etica Collection uses the previous EcoLogicStudio’s PhotoSynthetica research project launched in 2018 to advance its progress.

Primarily focused on tackling the negative effects of climate change, the series is a culmination of years of research and development. It brings a holistic approach to the urban environment benefiting with better physical and mental health. The revolutionary product will be showcased at Salone del Mobile, 2024.

Image: EcoLogicStudio
Image: EcoLogicStudio
Image: EcoLogicStudio
Image: EcoLogicStudio

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