Cabañas Morerava in Easter Island, Spain

Eco-Friendly Rental Cabins in Easter Island, Chile

These eco-friendly tourist accommodations in Easter Island, Chile (Rapa Nui) are designed by AATA Architects with the idea to make a minimal impact on the site. Dubbed Cabañas Morerava, these prefabricated cabins are transported all the way from the Chilean ...
Atru Celu Rental Geodesic Dome in France for Glamping Lovers

You can Rent This Geodesic Dome in France for $400

Located in Corsica’s Ospedale forest in Porto Vecchio, France, Glamping Corsica offers unusual cocoon rentals that are designed to provide best views and comfort in an eco-friendly way. Aptly called Cocoon Village, it consists of five unique cabins, including the Atru ...