Brutalist Interior Design Trend is Here to Stay

Happy Jasta  ·  18 May,  2024


The Brutalist style dominated last year and is set to continue its reign in 2024. Born in the 1950s, this unique interior style is known for its industrial look with exposed concrete and metals. Other features are unfinished surfaces, geometric shapes, monotholic forms, statement furniture, bold colors, texture play, etc. Textiles, plants and colors are often incorporated to create a cozy atmosphere in Brutalist interior design.

Alicia Keys’ Razor House by Kelly Behun

Image: Frank Frances Studio

The House at Lizard Island by Sophie Hart

Image: Peter Bennetts

A House in Sardinia by Stera Architectures

Image: Tiziano Canu

10AM Penthouse by GavalasIoannidou Architecture, StudioAndrewTrotter and Eva Papadaki

Image: Salva Lopez

House by Mao Shen Chiang Architects

House of Concrete Experiments by Samira Rathod Design Atelier

Image: Niveditaa Gupta

RICA House by BLOCO Arquitetos

Image: Haruo Mikami

Brooklin House by Galeria Arquitetos

Image: Pedro Kok

Alférez House by Ludwig Godefroy Architecture

Image: Rory Gardiner

Balmain Rock House by Benn & Penna Architects

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