Modern Cat Trees That Match Your Needs and Your Pet's Comfort 

Happy Jasta  ·  29 Mar,  2024

Three Poles Cat Tower by Milliong


Designed by Jiyoun Kim Studio, this cat tree features rounded perches and hanging toys. There is also a scratching pad for the feline friends to stretch out their paws.

Loop Tower by MYZOO Studio


It’s a multifunctional cat jumping platform that combines four functions of catching, jumping, sleeping and collecting in one. The set includes a felt cat cave  and storage bin that can be added to the tower.

House Shape Cat Tree by Marlon Shop


This cat tower comprises three wooden units that make it look like a house. There is a place for cats to rest and play. Scratchers are included on the rooftop.

Hicat Catpilla


Each Catapilla is made up of four units that can be stacked one over the other. The modules have access holes and can be rotated independently.

Mocat Modular Cat Tower


Owners of multiple cats will love this idea as there are multiple Mocats in one unit. It is made up of modular elements of cardboard and plywood, joined by an internal structure.

Connect Tree by Papuk


Vazken Karageozian has designed this multi-level structure - customizable with Connect accessories like a food tray, toy, scratch pad, and cushion. Each level serves as a place to eat, play, sleep and connect.

NEKO Cat Tree by RINN


Designed by Yoh Komiyama, this cat tree embraces a cylindrical shape and a see-through design. There are three separate levels for cat recreation. The marble base keeps the cat tree stable.

Milo Cat Tree by Tuft + Paw


Made of birch plywood, the cat tower features two covered treehouses, dual perches, and two slide-like scratching posts upholstered in a durable carpet fiber.

IVY Cat Tree by Mau Pets


This cat tree has three perches having rattan baskets cocooned with plush cushions for your furballs to rest comfortably. The main post is covered with white scratching rope.

SIO Cat Tree by Sebastian Medrano


This design includes beds, scratch pads and hammocks. It is made from natural materials like pine, felt, and cava oak MDP. There are ropes tied on its frame for scratching.