Remembering Italian designer and architect Gaetano Pesce with his modernist designs

Happy Jasta  ·  5 April,  2024


Gaetano Pesce (1939-2024)


The Italian architect and designer Gaetano Pesce emerged from the Italian Radical Design movement of the 1960s. His career spanned in the fields of architecture, urban planning, interior, exhibition and industrial design. He was known for his imaginative use of shape and color in his modern style furniture.

Black Pratt Chair

Image: Gaetano Pesce

Jeanne Chair

Image: Gaetano Pesce

Image: Andrey Avdeenko

UP Chair for B&B Italia

La Michetta Sofa for Meritalia

Image: Meritalia

Feltri Armchair for Cassina

Image: Cassina

Feltri Armchair for Cassina

Shadow Chair for Meritalia

Image: 1stdibs

Lagoon Table

Image: 1stdibs

Senza Fine Chair for Meritalia

Image: 1stdibs

Giullare Sofa for Meritalia

Image: 1stdibs

Umbrella Chair  for for Zerodisegno

Image: Pamono