Happy Jasta  ·  16 April,  2024

IKEA's Inflatable Gaming Chair Reflects Scandi Style Statement in Vibrant Colors    


IKEA has unveiled its new BRÄNNBOLL gaming furniture collection as part of its “1st” exhibition at Padiglione Visconti during Milan Design Week 2024.

The collection offers a versatile range of furniture including an inflatable chair that learns from IKEA’s previous attempts with inflatable furniture.

It is designed for multiple functions and can be easily moved around the home.

As we can see, the trendy chair comes with a footstool that can be stored  inside the chair.

The chair can even be hung up on a coat rack when not in use.

BRÄNNBOLL chair embraces the Scandinavian style and comes in  vibrant colors.

The IKEA BRÄNNBOLL gaming furniture collection will be launched in September 2024.

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