These Luxury Motorhomes Have Built-in Garages For Cars and More...

Manufacturer: Volkner Mobil Model: Performance S Motorhome Price: $2.4 Million

Image: Volkner Mobil

Manufacturer: Dembell Model: Dembell Motorhome M Price: $1.25 Million

Image: Dembell

Manufacturer: Morelo Model: Palace Alcove 2022 Price: $231,900

Image: Morelo

Manufacturer: VARIOmobil Model: Perfect 1200 Platinum Price: $1.5 Million

Image: VARIOmobil

Manufr.: Concorde Reisemobile Model: Concorde Centurion Atego Price: $4,37,540

Image: Concorde Reisemobile

Manufacturer: Ketterer Model: Ketterer Continental 1200 Price: N/A

Image: Ketterer

Manufacturer: RJH Fahrzeuge Model: Independence Price: $6,67,000

Image: RJH Fahrzeuge GmbH