Plant them near the porch, patio, or  seating area to add  a fragrant beauty to  your backyard

Also known as: Common evening primrose Care: Partial shade; moderate watering

1. Evening Primrose

Image: Pinterest

Also known as: Datura Care: Full sun or shade; regular watering

2. Angel's Trumpet

Image: Youtube

Care: Sun or filtered light; regular watering

3. Casa Blanca Lily

Image: Seedsmax

Care: Drought tolerant; grows in dry climates

4. Yellow Evening Primrose

Image: Pixels

Also known as: Jasmine tobacco Care: Partial shade or full sun; regular water

5. Flowering Tobacco

Image: Jersey-Friendly Yards

Also known as: Marvel of Peru, Beauty of the night Care: Full sun; little water

6. 4 O'Clock

Image: Etsy

Also known as: Cape jasmine Care: Partial shade or full sun; regular water

7. Gardenias

Image: FTD

Also known as: Common  heliotrope Care: Regular water

8. Heliotrope

Image: BHG

Also known as: Winter rose Care: Partial or full shade; water varies by species

9. Hellebore

Image: NC State University

Care: Light shade to full sun; moderate to regular water

10. Jasmine

Image: Gardening Know How