6 High-Capacity Portable Power Stations to Upgrade Your Off-Grid RV Living  

Happy Jasta  ·  02 May,  2024

Outdoor Living

Powered by LiFePO4 batteries, this portable power station has a capacity of 3.84kWh with 6,000W AC output to power your needs on an RV. You can add up to six battery packs to expand capacity to 26.9kWh. There are dual voltages (120V/240V) in one unit. It can be plugged into existing solar systems.

Anker SOLIX F3800

Equipped with 6,071Wh, this portable power station can power RVs, trailers, tiny houses, and more. It features seven different types of outlets. The backup system can be charged via 1200W solar panels in 11 hours or via a wall outlet in 12 hours. It can be a great stress reliever when dealing with power outages.

Yeti 6000X by Goal Zero

This power station backed by a 5100Wh LiFePo4 battery and a 3000W inverter is perfect for an RV or tiny house enthusiast desirous of off-grid living. It has about 15 outlets to power small and big appliances. EP500Pro can be charged via solar panels, wall outlet, acid battery, generator, and EV.


If you want a tiny home power backup that can be expanded in future, this 6000Wh power station from EcoFlow can be a good choice. Owing to the stackable design, it is expandable up to 90kWh with extra batteries. The 7200W output and six AC outlets can power multiple household appliances at once.  

EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra

This portable power station with 3024Wh capacity can power most outdoor appliances, making it perfect for RVs, tiny houses, etc. It can be solar-charged in 3-4 hours and wall-charged in just 2.4 hours. What makes it different from other options is the companion mobile app for convinience.

Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro

This 2073.6Wh portable power station can power lights, fans, mini-fridges and other appliances in your RV. It charges from 0-80 percent in just 1.4 hours and takes about 3.3 hours when plugged into a 600W solar system. There are 14 ports and pure sine wave output.

DaranEner NEO2000