Foldable living unit designed primarily for earthquake prone zones. Ranging between 27sqm to 84sqm floor space, these are fully-equipped family homes starting at $29,000.

M.A.Di flat-pack cabin

Fully equipped with electrical wiring, water, and sewer connection pipes, the plush DublDom house is move-in ready. An entry-level 463sq ft model starts at $49,000.

DublDom house

Boxabl’s first and only available 400sq ft studio apartment Casita is fully-furnished and costs $49,500. It ships on an 8-foot footprint, that means it can be hauled by a pickup truck or SUV.

Boxabl Casita

ÖÖD House tiny home’s come with mirrored exteriors that allow them to disappear into the landscape. Featuring cozy single room wrapped around by glass windows, these start from $65,000.

ÖÖD House

Designed for minimalist luxury living in a spaciously sustainable house, Estonian firm Kodasema’s Koda mobile home comes in 326sq ft floor space starting from $94,000.

Kodasema Koda

Built by UK firm Ten Fold Engineering, the TF living homes measure 645sq ft once unfolded. Starting at $129,000, these portable structures can assemble automatically, without any machinery.

TF living units

Jeff Wilson spent two years living in a dumpster before building micro-housing solution called Kasita. Measuring 31x12-feet, these tiny homes are sustainable homes costing $139,000 each.

Kasita homes