Pumpkin Pollution is Festive Problem, What's the Solution?

The season of spooky Halloween decorations and Jack-o’-lanterns is over. However, pumpkins will be around over the holiday season

But most of the pumpkins will not be composted or consumed as food

They will end up in the trash and eventually fill a landfill

The breakdown of organic matter will release methane greenhouse gas

Methane warms up the atmosphere in a shorter amount of time than carbon dioxide, which makes it a potent cause of climate change

Many households are using faux pumpkins and making them on their own for home decorations

But the real pumpkins need better end than rotting in a landfill and adding to methane pollution

Don’t throw pumpkins in the trash. Leftover pumpkins should be composted onsite

Use them to make pies, soups or baking sweet treats

Bring pumpkins to treat farm animals

An act of not throwing pumpkins in trash is a simple effort you can make to combat climate change