The tiny house industry is embracing new space-spacing options and diversifying living space to the outdoor. Here are the best trends to catch this year.

Rise of Single-Story Houses

2023 was the year of single-floor tiny houses due to the demand for dwellings that remove the hassle of stairs and pesky ladders. The trend is expected to continue in 2024.


Image: Uber Tiny Homes

Popularity of Park Models

Another tiny house trend is the preference leaning toward the park models measuring slightly higher than mobile houses. They are versatile spaces for growing families.


Image: Mint Tiny House company

Addition of Outdoor Spaces

As park models gained favor among tiny house lovers, the addition of outdoor living spaces such as outdoor decks, rooftops, porches, and balconies also established themselves as prerequisites.


Image: Raglan Tiny Homes

Multi-Functional Design

Modular and multifunctional furniture are very useful for tiny houses. Explore the genre of underfloor storage, wall-mounted shelving, hidden compartments and retractable furniture to maximize space.


Image: Baluchon

Inclusion of Off-Grid Systems

Post the pandemic there has been an increased demand for mobile housing with off-grid solutions. Builders are now shipping models pre-fitted with renewable energy systems.


Image: Berghaus

Focus on Sustainability

Sustainable building materials have seen a rising demand from the industry. In 2024, bamboo, reclaimed wood, recycled metal, and eco-friendly paints will gain traction.


Image: Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes