The Street Furniture Collection is Made of Upcycled Car Parts  

Camping Trailer

Happy Jasta  ·  10 June,  2024

Estonian mobility company Bolt in collaboration with Swedish design studio Interesting Times Gang has come up with Living Vroom collection, which focuses on circularity

It is a street furniture collection made from upcycled car parts

The designers Sean and Alex have utilized detonated airbags and 3D printing to create unique, durable pieces

The collection comprises a lounge chair, pouf, bench, and two solar-powered lamps, all made from vehicle waste materials sourced from Scandinavian scrap yards

Each item is designed to make the user feel at home while sitting in a public place

This project aims to create inviting and people-friendly urban environments

The upcycled car part furniture collection can be viewed at Paulinas Kök & Kakeri in Stockholm