This Building in Europe is 3D Printed from 100% Recyclable Concrete


Happy Jasta  ·  27 Mar,  2024

IT Server Hotel in Heidelberg, Germany is touted as the Europe's largest 3D printed building

It’s a collaboration between KRAUS GRUPPE and PERI 3D Construction

The BOD2 3D Construction printer from COBOD International completed the task in just 140 hours

Heidelberg Materials supplied 333 tons of i tech 3D, a 100-percent recyclable material specifically for 3D concrete printing

The 3D printed building features a unique wavy facade conceptualized by SSV Architekten and  Mense - Korte

A painting robot from DAW Deutsche Amphibolin-Werke by Robert Murjahn was used for the painting work in the interior

The project displays the  architectural freedom achievable through 3D printing

Images: PERI 3D/KRAUS Group/ Heidelberg Materials AG/ Christian Buck