SaloneSatellite 2024: Award-Winning Creations by Young Designers

Happy Jasta  ·  26 April,  2024

Studio Ololoo from China won the first prize for the Deformation Under Pressure Lamp. It is a brilliant fusion of inflatable PVC and a meticulously tensioned aluminum structure.

Deformation Under Pressure Lamp

The Italian-Danish Filippo Andrighetto grabbed the second prize for the Veliero Bookcase. It is made entirely from interlocking wood elements without any screws or glue involved.

Veliero Bookcase

Third prize went to Italian company Egoundesign’s Voronoi 3D Printed Brass Cups. This project explores how 3D printing technology can be used to manufacture products.

Voronoi 3D Printed Brass Cups

A special mention award was given to Tunisian designers Mohamed Romani, Chems Eddine Mechri, and Ahmed Bssilaper for the Fibra Lamp. It shows how traditional materials still matter in modern design.

Fibra Lamp

SaloneSatellite has become one of the most important events during the Salone del Mobile.Milano that provides a big platform for young designers under 35 to gain attention in the design world.

This year for 25th edition of the SaloneSatellite, around 600 participants from 32 countries and 22 international Design Schools and Universities from 13 countries joined the event.

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