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Double Sens Modular Coffee Table

Double Sens: Modular coffee table with moveable storage blocks

French designer Thomas Pinsard of École Boulle School of fine arts has designed an elegant modular coffee table dubbed Double Sens. It is aptly named due to its ‘double sense’ that includes wide storage space within its cubical form. There are nine movable wooden blocks that forms a cube-shaped table that is idyllic centerpiece of any contemporary living area. The interesting attribute of this table is that it comes with an ingenious rotating system, allowing you to rearrange each block ...

Katris Modular Cardboard Cat Furniture by Papercut Lab

Katris modular cardboard cat furniture framed with Tetris-like entities

Why to buy separate cat condo and cat scratcher, when your adorable furry friend can get benefits of both in one Katris modular cardboard cat furniture. It is made by a creative design team at Papercut Lab and consists of different sturdy cardboard shapes that assemble together in varying structures just like the game Tetris allows you to form endless configurations. Each piece is created from 100-percent recyclable cardboard shaped into various figures, using non-toxic starch-based adhesives ...

Lift-top Coffee Table with Abundant Storage Space

DIY lift-top coffee table endeavors abundant storage space

Seeking furniture that would become centerpiece of your living area and store your extra stuff neatly? Well, why to waste money on two different furniture pieces when you can get the benefits of both in one. Here is an interesting DIY Pallet Coffee Table made from reclaimed shipping pallets. This multi-functional coffee table is designed by Instructables user [Dirkdeus]. The wooden planks were arranged systematically to form a minimalist table that rests on four wheels for easy movements from ...

Fireplace Coffee Table

Enjoy open flame indoors with gorgeous ‘Fireplace Coffee Table’

You must be all geared up for upcoming winters with central heating of your house using a thermostat or a fireplace. What about those who cannot afford expensive thermostats and luxury fireplaces in their apartment? Don’t worry, as Instructables user [JON-A-TRON] has introduced an easy DIY Fireplace Coffee Table for those who cannot afford or don’t have enough space in their small dwelling for a lavish hearth. This DIY table is a multi-purpose piece of furniture that lets you enjoy open ...

Get Smart Desk by Henrybuilt

Henrybuilt’s minimalist ‘Get Smart’ is a distraction-free workspace

Anyone who appreciates minimalism and elegance will love the Get Smart workspace by Henrybuilt, Seattle-based firm known for kitchen systems. The firm wanted to expand its business so they created a beautiful furniture collection including the simplistic Get Smart Desk. The wooden writer’s desk completes with a chair, both comes in a simple layout without any over-the-top design. There are no additional drawers or other storage space on the table, just to avoid unnecessary distractions that ...

Linley Silhouette Chair

Linley Silhouette chair crafted from single copper panel

Looking for elegant resting chair that would not only relax your body, but also be a stylish centerpiece in your abode? Have a look at this striking Silhouette Chair by UK-based furniture manufacturer Linley with the help of Dutch furniture designer Hans Wegner. Its classy design clearly reflects that it is inspired from a traditional Danish wing back chair. Already impressed by its exquisite style and design? Well, you’ll be amazed to know that the modish chair is handcrafted from a single ...

Flying Wave Armchair by A-Studio

Flying Wave Armchair reflects rhythmic undulations of ocean

Have you ever wished to relax on oceanic tides? Well, your dream might come true virtually with the Flying Wave Armchair by, France-based furniture designing firm. The chair comes with voluptuous curves that beautifully reflect rhythmic waves of ocean. The firm teamed up with M1 Society to design its curvy metal structure and Ateliers Charles Jouffre, International upholsterer, to create various versions of upholsteries including velvet, vinyl, leather, etc. The armchair’s elegant bright ...

Pedro Barrail Wooden Stools with Enticing Tribal Tattoos

Pedro Barrail creates meticulous wooden stools with enticing tribal tattoos

Pedro Barrail, Paraguay- based designer and architect of Cristina Grajales Gallery, designed exquisite furniture collection ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ including cabinets, tables, stools and chairs. Although every furniture piece carries a unique character, but we liked El Castor and Levantate y Anda Bar stool designs the most due to their innovative way of reflecting the behavior of wild animals. Both stool features beautiful tribal tattoo patterns by ancient Pai Tavytera tribe, representing ...

JWT Furniture Made of Recycled Political Campaign Boards

JWT repurposes campaign trash into useful home furniture

After the elections, campaign trash on roadsides is a common sight that keeps littering the roads for days. But in Brazil something different happened this past election cycle, when Mobilize Brasil paired up with J. Walter Thompson (JWT), a New York-based advertising agency, to devise the Political Furniture Project. With the help of designer architect and designer Mauricio Arruda, both the firms have successfully designed five pieces of furniture such as coat racks, stools, towel horses, side ...

45 Furniture Series by Daniel Becker Design Studio

Daniel Becker shaped recycled pallet wood into chic furniture

Berlin-based Daniel Becker Design Studio has given second life to old wooden shipping pallets in form of a sleek designer line of furniture. Designed for German startup Kimidori, the series ‘45’ includes various furniture pieces such as stools, cabinets, sideboards, and seating. Their sleek as well as finely cut surfaces were inspired by the look of wooden houses in Northern and Eastern Europe. The wooden pallets were firstly disassembled and then turned cut into geometric patterns that ...

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