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Kids Imagination Furniture

Kids Imagination Furniture line to foster their creativity

According to studies, the environment around a child plays great impact on his/her brain development, creativity and also enhances learning skills. Keeping rapid growth and learning factors in mind, The Cardboard Guys have created Kids Imagination Furniture line to boost their mind’s creativity by developing their workspace using cardboard units. This furniture line is made from sustainable folded cardboard that inspires kids to create desk and chair themselves. The cardboard desk is equipped ...

Seat Away Portable Chair by Emanuele Meinero

Seat Away portable chair travels with you to any location

Do you ever miss comfort of a chair when out on your favorite picnic spot? Not anymore, as Italian designer and architect Emanuele Meinero has created a portable seating solution for outdoors in form of the Seat Away. All thanks to the chair’s notebook design, you’ll get the best seat even on ground with its simple support system for relaxing your back and feet. It is basically a handy seating system made from inexpensive recyclable materials such as chipboard and rope. The adaptable seat ...

Duotable by Michael Hilgers

Duotable space-saving desk is designed to serve twofold purpose

With more number of people moving to small apartments in crowded cities, the demand of space-saving furniture is also increasing simultaneously. Living up to the current trend of multifunctional space-saving furniture, Berlin-based designer Michael Hilgers has designed a simple yet practical Duotable desk to serve two basic purposes i.e. dining and working. The elegant Duotable’s flat tabletop can serve as a dining table for four people. However, on flipping half of the tabletop it becomes a ...

Begin Chair by Pilates Instructor Maria Mankin

Begin Chair transforms sitting at desk into an active experience

You may be aware that sitting for long duration is likely to increase various health related issues from obesity to cardiovascular diseases. To combat the problem designers from all over the world are trying to create innovative yet comfortable standing desks. But if you’re looking for a solution to battle dangers of sitting without compromising comfort of a chair, then Begin Chair is the best piece of furniture for you. Pilates instructor Maria Mankin has collaborated with Balanced Body, ...

Fluid Assembly Chair

Fluid Assembly Chair put itself together underwater

We’ve seen various modular furniture designs that can be rearranged as per the user’s changing needs. But, what if a chair could assemble itself without any human effort? Well, MIT researches have made this a reality by creating small white chair dubbed Fluid Assembly chair, which can assemble itself underwater due to the power of water currents and small magnets. This prototype chair consists of six different parts that are made from special material for easy assembling. The researches ...

Meccano Home Furniture Line

Meccano Home modular furniture pieces splash colors into any interior

In childhood if you had spent hours constructing various things with Meccano toys, then you are surely going to love the latest Meccano Home furniture line as well. Just like the chunks of toys, this super-sized home furniture collection allows you to build practical piece of furniture, using modular metal units. You can easily customize desired furniture by assembling metal parts such as metal plates, pulleys and angle girders of the original toy variety. These furniture pieces come in bright ...

Hub Desk by Fantoni

Hub Desk personalizes to fit the user’s dynamic workspace needs

For constantly changing demands of the 21st century, most of the businesses are tending to follow dynamic work culture. Unlike traditional dull and restricted workspace, the flexible office environment has proven to be more productive and comfortable for the employees. Keeping the concept alive, UK-based industrial furniture manufacturer Fantoni has created the latest Hub Desk to meet demands of today’s changing work environment. Blending traditional cubical shape of 1990’s cabin with ...

Bookniture by Mike Mak

Bookniture: Sleek tome folds out into multipurpose furniture

Books being used as furniture clearly depicts that you’re a bibliophile with massive collection of books, which are even utilized for other household purposes as well. But, how about a single book that can be transformed into multipurpose furniture? Well, Hong Kong-based designer Mike Mak has actually made that possible all thanks to the Bookniture- a book that unfolds to multifunctional furniture. Bookniture is not really made from books; in fact it is constructed from collapsible paper ...


Climate Table reduces temperature fluctuations of its surroundings

Engineer Raphaël Ménard has teamed up with designer Jean-Sébastien Lagrange to introduce thermal inertia into a furniture piece- Climate Table. Despite of its very sleek design, the table offers very high thermal capacity to reduce temperature fluctuations of its surroundings. The table is made from combination of solid wooden surface and underside of anodized aluminum that is installed with MCP to maintain appropriate temperature. The wavy pattern of aluminum underneath the table allow ...

DIY Space-saving Cardboard Shoe Rack

DIY space-saving cardboard shoe rack with geometric truss

Love buying new pair of shoes, but not the clutter that comes with it? Well, you can make your living space clutter-free without even spending extra money on a new shoe bracket. This is because you can easily make your own shoe rack at home, using old cardboard pieces. All you need to do is collect old cardboard pieces and colored duct tape and you’re all sorted from the mess. For creating the cardboard shoe bracket, you need to cut cardboard in 21×24-inches and score it into three equal ...

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