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Star Wars-themed X-Wing Rocker

Toy maker crafts Star Wars-themed X-wing rocker for younglings

Gone are the days when children grew up playing in rocking horses. But, the new generation can now enjoy with the Star Wars-themed wooden X-wing rocker by New Zealand-based toy maker Steve Coupe from Steves Wooden Toys. Coupe has been making toys for 25 years and now he decided to make a special tribute to Star Wars, meanwhile helping to raise money for local children’s hospital. The X-wing rocker is made out of solid wood and comes with a removable R2-D2 at the back, as co-pilot. This cool ...

DIY TV stand doubles as elegant bookcase

Reclaimed pallet TV stand doubles as elegant bookcase

Buying expensive TV stand and separate media console for sound system, cables, etc. is definitely not a good deal. Moreover, it would make your living area look cluttered and clumsy. Struggling from the same dilemma, [Neokentin], France-based co-founder and author at 1001 pallets, has created an elegant DIY TV stand made from reclaimed wooden pallets. What makes this TV stand unique is its underneath storage space that doubles up as practical bookcase. The 2.4-meter long TV stand can easily ...

Latest Furniture Line by Alexander Wang

Stylish beanbag chair by Alexander Wang could be yours for $8,800

Renowned fashion designer Alexander Wang has now tried his hand at furniture designing with his latest three-piece furniture collection. These contemporary and chic furniture pieces are created for the popular Italian home goods brand- Poltrona Frau. The elegant furniture line includes two brass-footed bean bag chairs and shagreen bar cabinet. One of the beanbag chairs is lined in black shearling and the other in leather; however both are priced for $8,800. The bar cabinet is wrapped in ...

DIY Ottoman and Coffee Table from Old Tires

Repurpose old tires into elegant ottoman and coffee table

Have plenty of old tires in your garage but don’t know what to do with them? Well, recycling a tire is not good for environment, so we would suggest repurposing it into some elegant furniture piece for your living space. [Shazni], one of the contributors at Instructables, has recently created some aesthetic as well as functional ottoman and coffee table out of some retired tires. She has beautifully turned dull looking tires into stunning furniture units to enhance her abode. In center a ...

Cantilevers Desk by Les Ateliers FLOWN

Scarce Boeing 737-800 winglet transfigured into chic Cantilevers Desk

In the past, we have seen artistic designers create outstanding furniture pieces made from aircraft fuselage from Boeing 747 conference table to Jumbo 747 Sleeper. Now we have another impeccable airplane office sculpture dubbed Cantilevers Desk by Les Ateliers FLOWN. The striking piece of workstation has been crafted from a scarce winglet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The exquisite desk will not only look classy in any office space, but also provide appropriate space for practical usage. It is ...

Ram & Row Rower by Patrick Saint-Martin

Ram & Row rower lies hidden inside wooden furniture

Seeking for fitness machine that doesn’t make your apartment seems like a gym center? Don’t stress, as Ram & Row rower designed by Patrick Saint-Martin is the best solution for fitness freaks to exercise without cluttering their house. The fitness machine is hidden inside wooden furniture with multiple uses and blends perfectly into any interior- traditional or contemporary. The wooden monolith on unfolding becomes a fitness rower to help you exercise anytime that suits you. It ...

Exocet Chair by Stephane Leathead

Exocet chair alters to varying configurations for maximum comfort

Stephane Leathead, Montreal-based designer and creative director of Designarium, has created a new concept convertible chair- Exocet that embodies multiple uses. The Exocet chair has unique design with identical slats assembled on a rotating cylinder, providing flexibility to the users to change into varying configurations. Its cleverly designed ergonomics allows you to easily alter its shape in order to achieve desired sitting position for maximum comfort. For instance, you can choose to sit ...

Natevo Nightscape by Masaki Murata

Natevo Nightscape: Radiant piece of multi-purpose furniture

Natevo, revolutionary line of illuminated furniture and furnishings, has recently revealed the latest glass display unit with built-in lighting. It is created by Japanese designer Masaki Murata, who has represented the small-scale city skyline through this artistic piece. This attractive luminous furnishing décor object is a striking addition to wide range of ambiances. Besides a radiant display unit, it can serve as multi-purpose furniture for several uses such as coffee table in lounge ...

Jaws Baby Crib by Joseph Reginella

Sculptor makes horrifyingly cute Jaws-themed crib for his nephew

Joseph Reginella, New York-based sculptor and toy designer for Toxic Teddies, has recently designed a darkly humorous Jaws-themed crib for his 2-month-old nephew Mikey Melaccio. He has created this unique baby bed inspired from the 1975 horror flick “Jaws,” where sharks swallowed small boats. The terrifying bed also seems as if the dangerous shark is about to gulp cute baby along with a small boat, adding exquisite character to the crib. Reginella thought of gifting something terrifyingly ...

The Lie Chair

The Lie chair molds into various multi-functional furniture units

Multi-purpose furniture pieces have gained popularity over past few years, due to their ability to utilize maximum space of any small living area. Living up to the concept, Germany-based designer Andrei Pop has recently created a unique multi-functional furniture unit, the Lie Chair. The chair can be molded into various geometric shapes, depending on your changing needs. On folding completely, the chair forms shape of a square box that serves as stool along with storage box. The partitions ...

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