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Bocker: Multipurpose seating doubles up as offbeat home decor

Manufactured by German-based company Deparso and designed by product designer duo Matthias Lauche and Martha Frieler, the Bocker is a multi-talented and resourceful seating option that also doubles as home decor object. The duo also runs their own design studio form|knast, which means hungry and both the designers are hungry for creating something new, exciting and innovative Bocker is also another innovative and fascinating home decor product by the designer duo, which truly explains the ...

Gira Coffee Table by Craft Modern

Fancy coffee table by Craft Modern adds industrial touch to any room

Renovating home interior with decorative furnishings and designs often cost a fortune, but the attractive Gira Coffee Table by Craft Modern can add spunk to your interior, without shelling out too much dollars. Its streamlined design in bright color would certainly make it a centerpiece of any room where it’s kept. The coffee table consists of few modular components that are easy to assemble and disassemble (when not in use). Base of the table is made from t-slot aluminum posts along with ...

Cubrick Cabinet

Cubrick Cabinet swirls open to expose hidden storage sections

Seeking elegant cabinet that’s not only space-saving, but also adds playful touch to interior? You’re in luck, as designers Ian Spencer and Cairn Young, from London-based furniture design company Yard Sale Project, have created one such interactive piece of furniture for modern homes. When completely closed it appears like an ordinary vertical cabinet, but its rotating mechanism expose several hidden storage compartments. The cabinet is made from wood and lined with Impala fabric in ...

BFF ConsoleTables by Vick Vanlian

BFF Console Tables by Vick Vanlian playfully acknowledge women’s fashion

As part of Private Session Collection by Lebanese designer Vick Vanlian, the vivacious BFF Console Tables are designed to reflect women’s beauty and their love for fashion. The pop-art-inspired range of tables pay homage to the language of Jeff Koons and Takashi Murakami, meanwhile serves as functional furniture for storage and to display home decor objects. Base of each console boasts gorgeous leggy look of a woman, showing off her gorgeous high heel pumps. The legs and heels are painted in ...

Times 4 Coffee Table

Times 4 Coffee Table rotates to reveal its colorful quadrants

Looking for elegant table with storage sections, but without compromising your comfort? Times 4 Coffee Table by Goncalo Campos interprets the same through its pivoting pie chart-shaped design. The tabletop gently rotates to reveal its four colorful quadrant portions. These small sections are used to store your belongings, preventing unnecessary clutter. This coffee table is designed for Polit, Italian publishing house for contemporary furniture, to offer something unique yet functional to the ...

El me cagneto

El me cagneto is bohemian-styled home for man’s best friend

El me cagneto by Alessandra Fagnani, realized by Brighenti Fratelli, is a peppy, creative and fashionable bohemian-styled little abode for the man’s best friend. The elegant pet house is inspired by the Venetian parlance “il mio cagnolino,” which means my little dog. So this beautiful house is especially designed for your adorable puppy in the house. Besides being a comfy pet house, El me cagneto’s  bohemian as well as baroque style of architecture also becomes ...


Vintage Industrial Crank Tables are perfect for classic and modern homes

Homeowners seeking minimalist yet stylish furniture to spruce up their dining or office space are in luck, as Phoenix-based furniture manufacturer Vintage Industrial has come up with industrial Crank Tables for both classic and modern homes. These vintage-inspired table designs boast streamlined machine-like base, adding chic trait into any interior. These table designs not only have exclusive appearance, but also meet the needs of functionality. Check out three exquisite table designs, which ... Floor-integrated Seating by Dina Amin floor-integrated seating inspired by Mosaic flower

Convertible and space-saving furniture pieces not only adapt as per the user’s need, but also maximize space of your home. Another addition to the transforming furniture is Mosaic flower-shaped seating system- by Cairo-based designer Dina Amin. It is a floor-integrated seating to suit creative home or office spaces, adding playful touch to any interior. Design of the flat seat comes in geometric form of a Mosaic flower as well as influenced by few characteristics of Islamic ...

800 x 1200 eco-design

800 x 1200 Eco-design gives second life to used pallets

ConLegno Consortium in partnership with be-eco for sustainable construction presents 800 x 1200 Eco-design– an eco-friendly line of furniture, designed and fashioned by using washed-out and second-hand pallets. The sustainable and environmentally-friendly collection consists of both indoor and outdoor furniture, which is made out of EUR/EPAL pallets, a standard European pallet measuring 800 x 1200 mm. EPAL pallets are four-way pallet and made from wood that is used nationally and ...

Explosion Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz

Add some spunk to your interior with Explosion Cabinet

Yesterday, we featured Sebastian Errazuriz’s interactive Wave Cabinet, which opens up like a paper fan. Errazuriz is New York-based renowned artist and designer who always come up with some eye-catching cabinet designs. Here’s another originative piece of furniture called Explosion Cabinet, which abstractly opens up to form eruptive decor object. This cabinet is divided by central seam and consists of few wooden slats supported by glass ends and stainless steel base. Using complex ...

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