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Enchanted Forest Queen Canopy Bed

Enchanted Forest Queen Bed will take you back in the land of fairytales

We all have heard stories about sleeping beauty and her prince charming, but what if you get a chance to relive that fairytale? Just imagine sleeping beauty in her deep sleep is awakened by the kiss of true love. Yes, I know it is too romantic, but the Enchanted Forest Queen Bed is a mesmerizingly designed canopy bed to offer that exact feel everyday when you get up. The canopy bed is made from handcrafted iron, which is a work of craftsmanship as it highlights all minute details of the bed ...

Ikea 2016 catalog

Sneak Peek at few awesome pieces from Ikea catalog 2016

Every year Ikea, Swedish furniture giant, comes up with something minimalist but very practical for homeowners. It’s always interesting to find out such household deigns that speak out for themselves and need no further description. Likewise, Ikea catalog 2016 is also full of simple yet wonderful surprises that any homeowner would love. The latest catalog is based on a theme ‘The Little Things That Matter,’ which focuses on people’s lives at home. This new collection represents ...

High Voltage Ejector Bed

Colin Furze’s bed launcher literally thrusts oversleepers out of it

Crazy British inventor Colin Furze often comes up with unique gimmicks that are not only beyond conventional standards, but practical at the same time. His latest invention is ‘High Voltage Ejector Bed,’ which literally catapults its user out of it if he/she oversleeps. He devised this innovative bed launcher after being challenged by the British tea and coffee company Taylors of Harrogate to create something for waking up sleepers like ‘High Voltage’ coffee. Furze understands that ...

Volo Garden Rocker Lounger by Sveglio

Volo garden rocker lounger adds relaxing touch to any outdoor space

Looking to infuse some comfort and relaxation to your outdoor space? Well, you’re in luck as Italian furniture manufacturer Sveglio has created a spectacular garden rocker lounger called Volo. This geometric outdoor lounger is designed to offer some aesthetics as well as practical ways to sit back and unwind. Unlike conventional loungers, this ultimate rocker lounger is built for two. So you can relax on this comfy piece of furniture along with your companion. The Italian term ‘volo’ ...

Twinny Couch by Proteas

Twinny couch morphs into bunk bed just like its predecessor ‘Coupe Sofa’

Remember the internet sensation Coupe sofa that turns into fully-functional bunk bed in seconds? Well, you’ll get over it after looking at its upgraded version called Twinny couch by Greece-based furniture manufacturers Proteas. Just like its predecessor, Twinny sofa can be transformed into a comfortable bunk bed within few seconds. However, the latest one comes in bright upholsteries to splash some colors into your interior, apart from maximizing space. It is ideal for any small ...

Sinan Coffee Table by Ian Stell

Sinan coffee table is based on rhythmic movements of accordion

If you love kinetic objects, then this coolest dynamic table will certainly blow your mind. Sinan coffee table by New York-based kinetic designer Ian Stell not only looks like an accordion, but also expands and contracts like the same musical instrument. At first glance, it seems like a lattice-like zigzag piece of furniture but on pulling it from either ends it expands to form a larger table. For these choreographic movements, Stell has created internal lattice pattern using a 3D model on ...

Walnut Wood Table

This walnut wood table has a top that retracts like convertible roof

Gone are the days when tables were designed according to the requirement. Center tables were designed to solve some purpose without giving much attention to aesthetics. However, with time and lack of available living space, tables are designed to serve multiple purposes with adding maximum aesthetics to interior.This walnut wood table is a good example of desirable design that seamlessly transforms itself to become functional and aesthetically pleasing. With adjustable tabletop and a built-in ...

Missy Cave

Missy Cave is a funky hideout for your furry friends at home

Sometimes it becomes a hectic task to lookout for fashionable yet comfortable bed for your furry friends at home. A perfect bed for pets is designed to give maximum comfort and also become a perfect piece of furniture in the living area. It might sound strange, but sometimes such situations are even faced by designers too. Leslie Hemming, founder of PUP & KIT a modern pet furniture company, have gone through the same situation. So Hemming wanted to create something practical as well as ...

Poly Stool by Mu Hau Kao

New Designers 100% Design Award goes to Mu Hau Kao for his Ply Stool

Mu Hau Kao, design graduate from Camberwell College of Arts, has won the 100% Design Award for his simple yet commercially practical piece of furniture- Ply Stool. Every year the design award is given by New Designers to exceptional and promising designers for their work in the field of bringing prime products into the market. This year, Mu Hau Kao gained the entire highlight for his remarkably and brilliantly crafted stool. According to Kao, he was inspired by natural figures to create this ...

Handmade Lego Table

Decorate your living room like a kid with handmade Lego table

Lego interlocking toy bricks have always been popular, since its launch in 1949. The toy bricks are predominant even today, as various designers and crafters keep coming up with unique Lego-inspired products from time to time. For now, Lego-lovers can feast their eyes on the illuminating Lego Table by Esty member Legotings. This one-of-a-kind table is handmade out of wood base, covered in colorful Lego bricks along with 250 minifigs resting on the top. Moreover, a removable 6mm thick glasstop ...

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