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NATUR Resting Chair by Berkan Sahan

NATUR is resting chair designed to maintain body balance

We work regularly from morning to evening in office while sitting on a standard chair, which may lead to bad body posture and certain health issues in the long run. To sort-out this problem, German designer Berkan Sahan in collaboration with KYS Furniture has created the NATUR resting chair, especially to relax within your office environment. According to studies, the balance of the body is maintained by breathing with midriff and chest breathing. Hence, the chair is designed as such that it ...

Copenhague Desk

Copenhague Table with minimalist yet elegant design suited for small spaces

Danish furniture manufacturer Hay commissioned Bouroullec brothers Ronan and Erwan, to create simple yet elegant furniture for the University of Copenhagen. The designer duo came up with the Copehague Collection that includes chair, bar stool and various table designs. But the Copenhague Table impressed us the most with its minimal design that offers great versatility. The table is designed to escape bureaucracy of traditional furniture designs used in the institute before. It provides ...

Gears Table Collection

Amaury Poudray’s Gears Table Collection showcases industrial designs

Gear manufacturing company- Remy Barrere Gears in collaboration with French industrial designer Amaury Poudray has created an unusual collection of tables inspired by industrial gears. The collection is suitably named Gears Table Collection and will be displayed at Maison et Objet 2014 and Paris Design Week. It consists of three tables inspired from authentic industrial materials and designs, each forming a tenacious structure. The designer has built each table from metal and stainless steel ...

Maciek Table by Tabanda

Maciek Table combines retro design dynamics with contemporary edge

Are you searching for minimalist furniture design to suit your urban lifestyle? Well, Poland-based design trio Tabanda has created the Maciek Table that blends both retro and contemporary designs to offer aesthetic as well as practical approach to any home. The trio has designed the table after a friend asked to create simple workspace with blend of both function and style. Keeping the two essentials in mind, designers came up with this refreshing lightweight furniture that can serve not only ...

Modular Sofa by Tabanda

Modular sofa by Tabanda depicts nature of women in its playful design

Poland-based furniture designing studio Tabanda is known for creating innovative furniture pieces inspired by nature. But this time they have designed a minimalist, yet contemporary sofa that somehow depicts nature of women. Most women like to keep their entire valuables close within her purse under her arm. Likewise the sofa is designed with two armrests with ample storage space on either side to keep your belongings close to you under armrests. You can keep your books, magazines or other ...

Uptown Poufs by Julie Terzakis

DIY upholstered poufs by Julie Terzakis offers storage space for books

Julie Terzakis, student of art and design school ENSAD in Paris, has created DIY collection of poufs named Uptown. It is named so because these are inspired from traditional techniques of upholstery, forming a cushiony frame all around its wooden structure. These poufs are fully handmade and comprises of wood, foam, fabric and few cables for its construction without using any nails, screws or glue. The wooden planks have hand crafted edges with small gaps are inserted into one another to form ...

Marc Newson Joins Apple

Marc Newson joins Apple design team

It’s no secret that Apple’s design chief Jony Ive and Marc Newson have worked together on several Apple products. One of the famous products by the duo is the popular Cherry Red Mac Pro designed for Red Auction by Apple last year. According to reports surfacing on the internet Marc Newson has Marc has officially joined Apple’s design team. Both the legendary designer are good friends. So, it is not a surprising news that they have decided to join hands ‘officially’ in ...

Leaf Table by Dizajno

Two curved solid wood pieces merged together form this leaf-like table

Slovakian Design Company Dizajno has created unique masterpiece called the Leaf Table that truly lives up to its name, as its design is inspired from natural curves of a leaf. The gently sloped surface of this table is not only aesthetically appealing but also functional. Despite slightly curved surface, the table can easily allow a wine glass, plate or any other object (for instance, a fruit) to rest on it without dropping down. Leaf Table is made by joining two curved solid wood pieces ...

Acari Chair by Binome

Acari Chair by Binome resembles colorful swim ring

Having colorful swim rings floating in pools add an element of joy and playfulness to your backyard.  What if the same essence is brought inside the home in form of a furniture unit? Well, Italian product manufacturer Binome has created an amazing chair dubbed Acari that closely resembles a swim ring. However, it is not inflatable, but shiny surface of the material used in making forces us to believe as if it would deflate as soon as pricked with a needle. It is comprised of resin rubber ...

Cocoon Media Unit by Boss Design

Boss Design reinvents boring office space with Cocoon Media Unit

Tired of boring office environment and long meetings in the same old cabin? Well, redesign your meeting space or cabinet with Cocoon Media Unit designed by Boss design, UK-based office furniture manufacturer. It is aesthetically pleasant and highly functionally single unit that envelops you within a perfect setting for collaborative tasks and team meetings. It includes a center table and two enclosed sofa sets facing each other in an elegant blue and white minimal design. Each sofa can ...

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