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Wave Coffee Table

The Wave coffee table brings nature indoors

England-based bespoke furniture designer Alex MacMaster has created a contemporary wooden coffee table called Wave that has four flowing laminated pieces of birch ply and wood veneer interlocking with each other to create wave-like impression and provide support to mirror on top. Inspired by nature and its surroundings, the  Wave coffee table is created with absolute excellence in design and artisanship. The two wave-shaped curves that intersect each other at a certain point to create a ...


EverBlock: Fun bricks turn your imagination into a life-sized creation

Lego bricks are the coolest creation on this planet, allowing both children and adults to give shape to their imagination. Frequently, we keep updating your knowledge about new creations inspired by age-old Lego bricks game. But now with the help of EverBlock, larger versions of Lego blocks, you can turn your imagination into life-sized creations for day-to-day use. A set of Everblock comprises of few modular-building blocks that are large enough to facilitate construction of different objects ...

Bedaway Ceiling Bed

Bedaway Murphy bed drops down from ceiling when you need it

On Homecux, we’ve featured lot of transforming beds and floating beds, which elegantly hide away when not needed. Today, we are going to acquaint you with another space-saving Murphy bed by Swedish brand Bedaway. The ceiling bed can be easily disguised within your living room in morning to maximize the space. Unlike folding beds, the Bedaway rises to the ceiling for opening floor space of a living room during the day. So you can use the available space for seating or dining during daytime. ...

Globe Garden

Globe Garden Chair by Peter Opsvik overcomes stereotypical sitting habits

Norwegian industrial designer Peter Opsvik has rekindled his 29-years-old Globe Garden Chair to change the stereotypical sitting habits with unusual sitting solutions. The garden chair is relaunched under the Globe concept, a joint project of Peter Opsvik and Anders Olsson of Moment AB. The new Garden chair is an updated version of its predecessor. In new adaptation, the chair is provided with supporting footrests, which were not present in the older version. The 1.7-meter high chair has round ...

Barnacles-inspired sideboard by Stuart Haygarth

Barnacles-inspired sideboard by Stuart Haygarth

This unusual piece of upcylced furniture represents a fascinating interplay of art, sustainable material and spectacular form. Created by London-based designer Stuart Haygarth, the Barnacle sideboard boasts an eye-catching layout that is made out of recycled materials collected from a beach. While viewing a photo book that featured deep sea ship wrecks, Haygarth got inspired to create something depicting the same, and it resulted in shape of a remarkable piece of furniture. To be precise, he ...

OS & OOS’ Arc Furniture made out of HI-MACS

OS & OOS’ Arc Furniture made out of HI-MACS

Looking for furniture that adds classic style and sophistication into any living space? Then, have a look at the gorgeous Arc Furniture collection by Dutch studio OS & OOS in collaboration with LG Hi-Macs. The furniture collection is aptly named, as all three furniture units boast an elegant arc-shaped design. According to the designers, The use of Hi-Macs material allows for the same properties of stone because it is just that, but then ground with a binding medium that makes it possible ...

Modern Box Sofa

DIY Project: Turn 2x10s wooden box into a modern sofa

Living room decoration is one of the most expensive as well as time-consuming process, but what if we could do an amazing DIY project to bring down the overall cost of interior decoration by a significant amount. All you need is 2x10s construction lumbers, which after little carpentry become a wood-framed sofa that is not just durable but a timeless piece of decor as well. The DIY project by the HomeMade Modern, an online source that publishes easy-to follow, DIY projects for creating modern ...

Hot Wheels Toddler to Twin Race Car Bed

Bed with built-in Hot Wheels race track is perfect for NFS fanatics

Blue colored Hot Wheels race car bed, with dream come true features, is not just a standard toddler bed, but an awe-inspiring piece of mean machine that will make the transition phase of crib mattress into a twin mattress an easy and enjoyable passage to be cherished by kids and family alike. Made in USA, Hot Wheels race car bed by Step2 is designed to grow with your child and finally transform into a twin bed. To add more fun element, the bed comes with additional race track, giving ...

Lego Marble Furniture by App One Design

Lego marble pieces interlock each other to form different furniture pieces

All you Lego fanatics can now bring your creative building skills to living room with the Lego-inspired modular marble pieces. Created by Italian studio App One Design, these marble blocks in shape of Lego bricks can be changed into various shapes to form unique furniture pieces, as per your changing needs. Just like Lego building blocks, these marble blocks can interlock with each other to create completely new pieces of furniture. Using these marble blocks, you can design distinct Lego-like ...

CATable 2.0 by LYCS LYCS Architecture

CATable 2.0 keeps your munchkins busy in satisfying their oddity

People who own cats have some very peculiar experiences with their feline friends. Even if you do not have a cat, you might have heard about their behavior especially with products like laptop, woolen balls or locus. Well, it is not clear that why cats love playing around such stuff, but they love to explore locus or unknown path behind the holes. To add more quirkiness to cats’ quest, Ruan Hao from LYCS Architecture has designed an all-new CATable 2.0 for the conscious cat lovers. ...

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