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Cocoon Media Unit by Boss Design

Boss Design reinvents boring office space with Cocoon Media Unit

Tired of boring office environment and long meetings in the same old cabin? Well, redesign your meeting space or cabinet with Cocoon Media Unit designed by Boss design, UK-based office furniture manufacturer. It is aesthetically pleasant and highly functionally single unit that envelops you within a perfect setting for collaborative tasks and team meetings. It includes a center table and two enclosed sofa sets facing each other in an elegant blue and white minimal design. Each sofa can ...

Carmella Counter Sofa

Carmella Counter Sofa combines study and living room in one

Japanese furniture designer Piano Isola has created space saving furniture called Carmella Counter Sofa for Hirashima, furniture manufacturing firm in Japan. Well, it is not exactly transformable furniture, but the sofa unites a table with ample storage space at its back. The sofa comes in an elegant design that blends your study space within the living room. On this simple yet stylish sofa/desk you can enjoy watching a movie with your family or do your work on laptop over the desk attached at ...

CocoOne Cocooning Lounge by Delfin Wellness

CocoOne is an oasis of luxury that can be controlled with your iPad

Do you feel like escaping the world and spend some time with your partner at a beautiful and serene place? Well, Austria-based company Defin Wellness has heard and fulfilled your wish by creating a new generation CocoOne Lounge for couples to spend some time in luxury. It is a smart outdoor furniture that can be controlled wirelessly using your Wi-Fi connected iPad or smartphone. The cocooning lounge features a huge luxury bed, whose back and foot area can be electronically adjusted ...

Two-legged Chair by Benoit Malta

Two-legged Chair encourages more activity in your lifestyle

Inactivity is considered as the major setback of 21st century, we may have lot of smart devices around us to make our life easier, but these technologies have somehow made us lazy and inactive. Due to this we have to deal with many health issues, specifically bad body posture. To tackle this, Benoit Malta, design graduate from École Boulle School of fine arts and craft in Paris, has designed the Two-legged Chair that aims at reducing heath issues caused by our increasing sedentary ...

Etazin rotating lounge chair

Etazin rotating lounge chair offers 360-degree scenic view of surroundings

If you live in a location full of panoramic outdoor views then the Etazin Chair is ideal outdoor furniture for you. This ring-shaped lounge chair is created by Arizona-based designer Kate Brown to provide users perfect furniture piece that manifests aesthetics as well as high performance within its artistic design. The design of the chair resembles traditional moon gates- a circular void within the wall of classic Japanese gardens. Its whole circular structure comprises of three intertwined ...

PRONTO Living Table

PRONTO Living Table emanates both functional and aesthetic values

Japanese furniture manufacturer SUNKOH has designed the PRONTO Living Table for providing aesthetic as well as functional value to your living space. The table comes with a hole at its center where you can place a flower vase to enhance aesthetics of the table with contrasting shades of flowers. Beneath the table top you can see four open spaces at all its sides, where you can keep magazines or some interesting books to read while relaxing on your couch. Other than that, this space can also be ...

Sleeed Chairs by Centimeter Studio

Sleeed Chairs inspired by sleigh to stack horizontally into one another

Designer Choi Minsoo from Centimeter Studio in Seoul, South Korea noticed that stacking the chairs vertically utilizes unnecessary floor space as well as requires effort to lift each chair and put it one over the other, one by one. So, he came up with an idea to form a compact way of stacking the chairs together and ended up creating the Sleeed Chairs, which are inspired by a sleigh to slide into one another horizontally to maximize floor space. The legs of these chairs are purposely formed ...

Sultan Gaming Table

Sultan Gaming Table is new way to enjoy tabletop role-playing games

You might have played many table top role-paying games in your childhood, but to make the fun more intense and creative, US-based furniture design Company Geek Chic has created the ultimate gaming table called ‘The Sultan.’ Sultan is a term used for king who possesses everything luxury in the world. Likewise, this table also comes with everything possible that a perfect gaming table should have. It is basically a wooden table that comes with 10 playing stations to accommodate up to 10 ...

Solaris Table by Lara Bohinc and Lapicida

Solaris Table inspired by orbital movements of solar planets

London-based jewelry designer Lara Bohinc in collaboration with well-known stone specialist Lapicida has created the Solaris Table that is inspired by orbital movements of planets in our solar system. This beautiful piece of furniture combines all elements of luxury, precision and brilliant craftsmanship of designers from both these famous companies. The table is handmade with four Italian marble rings stacked one over the other. The outer circle of each ring is brass-plated for a classy touch ...

QTab01 Outdoor Table by ALL+

QTab01 outdoor table with removable center section for multitude of uses

San Marino-based furniture designer ALL+ has created a sleek outdoor table QTab01 that features a stainless steel tank in the middle for multiple aesthetic, as well as, practical uses. This center section can be used to grow plants that will enhance look of the simply designed table. Moreover, this section can also be used to place a large ice tank inside it for chilling wine bottles to serve to your guests during outdoor parties or barbecues. Likewise, it can also be used for storing sea food ...

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