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DIY EPROM Coffee Table

DIY EPROM coffee table is installed with UV erasable memory chip

Tech-savvy persons awe such furniture that elegantly reflects their geeky credentials. Instead of buying a hi-tech furniture, a Redditor [DarrenDK] has built a DIY EPROM coffee table that is installed with UV erasable memory chip to hide stored data in sunlight. The design of this unique table is inspired from Evil Mad Scientist’s 555 footstool that resembles a 555 timer chip. [DarrenDK] decided to build an identical huge replica of the footstool, using a similar construction technique. Since ...

Bring home vintage aircraft parts as stylish household gears

Bring home vintage aircraft parts as stylish household gears, this Christmas

Do you love the tingling sensation of flying at high altitudes while sitting inside an airplane? Well, now you can bring the skies into your home- all thanks to Seattle-based aircraft manufacturer Boeing. The aircraft firm has come up with unusual marketing initiative that sells reclaimed airplane parts as stylish home furniture and accessories. The aircraft household gears are designed from retired fuselage and stylized to form a classy product that will add charm to any décor, whether home ...

Fuselage Coffee Table by MotoArt

MotoArt revamps old airplane hunks into chic Fuselage Coffee Table

Aged airplane parts that are often destined for scrap heaps have now found a way to relive in form stylish furniture pieces such as bed, chairs, tables, etc. The creative innovation occurred all thanks to Los Angeles-based Company MotoArt that is well-known for spending hours to transform aircraft fuselage into fully-functional household objects. This time the firm has beautifully transformed hunks of a Boeing and Douglas aircraft into elegant Fuselage Coffee Table. Base of the table is made ...

Bunk Bed Custom-made with recycled Lego Bricks

Elegant bunk bed custom-made with recycled Lego bricks

When it comes to add vibrant touch to objects within your room from accessories to furniture, the colorful Lego bricks beat every other entity hands down. Likewise, the pictured bunk bed is custom-made with recycled Lego bricks to enhance its aesthetic appeal. It is a full-size bed with twin mattresses and ladder to climb up to the upper cot. The headboard and side rails of the bed are made from wood, whereas the mattress platform consists of steel ribbed channel encased within 3/8-inches ...

DIY Round Dining Table

DIY round dining table nearly doubles its size in few seconds

We have seen quite impressive dining table designs before, but this one definitely takes the cake. The circular table is DIY project by YouTuber [Scott Rumschlag] and inspired by the Fletcher Capstan Table that was designed by British furniture maker Fletcher Burwell-Taylor. The tabletop is made of three pieces that emerge when the table is slightly moved. Center of the table boasts a star shaped configuration, surrounded by four additional wooden leaves. Like Fletcher Capstan Table, the DIY ...

MisterBrightLight Standing Desk

MisterBrightLight standing desk optimizes its height by hand gestures

Sitting on chairs for long in slouchy position is not only bad for posture, but increase various health risks. With the aim of increasing health benefits, standing desks have gained popularity over the years. The latest smart table to take a stand against stiff office furniture is the MisterBrightLight standing desk that is smart enough to adjust its height by movement of the user’s hand gestures. It is aptly named because of the vibrant strap of LED light that wraps around its edges. The ...

Zortrax Designed 3D Printed Karo Coffee Table

Zortrax designed elegant Karo coffee table using M200 desktop 3D printer

Few years ago, imagining that furniture could be made through 3D printers was next to impossible. But, the technology slowly changed and showed us various wonderful furniture pieces made from 3D printing technology. Likewise, Poland-based 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax also widened up their imagination to create the inventive Karo 3D printed coffee table. The Karo coffee table is manufactured completely using M200 desktop 3D printer that formed several geometric shapes. Altogether Karo ...

NES Controller Coffee Table

Resurrect the world of 80’s video games with NES controller coffee table

Do you miss the classic video games that were controlled using Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller? Well, you can relive the lively moments of 1980’s Nintendos with the unique NES controller coffee table- designed by Logan Miller of MillerWoodshop. The table has a modern approach hidden in its retro design and is suitable for both large and compact living rooms. Now instead of hunting your lost controller, just connect the coffee table to your console through the built-in ...

Connection Design TA + BLE

Connection Design’s hi-end coffee table to create lively lighting effects

French studio Connection Design has created an absolutely tech savvy hi-end coffee table TA + BLE to bring touch of technology into your living room. The table looks like a conventional coffee table at first glance, but when connected with Bluetooth or app then shows variety of mind-blowing configurations. This is high-end table with built-in 40 backlit LEDs to create colorful lighting effects in your living area. It can be controlled using iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and ...

DIY Barn Picnic Table

Elegant DIY picnic table made from reclaimed barn door

Making useful furniture from reclaimed materials is nothing new to the world. In fact, we’ve already seen unused materials such as wood, steel, cardboards, etc. being transformed into elegant and fully-functional objects. Likewise, we came across another beautiful DIY picnic table that is made out of recycled barn door. It was built by Jenna LaFevor, blogger from website Nooga, and her husband to celebrate their kid’s birthday party couple of years ago. They took an old door from their ...

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